Neteller Betting Sites

Neteller is a popular and convenient e-wallet

NETeller Betting Sites

Sports gamblers who aren’t keen on using their credit card or bank account information at online wagering sites are increasingly turning to e-wallets in order to facilitate their transactions.

Among the many services out there, Neteller is one of the most well-known, a tried-and-true method that allows bettors to not only make deposits but withdraw funds and manage their money. We’re sure you still have questions. Which is good. Because we have answers, including how and where you can use Neteller

What we like about Neteller betting:

Best Neteller betting sites

BetOnline – The Best Neteller betting site in US


There will be no fee from BetOnline for making deposits or withdrawals using your Neteller account. However, transactions are not free from Neteller’s end. They charge a 1.45 percent fee for all purchases (or deposits) and a $10 flat fee when you wish to withdraw your money from them.


Super-duper fast is the only way to describe Neteller transactions at BetOnline. As long as you have the necessary funds in your account, they will be transferred to your sportsbook purse immediately.

BetOnline offers pretty much the whole package when using Neteller. They don’t charge you a dime for it on their end, and you can fund your account with as little as $10. Lower maximums are the only downside, as they, like most sportsbooks, limit the amount of cash you can transfer at once.

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SportsBetting – Fastest Neteller payments


Neteller deposits will not be assessed a fee by The same goes for withdrawals. But Neteller themselves does charge one on both sides of the transaction still, which is obviously worth keeping in mind.


Making deposits with Neteller at is so darn quick that it’ll be over before you know it. As long as you have your account or card number handy, you can be done in seconds, and the money is available right away.

High rollers might find a little something to quibble over when using Neteller at A $2,500 transactional maximum isn’t all that much to them, and while they’re willing to raise it, you have to go through the proper customer service channels to get it done. Everyone else will be perfectly happy thanks to the combination of speed and zero fees from’s end.

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EveryGame – The lowest deposit fees for Neteller 


Like many sportsbooks, EveryGame doesn’t hit you with a deposit or withdrawal fee when using Neteller. Unlike other sportsbooks, they have, at times, reimbursed new users for the fees they incur on their first Neteller transaction from the latter’s side of things.


Neteller deposits aren’t slow at EveryGame. Withdrawals are a different story. It doesn’t take forever to get your money, but there have been reports of longer-than-normal wait times.

If you’re not someone who needs withdrawals to be processed especially quickly, you will appreciate the Neteller betting experience at EveryGame. They go above and beyond to limit your fees, and you have the chance to get a bonus of $100 when creating your account.

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Sports Interaction – The best in Canada


At Sports Interaction, they will not charge you to make deposits and withdrawals with Neteller. Just remember, you will still be subject to Neteller’s own fees.


Neteller deposits at Sports Interaction are available almost instantly. Better still, you withdrawals back to Neteller hit your account faster than the industry average.

With zero fees from the sportsbook and super quick deposits and withdrawals, you can’t go wrong using Neteller at Sports Interaction. They only fall short when it comes to extra deposit bonuses, which is ultimately fine, since they do still offer them.


Bovada – The Best for Mobile Betting


Most Neteller transactions at Bovada won’t incur a fee from their end. That said, if international bettors need to complete currency exchanges as part of the transfer (i.e. they haven’t already turned euros into U.S. Dollars), then Bovada will levy a charge for doing so.


Both Neteller deposits and withdrawals will be processed posthaste at Bovada, so you never have to worry about waiting to bet or get your money.

Bovada deserves an award for how easy they make paying with e-wallets on a mobile device. The design is impeccable and not at all clunky, and they’ll save your information for later so that you can turn the process into a two- or three-click procedure.

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Neteller betting facts – A Universal Payment Method

There is technically no such thing as a universal deposit and withdrawal method. However, Neteller comes pretty close to being one. 

Pretty much every online gambling site worth their salt will accept e-wallets, which also means pretty much every sportsbook takes Neteller. They are one of the three biggest and most widely used services, joining Skriller and PayPal. It is actually harder for you to find sites that don’t take Neteller. 

We’ll get into the near-universal usage of Neteller a little bit more in just a second, but what’s most important to remember now is that we’re not talking strictly deposits. Whereas credit cards can often be one-way tools, as they’re predominantly a means of depositing money into sports gambling accounts, Neteller works both ways.

