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Email Money Betting Sites

Email money transfers, also known as EMTs, allow customers to transfer funds between personal accounts through their email and online banking service. These transactions are especially popular among those who live in Canada, as a substitute for third-party e-wallets. Email money betting sites are also a staple in the sports-betting world. While not the most common form of deposits and withdrawals, EMTs are used by many and accepted by most big-name sites. The money in question for these transactions is settled through specialized fund-transfer networks, but email is the only paper trail otherwise, making them an intriguing payment method for those who value privacy.

Here’s everything you’ll learn about email money betting sites:

Best Email Money Betting Sites

SportsBetting – The Best Email Money betting site in US


You will not be charged any deposit fees from when processing EMTs.


Generally speaking, EMTs take slightly longer to process than straight e-wallet or credit card transactions. does a great job minimizing that additional wait time, so your deposits hit instantly. offers the most well-balanced EMT gambling experience around. They’re fast, free and eligible for promotional bonuses, and you can fund your account with small sums.

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BetOnline – Fastest Email Money Transaction payments


EMT deposits are free at BetOnline. There might be a fee attached to your withdrawal, but it won’t be too costly.


The money you deposit via EMTs at BetOnline should be available almost instantly.

If there’s a downside to using BetOnline for EMT transactions, we’re hard-pressed to find it. The only minor inconvenience is the additional contact you may need to have with customer service. That’s true of every EMT deposit, since it’s done via email. At the same time, you may need to call BetOnline’s customer support to receive proper instructions on how to begin the process.

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GTBets – The lowest deposit fees for Email Money Transactions


EMT transactions are GTBets are processed free of charge, both on deposits and withdrawals. If you are charged a network fee, it’ll be on withdrawals, and only because you’re transferring a large amount of money.


Deposits made with EMTs will be processed almost immediately at GTBets. However, you might need to wait a little longer for withdrawals to hit your account.

Free EMT transactions should be a huge draw for bettors on their own. But GTBets pushes the bill further with a competitive deposit bonus—up to 150 percent—and relatively fast processing.

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Bodog – The best Email Money betting site in Canada


Bettors will not be charged a fee from Bodog on EMT deposits. That said, they may assess a small network fee on withdrawals.


Immediate is the speed at which Bodog processes EMT deposits. Unfortunately, their withdrawals can take a little longer than the industry standard, though you still should get your money within one to three business days.

Everything about the EMT betting experience at Bodog is beyond pleasant. Transactions are free (or cheap), and you can capitalize on nice reload bonuses if you’re a returning customer.

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Bovada – The best mobile betting site for Email Money Transactions


While Bovada won’t charge you a fee to process EMT deposits, there will be a network surcharge attached to withdrawals. These will vary by the amount you’re transferring.


It isn’t just that Bovada processes deposits and withdrawals quickly. It’s that the process you have to go through to do it is also fast. Whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device, the steps involved are self-explanatory and simple to navigate through.

Let’s be frank: Bovada has the best mobile betting experience in the business, bar none. There might be some exceptions when it comes to specific payment methods, but not many. And EMT transactions aren’t one of them. Bovada clearly lays out the steps involved to initiate EMTs, and you can complete the entire process from your phone without issue, even if you have follow up questions for customer service reps.

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BetDSI – The best bonus for Email Money Deposits


EMT deposits at BetDSI will be processed free of charge. Withdrawals are a different story—and not a clear one. You will either be docked a percentage of the transaction or a flat fee when completing those transfers, and they don’t specify which on their site. You’ll have to contact their customer support for more granular details.


All EMT transactions are finished at BetDSI in roughly no time at all. Deposits are instant, and they’ll process your withdrawals as quickly as anyone.

If you’re okay with different fees being assessed to different withdrawals, BetDSI offers a fantastic deposit bonus that can be worth up to $2,500. Most sportsbooks cap their promotional giveaways at around $1,000—or $1,500 tops. Their $2,500 bonus limit is a big deal, and when coupled with the speed and reliability of their EMT process, it makes them a great landing spot for those looking to complete transactions via email.

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Email Money betting facts – How Does It Work?

All email money transfers begin by contacting your banking provider and making sure they have the capacity to process them. After that, you’ll go to your online account information and initiating the transaction by clearly outlining where the money is going—information you’ll need to get from your sportsbook. 

