Best Prince Edward Island Betting Sites

Everything about the Prince Edward Island sports betting landscape

Best Prince Edward Island Betting Sites

This page is dedicated to providing sports bettors with all the info they need to have fun and success gambling in the Province. They will learn about sports betting laws and regulations, how to gamble, and the best Prince Edward Island Betting Sites.


  • Reviews of Top Prince Edward Island Betting Sites
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How to recognize a great Prince Edward Island betting site?

  • Available to legally bet in Prince Edward Island
  • Fast payouts
  • Great welcome bonuses
  • Plenty of deposit options

Best Prince Edward Island Betting Sites

Prince Edward Island Betting at Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction was the first online sportsbook licensed in Canada. They have taken their experience and knowledge of Canadian betting to provide bettors from P.E.I. with exceptional betting options.

Sports Interaction’s website is very well set up and easy to navigate. It also scales down excellently on mobile devices.

Sports Interaction offers a solid welcome bonus and friend referral incentives but could offer some more promotions on popular sports.

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Prince Edward Island Betting at PowerPlay

PowerPlay is one of the most straightforward sites to make deposits. They accept many payment methods, including Bitcoin and accept deposits as low as $5.

PowerPlay uses advanced technology to provide its members with near-flawless live betting.

PowerPlay is one of the new sportsbooks on the block. They are continuing to add more betting markets but currently are not the deepest sportsbook.


Prince Edward Island Betting at Betway

Betway treats its customers very well. They offer an excellent welcome bonus, daily betting specials, and a “free bet club.”

Betway opens a significant number of pre-match and live betting markets on North American sports.

Betway is a reliable and secure sports betting site. They just do not process withdrawal requests as fast as others.

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Prince Edward Island Betting at Spin Sports

Spin Sports offers an impressive number of markets from all over the world. They exceed many in soccer and eSports betting.

Spins Sports is an excellent site to join if you are looking for an online casino. They offer a $1000 casino welcome bonus and live dealers.

Spins Sport website takes some time to get used to using.


Prince Edward Island Betting at Bodog

Bodog is one of the best sports betting sites for finding promotions. They know the preferences of Atlantic Canada bettors and offer a wide selection of fun promotions and contests.

Bodog has some of the best customer service. They also have in-depth FAQs and plenty of betting information to help bettors learn more.

Bodog is rarely the first sports betting site to post betting lines.

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Prince Edward Island Betting at 22Bet

22Bet accepts many forms of payout, including Bitcoin. They also are one of a few sites offering reload bonuses when you top up your account – no matter what payment method you use.

22Bet offers a good number of sports markets with decent juice. They also open lots of action on live events.

Payouts sometimes are slow from 22Bet.

Prince Edward Island Gambling

Best Prince Edward Island Betting Sites

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation (often shortened to ALC) has been serving gamblers in Prince Edward Island with lottery and sports betting since 1976.

Red Shores Casinos

Red Shores operates two casinos in Prince Edward Island – one in Charlottetown and the other in Summerside.

Red Shores Racing

The two Red Shores Casinos in the Province also offer harness racing.

Prince Edward Island Betting Facts

Despite being the smallest Province in Canada, Prince Edward Island is home to some of the country’s biggest sports fans. With their sports fandom comes a demand for quality sports betting. The Province is currently served by the ALC, which provides sports betting through Pro-Line. Most bettors agree that the service is limited, unfair, and lacking good returns. Most bettors want something better.

Those bettors need to look no further than to the Prince Edward Island Betting Sites we list on this page. The sites we recommend offer exceptional betting selections, better juice, the ability to live bet on sports, and the ability to wager on single events. They are serving up what sports bettors in the Province want.

Two Casinos on the Island

Even though the island is only home to two casinos, the size of the island, the location of the two casinos means accessing physical casinos is easy for most of the Province. Of course, being able to access one and enjoying what the casinos have to offer are two different things. The casinos in the Province have a mixture of slots, table games, and poker – but the overall size of the casinos means grabbing a spot at a live table on a busy day is not always possible.

If you want to avoid the crowd, guarantee yourself a seat, or check out a wider selection of casino games, then we recommend you check out one of the casinos attached to the sports betting sites we recommend. Each website offers a vast collection of virtual slots, table games, live dealers, and poker – all of which you can enjoy from home.

Harness Racing in Prince Edward Island

The Province is home to two harness racing tracks, both of which are part of the Red Shores Casinos. The tracks often fun through the summer months, especially at the track in Charlottetown. However, the betting available in the Province is very minimal.

If you want to bet on the ponies, signing up for a sports betting site with a racebook is a smart call. The sports betting websites we recommend that have racebooks offer a much more extensive selection of horse racing odds and the potential to win more money.   

How We Review Betting Sites for P.E.I

The process we follow when we review Prince Edward Island Betting Sites is thorough and uncompromising. We analyze many aspects of the sites, including new user bonuses, deposits and withdrawals, odds and markets, and mobile betting, to provide bettors in Prince Edward Island with the best betting sites.

Keeping Reviews Consistent

For consistency and quality, we standardize what we review and how we review every site. Following the same steps in each review allows us to confidently provide bettors in Prince Edward Island, the best legal online gambling sites.

Prince Edward Island Deserves the Best Sites

Bettors from Spud Island only deserve to use the best sports betting sites. The sites that provide the best promotions and bonuses, the largest selections of quality odds, the easiest websites to join, and the fastest payouts. Through our extensive research and experience, we only list the top Prince Edward Island Betting Sites.  

Gambling in Prince Edward Island FAQ

Is Gambling Legal in Prince Edward Island?

Yes, gambling is legal and available in Prince Edward Island. The legal forms include betting on sports, betting on horse racing, bingo, casinos, and the lottery. You can also join and use sports betting websites.

Is sports betting legal in Prince Edward Island?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Prince Edward Island. There are also no laws preventing bettors from the Province using online sportsbooks.

What’s the Legal Gambling Age in Prince Edward Island?

The legal gambling age in the Province for all forms of gambling, except casinos, is 18 years old. To enter and gamble at a casino, you must be at least 19 years old.

How to Bet on Sports in Prince Edward Island?

There are two ways to bet on sports in Prince Edward Island. One is through the ALC’s Pro-Line sports lottery. The other is by joining a sports betting site. Sports betting sites have many advantages, such as allowing for wagering on single events and better odds.

How Many Casinos Operate in Prince Edward Island?

There are only two casinos in Prince Edward Island – both owned by Red Shores. There are also a handful of bingo halls.

What is the biggest casino in Prince Edward Island?

The biggest casino in the Province is Red Shores Racetrack and Casino in Charlotte. The casino offers slots, table games, and poker, while the racetrack allows for live betting on the races.

What’s the address of Red Shores Racetrack and Casino?

Red Shores Racetrack and Casino is located at 58 Kensington Rd, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 9S8. The casino is located in the southeast area of Charlottetown.

What’s the best horse racing track in Prince Edward Island?

The top spot to catch and bet on horse racing in the Province is Red Shores Racetrack and Casino. The track runs races two or three days per week from May to October.

What’s the address of Red Shores Racetrack and Casino?

Red Shores Racetrack and Casino is located at 58 Kensington Rd, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 9S8. The track is just off Highway 1, making it easily accessible for people visiting the Province

What are the best sports betting sites in Prince Edward Island?

The best sports betting sites in Prince Edward Island are the ones that understand what bettors from the Province want. They know bettors want quality odds, fun promotions, great live betting, and fast payouts. The sites we recommend on this page give all that and more to bettors from P.E.I.

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