Western Union Betting Sites

Western Union is a safe payment method

Western Union Betting Sites

Any sports gamblers who prefer not to input their bank account or credit card information online are well aware of Western Union’s services. They’re essentially a wire transfer service, possessing the ability to send and receive money on your behalf without any special commitment. You can complete transactions online or in person, and again, if you wish, you can send to Western Union betting sites without ever including sensitive financial information.

Like any other sportsbook payment method, Western Union has both upside and downside. We’re here to break down both sides of the fence.

This complete overview of Western Union betting will cover:

Best Western Union Betting Sites

Bovada- The Best Western Union betting site in US


No fees will be charged from Bovada for receiving Western Union. You will, however, be on the hook for the Western Union fee, both on deposits and withdrawals.


One of the best things about Western Union transactions is the speed at which they’re completed. Bovada will have deposits loaded into your account within minutes of you sending them money, and withdrawals are available almost as quickly.

Let’s get one thing out of the way that will apply to all sportsbooks: The biggest downside for Western Union betting is the high deposit minimums. Online gaming sites usually want you to send them at least $200 to start. That’ll be the main con for all sportsbooks. At Bovada, though, that’s basically the only drawback. The betting experience is otherwise perfect. They even make it easy to get Western Union instructions on your mobile device.

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BetOnline – Fastest Western Union payments


Western Union deposits at BetOnline will be processed without a surcharge. The only fees you’re responsible for are the cost of sending (and receiving) the Western Union transaction itself.


No sportsbook processes Western Union transactions faster than BetOnline. Your deposits are in your account within a couple minutes of being sent, and you’ll be eligible to receive your withdrawals on the same day (depending on what time it’s processed).

Any gamblers who have ever used money orders to fund their sportsbook account will appreciate how fast BetOnline gets things done with Western Unions transactions. They’re basically as quick as using a credit card or e-wallet. And on top of that, BetOnline offers competitive deposit bonuses that include matching any better promotions from rival sites.

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Bookmaker – The lowest deposit fees for Western Union


Almost every sportsbook will demand you cover the cost of Western Union transactions, both on deposits and withdrawals. Bookmaker, however, has been known to cover the fee for first-time users and high rollers.


Deposits made with Western Union will be available within minutes at Bookmaker. Their withdrawals take a little longer but are still among the fastest in the business.

If overhead costs are your primary concern, Bookmaker is the online gambling site for you. They won’t always cover the cost of Western Union transactions, but for deposits specifically, they’re willing to work with you. Contact their customer support, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Betway – The Best in Canada


There won’t be any fees charged by Betway when you decide to use Western Union, but you’ll still be responsible for covering the cost of the transfer.


Betway consistently makes Western Union deposits available almost immediately. Withdrawals can take longer, but they should be available to extract within 24 hours if processed on a weekday.

Certain transfer services can be a pain for Canadian bettors. Betway is committed to make sure they’re part of the solution. They accept Western Unions from all over, and the territory you’re processing deposits from seldom impacts how quickly the money will hit your account.

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Bodog- The Best Mobile Betting Site


Western Union transactions are not subject to a surcharge from Bodog. Similar to other sportsbooks, though, you will have to foot the bill on the cost of the transfer.


Bodog makes Western Union deposits available almost immediately. Their withdrawals are almost as fast, depending on where you’re having the money sent. It can take a little longer for transfers to hit if you live in less-commonly used territories.

Bodog deserves a round of applause for simplifying their mobile betting experience. They have all the Western Union information you need right at their fingertips, and you have the option to address further questions by live chatting with a customer service rep.

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Deposits made via Western Union at SportsBetting.ag won’t cost you anything extra from the sportsbook. You just have to pay for the Western Union transfer itself, the price of which will vary depending on how much money is involved.


Western Union deposits will be in your account pretty much right away at SportsBetting.ag. Their payouts are just as seamless, and you will have the option of pulling the cost of the Western Union directly from your sportsbook account.

Since you’re subject to high deposit minimums when using Western Union, you might as well make sure you’re eligible for a hefty bonus. SportsBett.ag checks that box while ensuring the transaction process will unfold without any major issues.

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Western Union Betting Facts

As with all wire transfer options, you have three different ways to process a Western Union transaction. 

