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Every four years, the Republican and Democratic parties in the United States clash once again for the presidential elections. Only one candidate from each side will be in the running to be the next President of the USA, which obviously adds plenty of drama and intrigue throughout the voting process. Indeed, constant shots from the opponents are taken during the campaign. That’s something to keep in mind for US election betting.

So, with that being said, did you know that there’s plenty of bets you can make during the election? In this piece, we take a look at the best US Presidential election betting strategy and more.

Let’s look at the US Presidential Elections betting overview:

Best US Elections betting sites

With our partners here at Sports Betting Sites, we work with multiple outlets who will have the best and latest odds for all of your gambling needs. This includes the US Presidential elections, with all of the odds constantly being updated. As candidates start to emerge as favorites to enter the final race to be elected, you’ll see their odds rise, while others will fail. 

The numerous outlets we work with all take that into consideration, while also offering up popular prop bets, futures bets and more. Among our most-trusted sportsbooks of course includes Bovada and BetOnline.

Bovada has a large selection of US Presidential election odds

Folks interested in the US Presidential elections have grown accustomed to checking out Bovada because of its fresh updates on its site, but also for its special bonuses. This includes welcome bonuses, which is something new users love to see. It not only entices you to sign up, but is a great way to throw down some extra free cash on the candidates you think have the best shot of potentially being named the next president in the USA.

For US Presidential election bets, you’ll have countless odds to look over throughout the voting process. That includes straight-up odds, prop bets and futures bets. If you have an idea far before the election process begins of who will win, you can put down a futures bet through Bovada with confidence.

With Bovada’s organization and ability to get you odds in a quick fashion, we’d recommend going with them. They’ve been trusted for years and are always reliable when it comes to odds and picks.

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Betonline updates odds the quickest

BetOnline also does a great job of updating odds in a timely fashion.

This is crucial for the election process, especially with different candidates seeing their stocks rise and fall throughout the voting.

BetOnline has great welcome bonuses and special promotions throughout the process. It gets even better if you use cryptocurrency.

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Bet on US Elections at EveryGame

Enjoy how the nice website will guide you towards the biggest and most exciting political bets here at EveryGame.

Your welcome bonus can be worth up to an astounding 200%! If you want to lower your rollover requirements, you can also take the still-good 50% match.

We love EveryGame because it is a fun and secure site. With decades of online betting under its belt, you know they do it right.

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US Presidential election betting picks

There’s always going to be plenty of excitement surrounding the US Presidential election, but not only for a few months leading up to the final vote. No no, the entertainment begins months, even years in advance. 

As you’ve seen already for the 2020 race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, both candidates have been bashing one another, with Trump constantly calling Biden with the ‘Sleepy Joe’ nickname. Many have said this is unpresidential of Trump, with others also adding it adds to the long list of why he shouldn’t be president. 

Despite the name-calling, Biden and Trump both are presenting strong cases as to why they each should be president of the USA. Trump in 2020 is looking for his re-election, while Biden is trying to do everything he can to make sure that doesn’t happen. This is going to be the case for every election when you have one Republican and one Democrat going head-to-head. When you’re getting ready to make your betting picks each election, it’s always wise to see how candidates are doing amongst their own parties.

If they have a high approval rate, chances are they’ll also have great support for the election. But if for whatever reason they have a low approval rate, it might be wise to bet on the opposing candidate. 

US Presidential elections betting preview

Betting during the US President elections has never been made easier thanks to our experts here at Sports Betting Sites. Whenever you are ready to make your bets, again, we’ll have all the best and updated odds at your disposal. 

With that being said, you’re also going to have countless options to bet on during the elections. For example, the 2020 race sees Trump and Biden going at it for the coveted spot at the White House. Many outlets had Biden as a slight favorite leading up to election day. In this case, say you think Biden will win in 2020. That’s an outright bet you can make for him to win over Trump. 

