High Roller Betting Sites

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High Roller Betting Sites

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High Roller Betting Sites

High roller betting is a completely familiar concept in the sports gambling industry, yet people don’t seem to have a real grasp on how it works. And who could blame them? The ins and outs aren’t clearly marked on websites, largely because high rollers make up a smaller percentage of the entire customer base. At the same, because of how much they bet, high rollers do account for an enormous share of revenue stream. And when we say high roller, we put an emphasis on high. These aren’t gamblers who wager a few hundred bucks per bet. They’re laying down thousands at a time and per day, if not more. How does that work when so many sites have deposit maximums? And are there any perks to being a high roller? Let’s find out.

This complete overview of high roller betting sites will cover:

  • How does high roller betting work?
  • Best sites for  high roller betting
  • Betting Tips for High Rollers

Best High Roller Betting Sites

Bovada- The Best high roller betting site in US


Bovada charges fees on a few different deposit and withdrawal methods, including credit cards and wire transfers. For high rollers, this can add up. But Bovada, like many other websites, is willing to make certain accommodations for their super bettors.


Larger deposits and withdrawals can take some time at other sites. Not at Bovada. You’ll have to contact them if you’re looking to go beyond their preexisting maximums, but beyond that, both transaction methods are processed quickly.

All high rollers should contact Bovada before or upon setting up an account. They’ll be happy to assign you a specific rep and help ensure you remain a valuable part of their VIP program. By doing so, you’ll be kept in the loop on all the extra perks, which are known to include special betting lines.

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BetOnline – Fastest High Roller payments


BetOnline does an excellent job limiting fees for all of their gamblers and not just high rollers. From credit card deposits to wire transfers to e-wallet withdrawals, they’re very economical. High rollers should still, as ever, link up with customer service before starting, just to see if they can get certain fees waived.


Speed isn’t a problem for high roller bettors at BetOnline. Your deposits can take effect immediately depending on which method you use. Credit cards and e-wallets are ultra-quick, and wire transfers can be just as expeditious if you do it over the phone.

BetOnline is a good landing spot for high rollers not only because of their speed, but because of the potential bonuses. Though their introductory bonus is capped at $1,000, they have been known to increase the bandwidth for their high-roller wagerers.

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Bookmaker – The lowest deposit fees for high rollers


Pretty much every form of deposit should be processed free of charge at Bookmaker. You only run into issues if you start using money orders, in which case those can get pricey. Still, if you’re a high roller, there’s a chance they’ll waive fees on transactions like that.


High-roller transactions do take a little longer to process at Bookmaker. We don’t hold this against him. Accepting huge deposits or funding huge payouts can take time, and their wait still isn’t unreasonable. Most deposits will still be available within 24 hours, and withdrawals should reach within the normal 72-hour window.

If you’re a high roller who’s worried about how much you’ll spend merely depositing your money, then Bookmaker is a great landing spot for you.

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Betway – The best high roller betting site in Canada


Betway doesn’t charge a processing fee on most deposit methods. For the ones that do cost money—such as money orders and select e-wallet transfers—customer service might be willing to waive them for high rollers.


All deposits at Betway will be done posthaste. They’re even whizzes at processing online money orders immediately. Getting your money will take a little more time—and you’ll want to contact customer service if you’re looking to withdraw more than $2,500—but the wait isn’t unreasonable.

High rollers should be focused on three things: cheap transaction costs, fast processing and otherworldly bonuses. Betway checks those first two boxes extremely well, and they come with the added benefit of premium customer service.

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SportsBetting.ag doesn’t charge fees on many deposit methods. Credit cards and online money orders are the only semi-costly ones. Make sure you’re contacting customer service if you’re dealing in $2,500-plus transactions. They’ll work with you.


High-roller deposits should hit your SportsBetting.ag account immediately, unless you’re using a slower payment method. Withdrawals are pushed through almost as quickly, though should allow up to 72 hours for all electronic payment services.

SportsBetting.ag’s $1,000 sign-up bonus is pretty hefty for most gamblers. Not high rollers. And that’s fine. They will occasionally increase their flexibility if you contact them. So go ahead and do just that if you’re going to start your account with more than $2,500 in it. The potential for larger bonuses alone is enough to make this a five-star destination for high rollers.

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High Roller Betting Facts – What Makes a High Roller Bettor?

There is no singular definition for what makes someone a high roller—no specific amount or wager volume. That said, you can bet both aspects of their gambling habits are high.

A general rule of thumb: High rollers are going to need to exceed the maximum amounts on any single transaction-types, be they deposits, withdrawals or even actual wagers. This can be problematic in a vacuum, as many websites have hard maximums—usually anywhere between $2,500 and $10,000 on deposits and withdrawals and then less than that on single bets.

