MuchBetter Betting Sites

MuchBetter betting sites provide speedy and secure payments via app.

MuchBetter Betting Sites

We know what you’re thinking: Here comes another e-wallet review. And, well, you’re right. But you’re not totally right. MuchBetter is not just another e-wallet review. It is its own, combining elements of other e-wallets with various insta-pay transfer services that are coming so popular. 

Contrary to basically all of their rivals, MuchBetter is almost exclusively for mobile devices. All of their transactions are completed via their app, which you can download in the app store of your phone provider. To distinguish themselves even further, MuchBetter specializes in transactions to and from online gaming sites, so there’s not a service you can think of that they won’t offer.

Our review of MuchBetter will cover all of the following:

Best MuchBetter Betting Sites

BetOnline – The Best MuchBetter Betting Site in US


You will not be responsible for paying a fee at BetOnline when making deposits and withdrawals using MuchBetter. However, while MuchBetter doesn’t charge for deposits, they sometimes hit you with a fee for receiving money.


Depositing money at BetOnline with MuchBetter is an unbelievably quick process. Your cash will be available instantly.

BetOnline is the best sportsbook when it comes to MuchBetter transactions. Deposits are processed incredibly fast, include almost zero fees and you have the chance to jump on one the most competitive deposit deposit bonuses.

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SportsBetting – Fastest MuchBetter Payments


MuchBetter deposits at will cost you anything additional. The same goes for withdrawals, though you might be assessed fees from MuchBetter.


MuchBetter deposits at are active and ready to go as soon as you submit them. Similarly, they’ll process your withdrawal as quickly as possible.

MuchBetter deposits at are easier than easy. They’re quick, cheap and effortless. Unless you’re a high-roller bettor, has plenty to offer you.

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BetNow – The Lowest Deposit Fees for MuchBetter


Fees are not charged at BetNow on MuchBetter deposits and withdrawals. They are likewise among the sportsbooks that most e-wallets won’t charge you to complete withdrawal transactions from. This includes MuchBetter.


Speed is not the top priority for BetOnline when it comes to e-wallet transactions. And this again includes MuchBetter. Deposits will hit your account immediately, but withdrawals usually take more than a day.

Waiting on withdrawals shouldn’t be a deal-breaker if you’re considering BetNow. The time is worth the money you’ll save. Plus, you also have the ability to grab up to $1,000 in free money when processing your first deposit.

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EveryGame – The Best in Canada


Don’t worry about EveryGame charging fees on MuchBetter transactions. Both deposits and withdrawals are processed without any additional cost.


MuchBetter deposits will reach your Bodog account instantly. But withdrawals will take around one to three business days.

Bodog processes MuchBetter transactions without issue. On deposits, you won’t have to wait long before you’re placing wagers. They will also let you fund your account with as little as $10, which makes them a great fit for low-stakes gamblers.

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Bovada – The Best for Mobile Betting


MuchBetter transactions are pushed through at Bovada free of charge. That said, if international bettors need to complete currency exchanges as part of the transfer, Bovada will levy a charge for doing so.


Bovada is committed to hassle-free e-wallet transactions on their mobile site and app. And MuchBetter falls into this category. Deposits reach your account immediately, and you won’t stumble across an online gaming site that processes withdrawals any faster.

Mobile betting often stinks. Bovada makes it enjoyable. Their app and mobile site designs are intuitive, and if you’re open to storing your information, you can navigate transaction windows at an even faster speed.

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GT Bets- The Best Bonus for MuchBetter


No one pays a fee at GT Bets when making deposits and withdrawals MuchBetter—or, for that matter, other e-wallets. Any charges you’re hit with will come from MuchBetter and usually just on withdrawals.


MuchBetter deposits at GT Bets are done as soon as you enter all the necessary information. Additionally, they’re committed to get withdrawals out faster than many of their industry peers.

GT Bets has a two-tier bonus structure. First off, you will receive a 100 percent match of your initial deposit, worth up to $500. Then, you’ll be eligible for another 50 percent bonus on your next deposit, up to another $250. Add it all together, and you can receive up to $750 in free money just for spending yours as you were always going to.

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MuchBetter Betting Facts – All Mobile Everything

Most e-wallets are designed with the desktop user in mind. Yes, they have an app and a mobile site, but they’re a desktop resource first and foremost. MuchBetter is, well, much different.

They specialize exclusively in app transactions. While you can visit their website anywhere and find out all the information you need to, the nitty-gritty business must all be done on your phone or tablet, after downloading the MuchBetter application in your cell phone provider’s app store.

Select people will invariably be turned off by this mobile-centric approach. They shouldn’t be. MuchBetter has managed to keep their transaction window incredibly short with his high-function design. They have prompts set up to expedite the process, such as a camera setting that scans your credit card rather than having you input all the information in number by number.

