High Limit Betting Sites

Updated April 9, 2024

With each passing day, the online wagering industry grows longer legs as more and more sports, casino, and poker betting websites appear on the Internet gambling landscape. Trust us when we say that some are much better than others. This is especially true when it comes uncovering high limit betting sites. Just as you wouldn’t go to a used car dealership to purchase a Ferrari, high rollers need to know which sites accept high limit players and which ones do not.

Top High Limit Betting Sites

The following sites feature the highest deposit and betting limits of most betting sites catering to North American bettors. Featuring solid reputations for security and discretion, any three of these sites come highly recommended by our team.

BetNow with Lifetime VIP Membership

How to get in?

All you have to do is make a single large deposit, and you are in. At least $500.


At the lowest level, you get a 10% match on all deposits. Move up to the next level, and that goes up to 15%

BetNow gives lifetime membership to its most valued bettors. This is great because with one investment, you can continue to cash in here for as long as you want.

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What Is A High Limit Sports Betting Site?

In order to be recommended as a high limit sports betting site, online wagering destinations must meet certain requirements. Factors that are non-negotiable are unlimited deposit and cash out ceilings and flexible to high betting limits. Of course, within these parameters, the standard criteria by which we recommend sites to our visitors range from overall reputation, security, varitey of betting options, promotional offers and last but not least, quality of service.

Where Can I Bet With High Limits?

Being as it’s our business to know these things, the top recommended betting websites that are listed on our home page are some of the very best high limit wagering destinations. Sportsbooks like JustBET, who cater to all levels of bettors, advertise a $10,000 per bet limit. From experience however, we know that a simple toll-free call to sportsbook management team can get that limit pushed much higher – depending on the sport and the betting option chosen. Additional bonus perks are also offered to the high limit betting crowd.

High Limit Casino Betting Online

High rollers are not only interested in high limit sportsbooks betting. Many of them also want to know the best casino wagering websites – ones that will give them the most bang for their betting buck. When it comes to making the SBS top rated offshore betting destination list, full service gambling sites need to offer high limits on popular table games like Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette. It also helps if they offer games that are well beyond the penny ante limits when it comes to slot play. Head back to our home page to get all the details on recommended high limit betting sites and then register your personal betting account today!

High Rollers Want Benefits

If you are going to be wagering the big money, you want to be treated like you are an upper echelon client. The top sportsbooks know this, and many of those that offer high limit wagering also cater to the top-end bettors by offering an accompanying top-shelf rewards program to their high rollers.

Someone who is willing to wager $10,000 on one game is about to be swayed to a site by something like a $200 matching sign-up bonus. They want to know that they are going to be taken care of every day that they are wagering on that site and that their due to their high end wagering, they will be treated like royalty.

Know Your Odds Before You Play

If you are planning to make high limit wagers on sporting events, another quality you’ll want to find from your chosen sportsbook are the best odds available. If you are going to be risking those kinds of sums, you’ll want the reward to be worth the risk. 

As well, check to see which sportsbooks don’t charge fees on withdrawals. When wagering large sums of money, even a one or two percent charge can quickly add up.