But, say in early 2019 you also had strong belief Biden would be named the next president of the USA. This would be a futures bet you could make. In addition, you could also make a futures bet on who you think would be Biden’s Vice President selection. 

This is a bet you can make during any election. You’ll have those odds presented for you quite early in the process. 

What can you bet on during the US Presidential elections?

The US Presidential elections is a long process, which means good news for bettors. This means you’re going to have a load of odds to bet on. Whether it’s who you think will represent the Republican/Democratic party, or who will win outright, that’s only two of the many options you’ll have. So, what exactly can you bet on? 

Futures bet

A futures bet is when you pick something to happen in the future. The most popular futures bet during the US Presidential election is, you guessed it, to pick far in advance who will be named the next president. So for 2020, if you guessed in 2019 that Biden would unseat Trump as president, that’s a futures bet. You’re going to see great odds on this bet too because you picked in far in advance to happen. 

Prop bet

A prop bet is something on the unusual/entertaining side of things that is different than a futures or straight-up bet. Prop bets are especially popular during presidential debates. For example with Trump and Biden, you could bet on how many times Trump will call Biden ‘Sleepy Joe’ during a debate. If the number is set at 10 times, you’d have to go with an over or under. This is just one example of the countless prop bets you’ll find during the elections. 


An over/under is also a popular betting option during the presidential election. This is betting on a set number either hitting the over or under. An example here would be on how many outright states a candidate will win during the election. If for one candidate, the number is set at 26, and you pick the over, they’d have to win 27 states or more for you to win. With 26 states, it’d be a push, and anything less would mean you’ve lost your wager. 

Betting Strategies for the US Presidential election 

For your top US Presidential pick, it’s wise to wait to see who ends up winning the spot for each party. If you make a futures bet too early, you might end up seeing your pick drop out of the race and make way for someone else who has risen in the polls. Because of this, if you’re on the fence about who to pick as the next president in the USA, it might be best to wait until the final candidates are announced for you to make your pick. 

How does the US Presidential election betting work? 

At the start of things, multiple Republican and Democratic candidates toss their hats into the ring to push to become the next president of the United States. However, over time, more and more candidates end up dropping out of the race. This opens the door for one Republican candidate and one Democratic candidate to face off. 

Of course, if a president is running for re-election and he’s a Republican, this means no new Republican candidate is likely to emerge, but instead he/she will have to battle a democractic candidate. This was the case for 2020, of course, with Trump going up against Biden (Democrat). 

The American people will then vote for either the Republican or Democrat to either become the next President of the United State, or for the current president to be re-elected for four more years in office. 

US Presidential election betting history

In recent years, you’ve seen a trend of presidents winning the race during their re-elections. Most recently, Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term, defeating John McCain in 2008 and then Mitt Romney in 2012. How have the elections turned out over the years? 

The winners of the election from 1980-2016, is as follows:

Our take-aways

Presidents have a strong history of being re-elected

As we’ve seen over the years, presidents who are fighting for a second term at the White House typically are able to get the votes to be re-elected. Since 1976, George H.W. Bush is the only president who hasn’t served a second term. This is something you must strongly consider when getting ready to make your bets for who you think will be the next president of the United States of America. 

The US Presidential election is always fun to bet on

The US Presidential election is always going to be entertaining from start to finish. That’s what makes it even more intriguing for bettors. If you’re confident in a candidate to come out on top, you can use one of your sportsbooks with confidence. There’s more than just the outright bet for who will win you can bet on. Be sure to check out the latest odds and find the best bet for you. 

Always use our Sportsbooks partners

All of our sportsbooks partners here at Sports Betting Sites offer great odds and promotions. This is especially true during the US Presidential election. Don’t forget about the welcome bonuses either. So, if this is your first time betting or you’re a veteran placing wagers, be sure to check out our partners early and often. You won’t be disappointed and will find reliable odds and numbers in only a few clicks. 

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