Besides, it shouldn’t matter that this e-wallet is all but mobile-only when they will qualify for the same benefits—specifically near-universal use—as their competitors. MuchBetter is accepted pretty much everywhere, just like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller.

Similar to the aforementioned three, the speed at which MuchBetter transactions are processed is faster than lightning quick. Sportsbook deposits are immediate, and withdrawal requests aren’t far behind. If your online gaming site cannot guarantee they’ll be finished within one to three business days, you’re better off finding another home for your sports gambling. Even on withdrawals, there’s a strong chance you’ll have your money inside 24 hours.

How Do You Create a E-Wallet Account?

Creating a MuchBetter account is simple. However, it is different from using Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, etc. MuchBetter is exclusively an app for your phone, making it the equivalent of Venmo commingling with an e-wallet.

To get started, you need to download the app, create a username and password and enter all the necessary personal information. If you have the form of payment you’ll use to bankroll your account handy, you’ll be able to process your first deposit in just a couple of minutes.

Using MuchBetter at Online Sportsbooks

Registering your MuchBetter with a sportsbook is extremely simple—and just like putting through any other e-wallet transaction. Visit the deposit or withdrawal section of your online gaming site, select the e-wallet option as your preferred payment method, enter all the necessary info and you’re done!

Your deposit should be available in your purse as soon as you receive a confirmation email or pop-up message, both of which normally only take a few seconds to come through.

Are you interested in saving even more time? Well, luckily, you can. Sportsbooks allow you to save MuchBetter’s information inside your account so you don’t have to put in the required numbers and billing info every time. Some won’t go this route because they don’t like giving automated access to their financials. Still, if you’re using a trustworthy sportsbook, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. 

List of all MuchBetter betting sites

Choosing the best MuchBetter sites isn’t about figuring out which sportsbooks accept them. Everybody who takes e-wallets takes them. But rather, we’re basing our decisions off functionality and the ease with which deposits and withdrawals can be processed. With that in mind, here are our top-five picks:

Fees Associated with MuchBetter Betting

All e-wallets will charge fees on certain transactions. MuchBetter is no different. On the bright side, they won’t hit you with extra costs when sending money. They usually only dock you when you’re receiving money.

Encouraging still, any fees they charge you will be relatively minuscule. Only registered businesses are subjected to big-time add-ons. And on top of that, unlike most other e-wallets, they have relationships with certain online gaming sites. If you use one of those sportsbooks, all of your transactions should be completed free of charge.

Betting Strategies for MuchBetter

Capitalizing on the best sportsbook bonuses is always the most important aspect of gambling. With MuchBetter, though, you shouldn’t be after just any old deposit bonuses. You should be figuring out which sportsbooks they have partnerships with and registering.

MuchBetter unfortunately doesn’t list these business alliances on their website. They’re rolling partnerships that can change. But you can call or email customer service for a list of their exclusive promotions with sports-betting partners. Plus, in addition to extra deposit bonuses or gambling perks, you also won’t be subject to as many fees if you use one of their approved partners.

Safe Betting - Spend with Confidence 

Aside from the fact that MuchBetter is specific to mobile users, the security experience is no different than those from other e-wallets. Sports bettors can use MuchBetter to process deposits and withdrawals while enjoying peace of mind. Such payment sites exist to improve your personal security. Your transaction is not at greater risk of being intercepted.

Also, like other e-wallets, MuchBetter acts as a centralized transaction hub. They are accepted almost everywhere, which means you can bankroll multiple sportsbooks using the same account. This makes it so you don’t need to enter your personal bank or credit card information over and over at each online site that you use. 

MuchBetter can also set up specific daily and monthly limits and even set parameters to have their customer service contact you for transaction approval. You shouldn’t do this for every transaction, but if you want them to get your consent before approving all transfers over $500, it’s a good way to keep track of your spending and protect yourself against any prospective fraud.

Our Conclusions - A Winning Payment Method

Designed for Mobile

Sure, some e-wallets work well on mobile devices—PayPal, for instance. But MuchBetter is designed specifically for mobile. All their transactions are completed through an app, and they’ve prioritized a user-friendly design. This will be an on-the-go transaction experience unlike any other.

Tip-Top Security

As stated earlier in this review and many others, e-wallets exist to make online transactions, both domestically and internationally, a simple and secure experience. Not only do they prevent you from entering sensitive information over the web ad nauseam, but their safety measures, both custom and default, protect you against fraud better than most bank accounts or credit card issuers. MuchBetter follows a similar philosophy. It acts as a transaction hub, so you’re not repeatedly putting your most sensitive information into a vast collection of different sportsbooks. One account with them can fund your deposits across dozens of online gaming sites.

Special Promotions

Because MuchBetter specializes in transactions related to the gaming industry, you’ll be eligible for certain benefits with their partners. Just contact customer service for an active list of participations, and you can start raking in the free rewards today.

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