You can also withdraw your funds using your account, so you’ll never have to worry about inputting bank information at your sportsbook or waiting for a courier check to arrive.

neteller options Screenshotiphone

Neteller Options Screenshot

How Do You Sign Up for a Neteller Account?

Creating a Neteller account is easy. You just need to head to their website, follow the informational prompts and set up a method to fund your account. Most convenient of all, you don’t even need to enter bank information here, either. They’re able to accept deposits by way of credit cards—transactions on which they will not charge a fee.

Using Neteller at Sportsbooks

When you’re all set up at Neteller and want to make a deposit into your sportsbook account, there’s nothing special you’ll need to do. You treat Neteller just as you would a bank account or, if you’ve signed up for a card, any other credit card.

One thing to note: If you’re using a Neteller card to make deposits, be prepared to pay fees at certain sportsbooks. Many hit you with a surcharge for processing credit and debit cards. We recommend sticking with your raw Neteller account information, as most online bookies will push those transactions through without charging you anything extra.

Best Neteller Sports Betting Sites

Since Neteller is accepted nearly everywhere, it’s more important you find the best sportsbooks at which to use it. Here are our top five:

Understanding Neteller Fees

Though most sportsbooks will not charge you a fee for making deposits and withdrawals with Neteller, the company itself has surcharges attached to each side of the transaction. This will be a deal-breaker for some, but these fees aren’t all that extensive. Neteller charges a 1.45% fee on most purchases (or deposits) and then a flat $10 fee for processing all withdrawals. Both are reasonable rates.

On top of this, though, you may be subject to fees on your initial Neteller deposits. It depends on what type of payment method you’re using—and by the way, they accept a bunch—but they can charge as much as 2.5 percent when you fund your account.

As previously stated, you can be subject to more charges if you’re using a Neteller card. Sportsbooks treat that like a debit or credit card and will then, in many cases, assess a processing fee of anywhere between 2 and 6 percent. If you can, we strongly endorse treating Neteller like only an e-wallet, so you can avoid those added costs.

Betting Strategies for Neteller

Two things should top your wish list when shopping around for a new online sportsbook with plans to use Neteller as your primary deposit and withdrawal method: sign-up bonuses and processing times.

Deposit bonuses are key for any payment method that, at times, demand you pay an extra fee. You’re going to have to foot a 1.45 percent bill on Neteller deposits and pay a flat fee of $10 on withdrawals. Aim to make this money back. Sites that offer 100 percent deposit matches on high-limit transactions are always great, but because the fees associated with Neteller are so small, you’re free to simply find sportsbooks offering bonuses as small as $25.

Now, as for processing times, you should look for sites that pledge to get you your money fast. Bank transfers and e-wallet transactions can take anywhere from one to seven days to process. Your goal should be to land at a sportsbook that’s on the lower end of that spectrum. Again: You’re going to pay to get your money. You might as well receive it quickly.

neteller sportsbook screenshotiphone

Neteller Sportsbook Screenshot

Safe Betting – Security at Its Finest

Neteller transactions are highly secure at sportsbooks. Gambling sites need extra layers of protection to begin with because they’re processing so many transactions and so much money on a daily basis. But you’re extra protected when using Neteller because you’re not directly inputting any of your bank account or personal credit and debit card information. It’s all third party stuff, so even if customer information is leaked, you won’t have all that much to worry about.

Our Conclusions – As Good as It Gets

Enjoy Zero Fees at Sportsbooks

Neteller charging a fee on both deposits and withdrawals is a bummer, but they’re small. Also, it’s easier paying them when you don’t have to suck up surcharges from sportsbooks. Most process Neteller deposits and withdrawals sans any fees.

Never Get Frozen Out of Sportsbooks

Try finding a sportsbook that doesn’t take Neteller. We dare you. It’s not impossible, but it’ll consume a ton of time. Most sites accept it as a valid deposit and withdrawal method, which means you can focus on more important factors—like deposit bonuses—when perusing online sportsbooks.

Withdrawal Times Will Vary

On the bright side, Neteller can be used as both a deposit and withdrawal method at essentially every online bookie. On the not-so-bright side, it’s difficult to pin down processing times on withdrawals. In most instances, it shouldn’t take longer than one to three days for you to receive your money. Unfortunately, that wait time can vary by sportsbook.

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