Quebec Sports Betting

The predominantly french-speaking Quebec has always been a leader in setting standards in Canada. The people of Quebec were the first in the country to enjoy legalized wagering of any sort and they continue as sports betting industry leaders today. All gambling activities in La Belle Province, whether sports or casino related, are operated through Loto-Quebec.

Sports Betting Sites In Quebec

Quebec betting enthusiasts have access to sports betting sites that are owned and operated by the provincial government. However, being as things are not always as the appear, we strongly recommend wagering with any of the top offshore sports sites listed below.

Betting On Sports In Quebec

While far from the best offers out there today, gambling fans in Quebec do have a few sports betting sites available to them. They include sports betting kiosks in Casinos along with the Mise O Jeu betting website. These entities are offered through Loto-Quebec who in turn answer to the Federal Government of Canada.

Loto-Quebec Sports Betting Offers

It doesn’t matter what you want to wager on Quebec, in the end it all funnels back to the Loto-Quebec agency, which is a Provincial Crown Corporation. All sports betting offers, along with live Casino action, online Poker play, and Lottery ticket sales, fall under the direct supervision of the Quebec government.

Sports Betting With Mise O Jeu

Mise O Jeu is a French Canadian sports betting site that’s similar to Pro Line in Ontario, and Pro Select in Western Canada. From the Mise O Jeu gaming site, bettors can choose hundreds of sports betting options daily. This includes sports such as NHL puck wagering, NBA hoop action, and International soccer contests.

Predictions Sports Betting Options

Each of the Quebec online sports betting options fall under the “Predictions” heading at the Mise O Jeu website presented by Loto-Quebec. Residents, physically within the boarders of Quebec are able to place parlay type wagers on major sporting events that play out in Canada and around the world.