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Trump presidency elections betting bets and picks

So, what’s the best strategy for betting on the Donald Trump Presidency out there and what exactly can you place wagers on? We take a look at that and more in this piece

Has there ever been a more polarizing president in the United States than Donald Trump? To put it brief, that answer to that question would be no. Time and time again Mr. Trump surprises us all with how he handles himself, most notably for his tirades and outlandish posts on Twitter.

Yet, the man is up for re-election in 2020 and has a strong base of support from the republican party. As you might imagine, there are countless bets that can be made featuring Trump. 

Let’s look at the Donald Trump betting overview:

Best Trump betting sites

Bovada offers great Trump odds

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The Bovada sportsbook is a great spot for US elections betting. Their solid welcome bonus and inventive politics questions are a recipe for fun!

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Betonline updates Trump adds often

The markets at BetOnline are great, but their archive of odds can give you hints into how to be a smarter bettor.

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BetOnline has great bonuses, especially for Trump bettors using Bitcoin. This with their politics markets make this a top Donald Trump betting platform.

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Donald Trump Betting Picks

With the way he’s handled himself in office, there’s truly a divide between those who adore Donald Trump, and those who absolutely despise him. That’s what’s making the 2020 presidential election even more unknown. Will it be Trump or Biden?

Donald Trump betting preview 

Take your pick at what you want to bet on with Donald Trump. To start off, obviously, the US Presidential election is the most popular option for betting on the Trump Presidency. Do you think he’ll earn a second term? If so, you can place your bet whenever for him to be re-elected. But, if you think Biden will win, you can bet on him too. 

But, there’s some interesting odds out there for Trump as well. As we mentioned above, Trump is quite outlandish on Twitter. So much in fact, he’s even had tweets removed because of sensitive content. Once this happened, the man lost his mind. 

Well, on BetOnline, there’s odds you can find for whether or not he’ll either get his account suspended or be banned from Twitter before 2021. Imagine 10 years ago thinking this best would even be a possibility. It’s truly unreal. 

Yet, the bet is an option for you to make. So, do you think he’ll get banned from Twitter before 2021? If so, put your money where your mouth is. 

What can you bet on for Donald Trump?

As we’ve made clear, there are so many different options when it comes to betting on President Trump. Whether your pick is on him being banned by Twitter, winning his second term, blasting Joe Biden on social media, how many times he calls the media ‘fake news’ during a press conference or if he resigns as president, those options and more are there for wagers to be made. Here’s the breakdown of what exactly are the most common bets to make.

Futures bet

A futures bet is when you’re picking something to happen down the road. Right now for Trump, easily the most popular futures bet is picking whether or not he’ll win a second term in his battle against Joe Biden. Biden actually has better odds to win, as even members of the republican party are starting to turn against Trump. But, if you still think Trump will win, that’s a futures bet you can make. 

Prop bet

The long list of prop bets for betting on the Trump presidency will surely bring a smile to your face. Some of them are pretty darn hilarious. In addition to the prop bets we mentioned above, on whether or not Trump will be banned/suspended by Twitter, you can also find prop bets on so many other items. For example, during a debate, you’ll be able to find odds for how many times Trump calls Biden ‘Sleepy Joe’ on national television. You can also find odds for how many times he’ll refer to the media as ‘fake news’ during a speech. The list goes on and on. 


An over/under bet is an easy way to bet on the Trump Presidency. This is when you’re placing a wager on a total number of something to happen. For example with Trump and the US Presidential election, you could place a bet on how many states he ends up winning over Biden. If the over/under is set at 25, Trump would need to win 26 states for you to come out on top of your bet. A result of 25 would be a push, while 24 and anything lower will be a loss for you. 

Betting Strategies for Donald Trump

The best betting strategies for Trump presidency wagers really depends on what you’re looking at. For prop bets, you’re normally going to find great odds, simply because the likelihood of something happening won’t be that high. For instance, do you really think Twitter will ban Trump by 2021? It’s extremely unlikely, though those betting on it are probably keeping in mind that Trump posts some truly egregious things on his account. 

How does Donald Trump betting work? 

This all comes down to which bets you’re deciding to make involving Trump. For the US Presidential election, Trump will be the Republican candidate, with Mike Pence as his vice president. He’ll be going up against Joe Biden.

For futures bets and prop bets, once you make your wagers, you’ll then have to wait and see how things play out down the road. Patience will be key here. 

Donald Trump betting history

For bettors interested in making a bet on whether or not Trump will return to the White House for a second term, keep in mind that the majority of presidents in recent years have ended up being re-elected. Since 1980, only George H.W. Bush hasn’t returned for a second term. 

Our take-aways

Donald Trump odds are always fun to bet on

Because of his off-the-wall personality, Donald Trump is always going to draw attention no matter where he is. This means that odds involving him and bets are always going to be present.

The prop bets involving Trump really are funny too. Imagine making the prop bet that Trump gets suspended from Twitter by 2021, and sure enough he fires off a speculative tweet and Twitter takes action. You’ll hit your bet and see a tremendous payout for it. 

Politics are more uncertain than

With such a polarizing climate, the nation is often divided 50/50. Anything could happen. 2020 has been an exceptionally difficult to predict year, and this year’s events from the coronavirus to widespread protests, the effects on politics have been seismic.

Our recommendations will keep you in the game

Follow our recommendations to get the hottest odds on Donal Trump. They are not only the most fun but also the most competitive in the market. These sites will keep you safe as well.

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