Obviously, there are ways to get around this, otherwise high rollers wouldn’t exist. Let’s run through the steps you’ll need to follow.

Becoming a High Roller at Sportsbooks

Before registering yourself as a high roller at a betting website, you’ll want to figure out a couple of things for yourself. The main factors: How much you plan to deposit or withdraw at a time; how much you plan to wager on each bet; and how often you plan on making gambles at your sportsbook.

You don’t need to be exact. Ballparking it is fine. But you need to have an idea so that you can inform your sportsbook. This is not only crucial to determining what sort of benefits you’ll be eligible for—more on this later—but also ensuring your account can be properly set up.

See, as a high roller, you need special clearance to go above site-imposed maximums. If you want to be able to deposit $25,000 at a time or place $15,000 bets regularly, your sportsbook needs to know. This can be done by speaking with customer service, and in many cases, they lift the maximum restrictions without imposing a new one. In some instances, though, they’ll just reset your maximum, so it’s always good to slightly overestimate. This ensures you won’t have to contact them with each transaction—though, again, some sportsbooks will have you do so anyway.

Benefits of High Roller Betting

Once you inform your sportsbook that you want to have the maximum restriction lifted, you’ll find that you are eligible for certain benefits. These will typically come in the form of special lines and betting comps, but they will sometimes include actual items if you bet enough.

One of our favorite perks? Being assigned a specific customer service representative. This person will be your go-to for all your questions, and they’ll also be in charge of making sure you’re satisfied. They’ll even draw your attention to certain perks you may not have been aware of.

List of all High Roller betting sites

Here are our five favorite high limit betting sites that do exception jobs dealing with high-roller bettors:

Drawbacks of High Roller Betting

Invariably, people will say costs of becoming a high roller are prohibitive. This isn’t untrue. But if you’re worried about dealing in large sums of money, then high-roller wagering isn’t for you.

The main problem, aside from ensuring you don’t get screwed on deposit and withdrawal fees, is that you’ll need to remain an established high roller to keep up your perks. Sportsbooks are happy to accept one-time deposits and bets for more money than usual, but if you want special lines, deposit bonuses or rewards, you’ll have to prove that you’re a repeat customer. This usually entails making a few deposits and a handful of bets. After that, you’ll be given the royal treatment every time you return.

Betting Strategies for High Roller Gamblers

High rollers should focus on two things: limiting transaction fees and maximizing their bonuses. The former isn’t too difficult. Sportsbooks are usually willing to work with customers when it comes to approving extra-large transactions. They may waive any fees involved altogether even if you’ve never done business with them before.

Maximizing bonuses is a little bit harder. Standard promos tend to top out at around $1,000 or, if you’re lucky, $2,500. Online gaming sites are reluctant to increase those limits for new high rollers, because, obviously, they cannot be sure that you’ll be a regular customer. The best way to drum up your potential bonuses is to establish yourself with your sportsbook while remaining in constant contact with customer service. Whereas regular bettors will be rewarded most for their initial registration, high rollers are handsomely treated for sticking with one place over a period of time.

How to Safely Become a High Roller

There’s no science to safely becoming a high roller. Our main advice is to just stick with the major sportsbooks. They’re the ones best equipped to deal with large transactions and bets, all while offering the cream of the crop as it pertains to perks, because they handle so much gambling and financial volume on a daily basis. You can’t go wrong if you stick with our list of recommended sites above.

Our High-Roller Betting Conclusions – Tremendously Beneficial if You Can Swing It

Beware Fees and Deposit Maximums

If you’re going to be surpassing the limits set on deposits, withdrawals and single bets, you’ll want to ensure you end up somewhere that won’t charge you up the wazoo. The most accommodating sportsbooks will waive transaction fees entirely or only dock you a flat rate regardless of the dollar amount involved.

Contact Sportsbooks with Your Intentions

Becoming a high roller should start with contacting your sportsbook’s customer service. Let them know how much you’ll be betting and how often you plan to do so. This will automate the transaction process while planting the seeds of what should be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Special Bonuses

Sportsbooks do not advertise all the perks involved in being a high roller. Specific VIP programs don’t count. Becoming a high roller is, in most cases, an unofficial and wildly exclusive club. That’s why it’s again important to speak with customer service reps. They’ll give you a behind-the-scenes sense of what you’re looking at. Can you get comped thousands of dollars in bets? Will you be sent gifts from your sportsbook? Will your transactions be processed quicker? Will they offer you a line of credit? These possibilities are all on the table, but only if you’re actively speaking with your sportsbook.

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