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Updated April 9, 2024

The JCB betting method is the most common form of payment you’ve never heard of. JCB stands for Japan Credit Bureau, which means that, yes, this is a credit card we’re talking about. There is almost no difference from JCB to more well-known issuers such as American Express, Visa and Mastercard. The main contrast: JCB cards aren’t as widely accepted. But this doesn’t mean they’re not readily available. There are plenty of JCB betting sites offering this great depositing option. JCB touts more than 80 million different customers across their score of credit card options. And we’ve got the lowdown on how to fund your own sports-betting account with one.

This deep dive into JCB betting sites will cover:

Best JCB Betting Sites

SportsBetting – The Best JCB Betting Site in US


There will be no extra fees charged by when you make deposits with your JCB card.


Deposits made with your JCB card are completed instantaneously at

You won’t find a better sportsbook than when it comes to using your JCB card. Deposits are fast and free, you don’t need to make huge investments to open up your account, and their promotional bonuses for new customers are very competitive.

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BetOnline – Fastest Payments


BetOnline will attach a 6 percent convenience fee to all JCB card deposits. Granted, this isn’t specific to the JCB card itself. BetOnline tacks on a 6 percent charge to all credit card transactions. On the bright side, you can make up the difference with their large deposit-bonus offerings.


Sports gamblers won’t have to wait around BetOnline. All deposits made with a JCB card are processed instantly.

Convenience fee aside, the JCB betting experience at BetOnline is top notch. And again, if that 6 percent surcharge on deposits is a sticking point, you have the ability to recoup some of it with their promotional programs.

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XBet – The Lowest Deposit Fees


Credit card deposits, including those made with the JCB card, do not include an extra fee at XBet. If that’s not good enough, they’ve also been known to cover third-party fees you might incur as part of the process.


XBet’s credit card processing is right in line with the rest of the industry.

XBet only has one potential drawback baked into their JCB betting experience: You may have to contact customer service to get it through. Visa, Mastercard and American Express transactions usually go through no problem on their deposits page, but other less-common brands often get rejected. Fear not, though, because these issues can usually be resolved.

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Bodog – The Best JCB Betting Site in Canada


Credit card fees do not exist at Bodog. And since JCB also doesn’t charge one, you can make deposits without subjecting yourself to any extra costs.


Bodog processes JCB deposits—and all credit card deposits—at breakneck speeds. They have to. They’re one of the most popular destinations in the world for credit card bettors. And they didn’t gain that notoriety by taking their time. Your deposits will hit your account immediately.

Go ahead and register with Bodog confidently knowing they’ll maximize your JCB betting experience. And while they, like certain other sportsbooks, sometimes have trouble automatically processing JCB cards, a quick conversation with customer service can usually clear things up.


MyBookie – The Best Mobile Betting Site for JCB


MyBookie does not readily list whether JCB deposits will require you to pay a fee. This is probably because they’re not a common issuer relative to the rest of the card being used. In our estimation, you shouldn’t have to pay more than a 3 to 6 percent processing fee, since that’s the range most other sportsbooks stick with.


Deposits are predictably available right away at MyBookie. But they really differentiate their speed by holding themselves to that same standard on their mobile site and app. Other sportsbooks can have clunky layouts and take longer to process mobile deposits. Not MyBookie.

We highly recommend contacting MyBookie’s customer service to see whether they charge a fee on JCB deposits. Other than that, there’s nothing to gripe about. They not only exist to service you on desktops, but they’ve made blindingly quick transactions a priority in the mobile betting experience.

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BetDSI – The Best Bonus


Get ready to be confused. BetDSI charges what’s referred to as a rollover fee on all JCB—and other credit card—deposits. Here’s how it works: 7 percent of every transaction will become a processing fee bonus that’s subject to a rollover. So, if you deposit $100, you’ll have $93 available in your account outright, and another $7 that you can bet, but that cannot be withdrawn unless it’s rolled over 10 times.


BetDSI does a great job processing JCB deposits super quickly. You’ll go from punching in your card number to placing a wager in the blink of an eye.

