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Every five years, France holds its Presidential election and it’s a bit different than what we normally see across the globe. With the candidates fighting to earn a five-year term, you better believe there’s plenty of intrigue leading up to the first round of votes. Fans of French election betting should be well-prepared for all that’s to come.

And believe it or not, if there’s no majority winner in that first round, no president is named and it’s back to voting two weeks later for a second round. 

So, with that being said, did you know that there’s plenty of bets you can make during the election? In this piece, we take a look at the best French Presidential election betting strategy and more. 

Let’s look at the French elections betting overview:

Best French Presidential elections betting sites

There’s always going to be plenty of interest and intrigue surrounding the French presidential elections. The good news for bettors out there is that the ability to lay down bets on the election has never been easier. You’re always going to find plenty of odds for them, especially if you use one of our partners here at Sports Betting Sites. 

With that being said, there are several that go above and beyond when it comes to helping you place your wagers. The list of course includes Bovada, BetOnline and BetNow. 


If you’re a veteran bettor, you probably know by now that Bovada is one of the most trusted outlets available. This is especially true for the French presidential elections. They never let you down when it comes to odds, and their awesome bonuses as well. It’s difficult to think of a site that makes it easier for you to bet on the French presidential election.

What helps make Bovada unique as well is their website and app are so easy to follow and navigate. It makes the process of laying down your bets for the French presidential election even easier.

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For up-to-the-minute odds, BetOnline is known for always getting that job done. This is of course going to be crucial for the French Presidential elections. If a candidate decides to drop out, it’s of course going to change the odds for the others still in the running. BetOnline always stays on top of this.

Their bonuses and promotions are also pretty head-turning. Things will be made even better for you with cryptocurrency. Speaking of cryptocurrency, BetOnline is known for making that process easy for its users.

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BetNow will always be there to help you out with any of your French Presidential election questions. Seriously, they have customer service reps ready to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. How awesome is that?

For any parlays and teasers bets you might have in mind for the elections, you’ll surely be able to find/execute them with BetNow. They always make things simple for bettors who indeed want to make those parlays or teasers wagers.

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French Presidential Election Betting Picks 

There’s always going to be plenty of excitement surrounding the French Presidential election, but not only for a few months leading up to the final vote. No no, the entertainment begins months, even years in advance. With the votes only taking place once every five years, citizens all over France want to make sure their favorite candidate is the one who ends up in office. 

The next French presidential election will take place in 2022, with the last one coming in 2017. In that election, no candidate was an outright winner in the first round on April 23, which led to a second round of voting on May 7. On that date, Emmanuel Macron won the voting by a landslide over Marine Le Pen. 

There are multiple parties in France in the running to win the presidency, with Macron representing the En Marche!, while Le Pen is part of the National Front party. Taking a look at a candidate’s strength in support from their party is something you’re always going to want to consider before placing a bet on someone. 

If they have a high approval rate, chances are they’ll also have great support for the election. But if for whatever reason they have a low approval rate, it might be wise to bet on opposing candidates. 

French Presidential elections betting preview

Betting during the French President election has never been easier thanks to the sportsbooks we recommend at Sports Betting Sites. Whenever you are ready to make your bets, again, we’ll have all the best and updated odds at your disposal. 

With that being said, you’re also going to have countless options to bet on during the elections. For example, the 2022 race will see Macron fighting for his chance to win reelection by the French citizens. Should he win, that would result in him being in office for another five years, bringing his total to 10 years. 

However, he’s got an uphill climb, as there are multiple candidates from different parties who are looking to unseat him. It’ll be Macron against the rest of the field. With that in mind, are you confident that Macron will win the voting once again? Or, if you have someone else in mind, you can pick them to go with for your bet. 

This is a bet you can make during any election. You’ll have those odds presented for you quite early in the process. 

What can you bet on during the French Presidential elections?