First up: Online. This is the most popular way to use Western Union these days. You just visit their website or use their mobile app. Either way, you will need a credit card or debit card to complete the transaction. Upon completion, you’ll be sent a tracking number so you know what stage of the process your transaction is at, as well as when it’s complete.

Next up: Over the phone. This works exactly as it would online, only you’re speaking with a customer service rep. You will again need a credit or debit card if you’re sending money, and you’ll receive a confirmation number before getting off the phone.

Finally, we have in-person Western Union transactions. This entails you going to a provider to complete the money transfer. The benefit here is that you can use cash instead of a card, which in theory limits the number of times you have to provide your most sensitive financial information.

Using Western Union at Sportsbooks

To use Western Union at sportsbooks you need to make sure you know where you’re sending money. This information is often provided by online gambling sites on their deposit page. If it’s not, you’ll need to contact customer support. The latter is always good to do if you’re not sure. Having the correct recipient information is critical to making sure you’re Western Union gets to where it needs to be.

Benefits of Western Union Betting

Two benefits stand out above the rest when using Western Union. First, you don’t have to use a credit card, bank account number or e-wallet to complete your deposits. That’s great for the security-conscious among us.

Second, you receive a tracking number, so you don’t have to worry about knowing where your money is or whether the transaction is complete. And third, Western Union betting is far faster than money order wagering. Deposits usually hit your account within a few hours, and payouts shouldn’t take more than a couple of days.

List of all Western Union Betting Sites

Here are our five favorite online gaming sites that accept Western Union:

Drawbacks of Western Union Betting

Fees are pretty much the only downside to Western Union betting. They charge you based on where the money is headed and how much it is you’re sending. 

On the bright side, there’s often no transfer fee if you’re sending money directly to a bank account. However, if you need the recipient to pick it up in cash, a convenience charge will be levied. You will also be charged a fee for paying by debit or credit card. That extra cost, though, can be waived when you pay directly from your bank account. Just know that completing bank account transactions tends to take longer.

Betting Strategies

Some reviews would focus on deposit bonuses here. We don’t blame them. Getting extra money is important when you’ll be on the hook for fees.

Still, we think bettors should focus on minimizing their overhead, in addition to convenience. You can do the first by seeking out online gambling sites that cover the cost of Western Union transfers and also by using sportsbooks that don’t require the highest deposit minimums. The latter is particularly important. You can typically bankroll your account with as little as $10 to $25. When using Western Union, though, some sites require you to make a minimum deposit of $200 or more.

Similarly important, it’s always good to suss out the sportsbooks that are quickest at processing Western Union transactions. This payment method is faster than money orders, but it can be slower than e-wallets and credit cards. Aim to find an online gaming site that guarantees deposits hit your account within a few hours.

Safe betting with Western Union - Simple and Secure

As long as you have the correct recipient information, betting with Western Union is a breeze. Not only do you have the option of making deposits in cash rather than by bank account or credit card, but you receive a tracking number to let you know the status of your transaction every step of the way.

Our conclusions - A Near-Masterpiece Payment Method

Faster Than Money Orders

Tired of the wait attached to money order betting? We don’t blame you. If switching to an e-wallet or credit card isn’t an option for you, then Western Union is the next best thing. Deposits hit your account within minutes, if not hours, and you shouldn’t have to wait more than 48 or 72 hours for your payouts to be fully processed.

Beware Fees and Deposit Minimums

For some people, using Western Union won’t be cheap. There can be fees attached to the transaction itself, and you’ll have to pay a convenience charge if using a credit card. This says nothing of the restrictions sportsbooks often put in place. Many will require you to deposit—or withdraw—at least a few hundred dollars, which is a stark departure from the $10 to $25 minimums on credit cards or e-wallets.

Recipient Information is Everything

Double- and triple-check that you know where your money needs to go. This becomes infinitely true if you’re collecting a payout in cash at a Western Union provider. If you input the recipient information wrong, the transaction can be rejected or completely lost. When sending money to sportsbooks, we recommend you contact customer service to get the recipient information directly. When requesting payouts by Western Union, just make sure you have your provider’s pickup location correct, lest you cost yourself time—and potentially money—for getting it wrong.

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