At this point, an email will be sent to wherever the funds are being transferred. They will need to confirm receipt of the money through a security protocol that will vary by bank. Those receiving the money will then process the transaction as they have deemed appropriate. In the case of sportsbooks, this means waiting for the funds to hit their account and then sending it to your bankroll.


  1. Here is some additional information on the completion of EMT payments, courtesy of Investopedia.
  2. Bovada is one of many examples of a sportsbook that accepts EMT payments but does not list them on their page of approved deposit methods.

Availability of Email Money Payment Methods

Truth be told, email money betting sites will not prominently feature email money transfers under their accepted payment methods. Most will not be listed on the primary deposit or withdrawal page. Some won’t even include it under their frequent asked questions for payment methods.

None of this means EMTs aren’t widely available. They just require further inquiries, which is to be expected given the extra steps involved to completing such transactions. All you have to do is contact customer support at your sportsbook to see whether they take EMTs. They will give you a straight answer and then provide further directions, which we’ll outline in the next section.

Email Money Screenshotiphone

Email Money Screenshot

Completing Email Money Transactions at Sportsbooks 

Pretty much every EMT transaction will begin with contacting your gambling site’s customer support in some form. It doesn’t matter whether you know for sure that they process EMTs. You still need to contact them, either by email, phone or live chat to find out where specifically you need to send the money.

This information usually comes in the form of an account number. You’ll need that to process the transaction from your online banking provider’s end. It’s also important to note that this account information isn’t constant. It can change, so you’ll have to follow these steps every time you wish to make a deposit. Of course, if you know you want to deposit a certain amount of money every week or month, your sportsbook may allow you to set up automatic EMT debits.

List of all Email Money betting sites

Here are our favorite email money betting sites:

How withdrawal EMT payments work at sports betting sites

Withdrawing money from sportsbooks via EMTs isn’t the most popular method, because it involves a lot of legwork on behalf of the bettor. They need to subscribe to a network that will process and verify these transactions, which costs money—too much, usually, for individuals. Receiving EMT payments is geared more toward entire businesses than a singular person. If you have it set up because you own or operate another business, great! 

If not, you’re better off requesting a straight wire transfer, a withdrawal to an e-wallet or check by courier. You also have the option of requesting an e-check, though that’s not a popular release method among most sportsbooks.

Betting Strategies for Email Money

Deposit bonuses are the most valuable tools for sports bettors. They can get you up to thousands of dollars in extra money to wager on events or at online casinos. Depositors should always be prioritizing the most sizable promotions.

With that said, it’s paramount for those making deposits with EMTs to simply ensure their transactions are eligible for these bonuses. Some email money betting sites only offer them on the most popular deposit methods, such as credit cards and direct bank transfers. Most will honor them on EMTs as well, but it behooves you to confirm as much with your sportsbook if you’re processing an EMT transaction with them for the first time.

Email Money Bovadaiphone

Email Money Bovada

Safe betting with Email Money Payments – Relatively Low-Risk

There is a give and take when it comes to the security of EMT payments. On the one hand, you’re adding an extra layer of protection for yourself, since you’re not directly providing or punching in your bank account information on gambling sites. On the other hand, while you’re not actually emailing money as part of these transactions, the emails themselves can be intercepted and the included funds diverted.

Let us be clear: This is incredibly rare. And websites themselves can always be hacked. You’re never complete risk-free. Still, if you’re trying to go with the safest payment method around, well-known e-wallets are your best option as opposed to EMT transactions.

Our Email Money conclusions – A Payment Method Worth Your Consideration

Cheap Deposits and Withdrawals

EMT deposits are most usually processed free of charge. You’ll sometimes be subjected to additional fees on withdrawals, but these are typically miniscule and almost never cost you a percentage of the transaction.

Extra Steps Involved

Bettors that are looking to make deposits and request withdrawals and then be done with the entire process will want to consider options beyond EMTs. These payment methods require additional steps, most notably on deposits, which necessitate you contacting your sportsbook’s customer service to receive a transfer account number.

Confirmation is Key

Before even considering EMT transactions as a viable way to bankroll your sports betting, you need to first make sure all parties involved have the capacity to process them. This isn’t just a matter of contacting your online gaming site, but it also includes confirming with your bank that you have the ability to make online transfers to accounts outside their own network..

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