The French Presidential election is a long process, which is good news for bettors. This means you’re going to have a load of odds to bet on. Whether it’s who you think will represent each respective party, or who will win the presidency outright, that’s only two of the many options you’ll have. So, what exactly can you bet on? 

Futures bet

A futures bet is when you pick something to happen in the future. The most popular futures bet during the French Presidential election is, you guessed it, to pick far in advance who will be named the next president. So for 2022, if you guessed in 2021 that Macron will gain reelection and win the vote over all of his opponents, that’s a futures bet. You’re going to see great odds on this bet too because you picked in far in advance to happen. 

Prop bet

A prop bet is something on the unusual/entertaining side of things that is different than a futures or straight-up bet. Prop bets are especially popular during presidential debates. For example with the 2022 presidential election in France, you might find a prop bet on whether or not the election will end after the first round, or if two rounds will be needed for the winner to be named. 

During press conferences, you could even find odds for if one candidate will verbally attack another. You might even find an over/under prop bet for that too. Thanks to Donald Trump and his outlandish ways, those types of prop bets have become popular for election betting everywhere 


An over/under is also a popular betting option during the presidential election. This is betting on a set number either hitting the over or under. An example here would be on what percentage of the popular vote a certain candidate wins during the voting. So in 2017, let’s say there was an over/under for Macron set at him winning 55 percent of the popular vote. If you took the over, you saw money come in, as he won with a convincing 66.1 percent of the votes. This is another option you’ll have for 2022 and beyond. 

Betting Strategies for the French Presidential election 

For your top French Presidential pick, it’s wise to wait to see who ends up winning the spot for each party. If you make a futures bet too early, you might end up seeing your pick drop out of the race and make way for someone else who has risen in the polls. Because of this, if you’re on the fence about who to pick as the next president of France, it might be best to wait until the final candidates are announced for you to make your decision. 

How does the French Presidential election betting work? 

When it comes time to vote for the next president of France, it will start with a first round of votes. If there’s a clear majority winner in the polls, he/she will be the next president. 

However, if that’s not the case, then two weeks later the country will hold a second round of voting with the top two candidates to determine the winner. 

We saw this in 2017 with Macron and Le Pen. Macron of course went on to dominate the voting and won as the new president of France, representing the En Marche! party. Now, he’ll seek reelection once again in 2022. Will he be able to secure his spot once again in the first round? Or, will we need a second round to determine France’s president? We’ll find out soon enough. 

French Presidential election betting history

The format of France’s presidential election has changed. Up until 2000, France’s president would serve a seven-year term. However, things have now shifted and that number has been reduced to five years. Each president can serve a maximum of two terms, resulting in 10 total years in office. 

There have been seven presidents in France since 1981. The list, in order, is as follows: 1981 Francois Mitterand, 1988 Mitterand re-elected, 1995 Jacques Chirac, 2002 Chirac re-elected, 2007 Nicolas Sarkozy, 2012 Francois Hollande and 2017 Emmanuel Macron. 

Our take-aways

Presidents haven’t won reelection of late

As we’ve seen in recent years, presidents in France have had a tough time of being re-elected. Both Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande served one term and then were voted out by the French citizens. In 2022, Macron will look to stop that trend from continuing, as he looks to serve five more years in office. 

The French Presidential election is always fun to bet on

The French Presidential election is always going to be entertaining from start to finish. That’s what makes it even more intriguing for bettors. If you’re confident in a candidate to come out on top, you can use one of your sportsbooks with confidence. There’s more than just the outright bet for who will win you can bet on. Be sure to check out the latest odds and find the best bet for you. 

Always use our Sportsbooks partners

All of our sportsbooks partners here at Sports Betting Sites offer great odds and promotions. This is especially true during the French Presidential election. Don’t forget about the welcome bonuses either. So, if this is your first time betting or you’re a veteran placing wagers, be sure to check out our partners early and often. You won’t be disappointed and will find reliable odds and numbers in only a few clicks. 

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