People gladly put up with BetDSI’s odd deposit-fee structure for a reason: Their bonuses are incredible. New bettors can have their first credit card deposits matched all the way up to $2,500. And no, that is not a typo. It’s the real deal.

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JCB Betting Facts – Not Accepted by All Sportsbooks

While JCB is just like a regular credit card and can be used as such, it’s not accepted by every online gambling site. This is a little quirky given they have nearly 100 million card users worldwide, but it’s mostly understandable given that JCB itself isn’t considered a mainstream payment method.

Other smaller-name companies have a wider reach because they’re backed by larger parent brands, like Visa and Mastercard. JCB stands on its own, and processing payment can be too expensive for certain sites that don’t do enough volume. You’re most likely to find JCB as an acceptable deposit method at the sportsbooks which have the most clients from Japan.

Applying for a JCB Card

You won’t have any issue applying for a JCB card. It’s just like going through the application process for other companies. Visit their website, go to the consumer card section, input all the necessary information, and you’ll have an approval answer within seconds. The best betting sites feature a range of online payment options, from modern systems like Bitcoin crypto deposits to excellent JCB cards.

Using JCB Cards at Sportsbooks 

Making deposits with JCB cards at sportsbooks is mostly similar to how you’d complete transactions with any other card. Just select a credit card as your preferred payment method at your sportsbook, enter your number, expiration date and security code, and you’re done.

All of this said, certain sportsbooks only process JCB cards on a case by case basis. That means you’ll have to contact customer service to make your first deposit—and perhaps on subsequent deposits. Though this can be a little time-consuming, it’s ultimately worth the inconvenience, because you can have other questions answered while speaking with a rep, and you’ll also know for sure your deposit request went through.

List of all JCB betting sites

Here are our favorite JCB betting sites:

Perks of this Payment Method

Some might be disinclined to try using JCB cards at this point knowing that they’re not accepted everywhere. That stance is worth reconsidering if you’re holding it. JCB makes up for their limited availability with exceptional promotional offerings.

Really, their card selection says it all. They have over a hundred of different sponsored or rewards-specific cards for which you can apply. If you like traveling, you can get one that will help you earn points toward plane tickets and hotel bookings. If you like shopping, they have cash value cards. They even have cards geared toward specific businesses and companies, such as airlines. 

Make sure to check out all the different options before filling out your application, so you can know which one you’d like to use.

Betting Strategies

JCB bettors should aim to sign up for sportsbooks that don’t charge high fees for credit card deposits. You’re free to ignore this advice if you’re also getting a massive deposit bonus, but if you can find an online gaming site that won’t charge you between 3 and 6 percent of the transaction price to complete it, you might as well do it.

Safe betting - Security Others Envy

Using your JCB card at sportsbooks is perfectly safe, just as it is for Visa, Mastercard and American Express holders. Certain people are uneasy about storing their financial information with online sites, and that’s fine. You don’t have to save your card to your sportsbooks. You can punch in the information each time you’d like to make a deposit

Still, if you want to expedite your transaction process moving forward, storing your JCB card as a saved payment method is hardly unsafe. Online sportsbooks offer some of the best security around. They have to. They’re dealing with inbound and outbound transactions on a large scale every single day. So you can use your JCB card, to whatever extent you’d like, without worrying.

Our conclusions - A Solid Option...If Your Sportsbook Accepts It

Deposits May Have to be Made Over Phone

Because fewer sportsbooks accept JCB cards compared to other issuers, you may end up having to make your deposits over the phone with a customer service representative. If this is a deal-breaker, we recommend contacting your online bookie before making a deposit and finding out if and how they take JCB cards so that you’re not caught off guard later.

Incredible Rewards Programs

The larger offering of themed cards from JCB should not be understated. They have credit cards that fit everyone’s interests, from shopping to traveling to dining to cash rewards.

Limited Availability

Without question, JCB cards are high-end payment options we strongly endorse. At the same time, they aren’t available everywhere. We’re not talking about whether they’re accepted at sportsbooks either. JCB won’t even issue cards to people in certain countries and territories. You’ll want to see if you fall in one of their no-fly zones before committing to filling out an application.

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