Discover Card Sites

Discover Card Sites
  • Just like using credit card at retail stores
  • Earn any applicable reward points with your Discover card
  • No bank account needed at the sportsbooks

Betting Sites Accepting Discover Card

Any sportsbook worth its salt is accepting Discover card deposit these days. This includes, but is in no way limited to, Bovada, Diamond Sportsbook, Bet Online, Just Bet, Wager Web, Sports Interaction, Bet Jamaica, Legends, Bet Phoenix and 5 Dimes, among many others. More Discover-friendly sites can be found below. [+]

In years past, Discover cards, like American Express cards, weren't accepted everywhere. You shouldn't run into this issue anymore. So even if you don't see your sportsbook—or a sportsbook you are thinking about using—listed on our widget, try contacting them to see if they'll take Discover deposits. Unless their website specifically states that they won't, chances are they will.

      Discover cards fall under the most popular deposit method umbrella at sportsbooks: credit cards and debit cards. Like with other credit cards, Discover-backed transactions are instantaneous. You are not waiting on a transfer to be approved. [+]

      You are not waiting for a check to be delivered by mail. You are not waiting for a PayPal or ClickandBuy account to be reloaded. You are just funding your sportsbook account right away, with a card that you already know is in use with a predetermined limit.

      The benefits to using a Discover card are vast. For starters, and perhaps best of all, you can rack up any applicable rewards points from the transaction. This isn't a sportsbooks thing, to be sure. It's a Discover card thing. If you receive, say, one reward point for any dollar spent on the card, a $1,500 dollar deposit can net you 1,500 reward points. That's not a bad incentive on money you were going go spend anyway.

      Furthermore, you pay your Discover bill just like you always would, so you aren't unloading any cash up front. This can be dangerous for those who don't know how to manage their money, but for responsible bettors, it's a well-deserved bonus. To be absolutely certain, you never want to bet money you know that you won't have. But if for some reason you need to move money around and it's going to take you a while to get it done, you can bankroll your sportsbook account with the Discover card, then pay them later. Now that's the definition of convenience!

      Of course, your normal interest rates will apply, so keep that in mind. On the flip side, if you are in the middle of a promotional period with Discover, during which you are charged 0 percent interest on your balance for 12 months, you can invest in your sportsbook account and pay that amount off as time goes on without having to worry about losing a bunch of money.

      These Discover card promotions are rare and, in most cases, only available to new customers. Still, if you happen to fall under that category, it's another nice incentive for making deposits this way.

      Better still, unlike book to book transfers and some PayPal-like methods, Discover card deposits won't preclude you from collecting any promotions your sportsbook is running. If they are willing to match 100 percent of your deposit up to $250, you can throw $250 into your account using the Discover card and still get the subsequent $250 on top of that from the sportsbook in question. 

      How To Pay With Discover Card

      Paying with your Discover Card at sportsbooks is super easy. Actually, strike that. It's easier than super easy.

      Simply treat your transaction like you would any other online credit card purchase. Go to make a deposit at your sportsbook, select the credit card payment option and then type in your information as prompted.

      In addition to your card number, its expiration date and its security code, you will also need to enter your name and the billing address. Make sure you are typing this information exactly as it appears on your card and/or is listed on your account. Any deviation from the official setup will result in a failed transaction.

      Assuming all your information is correct, processing should take only a few seconds. At most, it will take a few minutes. The money you deposit will immediately appear in your account, unless otherwise specified by your sportsbook, and you'll be good to start betting.

      Some sportsbooks will have minimums and maximums placed on credit card deposits. For example, you may need to deposit at least $25 to use your Discover card, but no more than $5,000. These limits will be listed on the sportsbook's website. If it's not, or if a transaction keeps failing, you can contact customer service.

      You will also need to adhere to your Discover card limit. If you have a $2,500 credit line, you cannot make a deposit for even $0.01 over that amount. It will not go through. In the event it does, you will be hit with crazy steep fees by the Discover company.

      The withdrawal process can be a bit more complicated. Though some sites will allow you to transfer the money back on to your card, you will likely have to accept a wire transfer or certified check in most cases. 

      This isn't the end of the world by any means, but these types of transactions do take longer. If you are able to withdraw funds onto your Discover card (again, it's unlikely, but possible), you will have your money in no time. As for checks and wire transfers, though, timelines will vary. Check out your sportsbook's fine print to see how long these withdrawals typically take. For a more definitive answer, contact a company representative via online chat, email or phone.

      If you are dead set on expediting this part of the process, you can register a checking or savings account with your sportsbook. This will give you the ability to make deposits and, more importantly, send withdrawals through those accounts. The timeframe on these methods is exponentially quicker, thus ensuring you won't be waiting around for days or, in the case of check withdrawals, even weeks for your payout.

      However, if you are using your Discover card so that you don't have to directly register your bank account or provide any more personal information than is absolutely necessary, you will need to go the check route on cashouts.