Nunavut Betting Sites

Everything about the Nunavut sports betting landscape

Nunavut Betting Sites

On this page, bettors from Nunavut will find all the information they need to enjoy sports betting and legal gambling in the Territory. They will learn about gambling laws, how to bet on sports, and the best Nunavut Betting Sites.


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How to recognize a great Nunavut betting site?

  • Available to legally bet in Nunavut
  • Fast payouts
  • Great welcome bonuses
  • Plenty of deposit options

Best Nunavut Betting Sites

Nunavut Betting at PowerPlay

PowerPlay is a great site for bettors using Bitcoin. Bettors using the cryptocurrency can easily make deposits and receive payouts fast.

PowerPlay uses smart betting technology to provide fast and fluid live sports betting.

PowerPlay’s website is attractive and works well on both computers and mobile devices.


Nunavut Betting at Spin Sports

Nunavut bettors looking for odds on eSports and soccer will be blown away by the selection at Spin Sports.

Spin Sports offers one of the best online casino experiences, with a wealth of games and live dealers.

Spin Sports looks better on mobile devices. Using it on a desktop will take some time to learn.


Nunavut Betting at Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is a top choice for many Canadian bettors. Based in Canada, Sports Interaction knows what Canadian bettors offer exceptional odds on those sports.

Sports Interaction website looks and works fantastic on both computers and mobile devices.

While they have a reasonable first deposit bonus and friend referral bonuses are a plus, it would be nice to see a few more promotions.

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Nunavut Betting at Betway

Created by Canadian Calvin Ayre, Bodog knows what Canadians from each Province and Territory love betting on and offer great odds on those sports.

The solid welcome bonus and fun promotions they frequently run makes Bodog worth checking out.

Bodog’s website is full of useful betting information and provides great customer service.

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Nunavut Betting at 22Bet

22Bet is a modern sportsbook, accepting Bitcoin, offering plenty of live betting, and working great on mobile.

22Bet offers a competitive number of markets and odds.

22Bet is not the fastest at processing requests for winnings. Make sure you provide all the required information and verify your account to help speed things up.

Nunavut Gambling

Nunavut Betting Sites

Western Canada Lottery Corporation

While the WCLC provides lottery, scratch cards, and sports betting to the Territory, physical retailers are limited.

No Casinos and VLTs Very Limited

There are no casinos in Nunavut, and with prohibition in most parts of the Territory, Video Lottery Terminals are exceedingly limited.

No Horse Racing

The only thing you will find if you are looking for horse racing in Nunavut is a horse named Nunavut from New Zealand.

Nunavut Betting Facts

Being a sports bettor in Nunavut is a challenge. The Territory is home to only two physical locations where you can bet, and opting to use the Sport Select sports betting lottery created by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation does not give the returns or betting options one desires. The lack of quality sports betting in Nunavut has left the sports betting population feeling frustrated.

However, they need not feel that frustration anymore, as there is now a wealth of quality and reliable Nunavut Betting Sites accepting punters from the Territory. The websites we recommend on this page are the best ones – allowing bettors to bet on way more sports and markets, providing better odds, and allowing for single event wagers. Best of all, you can do all your betting from anywhere you have access to the internet.

No Casinos in Nunavut

Gambling, or physical gambling we should preface, is nearly non-existent in Nunavut. No casinos operate anywhere in the Territory, and the closest casinos in other locations take many hours by car. The Territory is home to a few places with VLTs (Video Lottery Terminals), but due to drinking being prohibited in most parts, finding them is hard. Poker games and tournaments, as well as bingo and charitable raffles, are allowed through a special license.

Still, for those looking to partake in some casual casino fun, the options are – or should we say were – extremely scarce. Now with more internet access, bettors from Nunavut can check out sports betting sites offering online casino experiences. The Nunavut Betting Sites we recommend on this page provide a great variety of table games, slots, and poker, which you can access from anywhere you have access to the internet.    

Horse Racing and Offtracks Nowhere in Nunavut

Between the climate and distribution of the population, there is nowhere in Nunavut to watch or bet on horse racing. The lack of options has left bettors from Nunavut left out from enjoying a sport with a strong history in Canada, or should we say left out until now.

Along with odds on sports, most sports betting sites have dedicated racebooks. These racebooks offer a great selection of odds on races, from not just Canada, but across the world. Most sportsbooks make betting on horse racing easy, as it is available under one account.

Our Process for Reviewing Sports Betting Sites in Nunavut  

We follow a stringent and unbiased process from reviewing the sports betting sites available legally in Nunavut. We look at the most crucial aspects of each site – including bonuses, promotions, payment methods, betting odds, and customer service – to provide comprehensive reviews.

We Score Each Aspect of Betting Sites

For consistency and quality, we use a standardized scoring process when reviewing online sportsbooks in Nunavut. Through the process, we can rate and review the essential parts of sports betting sites, allowing us to provide bettors in Nunavut with the best legal online gambling sites.

The Best Sites for All of Nunavut

While the climate and geography of Nunavut have limitations, the people of Nunavut should not have limitations of how they bet on sports. That is why we took our time, did the research, and comprised our list of the best Nunavut Betting Sites.

Gambling in Nunavut FAQ

Is Gambling Legal in Nunavut?

Yes, gambling is legal, although very limited in Nunavut. You can bet on sports, play the lottery, use Video Lottery Terminal, and partake in the odd licensed gambling event (charitable, bingo, or poker). You can also use sports betting sites without any issues.  

Is sports betting legal in Nunavut?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Nunavut.

What’s the Legal Gambling Age in Nunavut?

The legal gambling age in Nunavut is 18 for the lottery and sports betting, and 19 years old to use VLTs or partake in licensed gambling events.

How to Bet on Sports in Nunavut?

There are technically two ways to bet on sports in Nunavut, although the first one is very limited. You can use the Sport Select provided by the WCLC, which is only available at two physical locations and through a below-average website, or you can join a sports betting website. Along with these sites being better developed, they also offer better returns on wagers, way more betting options, and the ability to bet on single events.

How Many Casinos Operate in Nunavut?

Nunavut is home to no casinos, making it one of three Provinces and Territories in Canada without any physical casinos. Nunavut is home to a few bars with Video Lottery Terminals, and poker tournaments and some charitable gambling can operate if a license is approved  

What’s the best horse racing track in Nunavut?

There are no horse racing tracks or offtrack betting locations in Nunavut.

What are the best sports betting sites in Nunavut?

The best sports betting sites in Nunavut are the ones that understand the challenge of sports betting in the area. They make betting easy and provide great odds on the most popular sports in the region. Through our research, we have pinpointed these sites and are proud of the sports betting websites we recommend on this page. 

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