eCheck Betting Sites

A simpler, greener version of the traditional check

eCheck Betting Sites

Though sports gambling sites still accept regular checks, the eCheck method is officially more popular among bettors. It works just like a hard-copy check, except it’s digital, which means your transactions are processed faster. Best of all, most sportsbooks accept eChecks, whereas regular checks are taken only by a handful these days. Not surprisingly, though, the best echeck betting sites are the ones that do the best job of putting through regular checks as well.

If you’re intrigued at the thought of using echecks as your primary payment method for sportsbooks, then please allow us to take you through everything you need to know first.

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Best eCheck Betting Sites

BetOnline – The Best eCheck Betting Site in US


BetOnline does not charge any fees to process eCheck deposits. And since you don’t have to worry about using a courier service, like you would a hard check, this means you should be able to fund your account free of charge.


While eChecks will take slightly longer to process than other payment methods, because you have to fill out a form and authorize approval, BetOnline still processes these deposits in a timely fashion—usually within one to three days.

Anyone concerned with getting transactions done quickly and cheaply would be wise to use BetOnline for eCheck. The only fees you’ll incur come on the withdrawal end, and they offer highly competitive deposit bonuses for first-time users.

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WagerWeb – Fastest Payments


Making deposits via eCheck at WagerWeb shouldn’t cost you a dime. You’ll only be responsible for fees on withdrawals in which you request payout by check or eCheck.


WagerWeb is the best in the business at processing tangible checks, so it comes as no surprise that they’re also among the fastest at handling eCheck transactions.

Where some sites will guarantee that your eCheck will be processed within one to three business days, WagerWeb is committed to getting your deposits done sooner. Many users will see the money hit their account within just a few hours or even minutes. That makes WagerWeb the place for eCheck users who want to place bets yesterday.

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MyBookie – The Lowest Deposit Fees for eCheck 


Transactions completed with eChecks won’t cost you a dime at MyBookie. Like most sportsbooks, the deposit will be free. Unlike most sportsbooks, they don’t hit you with a surcharge for eCheck withdrawals.


MyBookie’s speed on processing eChecks is around the industry standard, which is great. Your money should hit your account within one to three business days.

If your primary goal is to deposit and withdraw your money with as little overhead as possible, then look no further than MyBookie. Their entire process is free, and you’ll only incur an extra charge when trying to withdraw extra large sums of money.

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Betway – The Best in Canada


There will be no charge from Betway when you make deposits using an eCheck. They’ll only hit you with fees on withdrawals.


Depositing with eChecks at Betway is much faster than using a regular check. However, relative to other sites, it will still take a couple more days for the money to hit your account when you make eCheck withdrawals.

Betway does a great job making themselves accessible to all eCheck bettors. Not only are their fees minimal, but they’ll accept cheaper deposits and allow you higher withdrawal limits. With a welcome bonus that could be worth up to $1,000, they’re a smart choice for those in the market for another sportsbook.

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Bovada – The Best Mobile Betting Site for eChecks


When you make deposits using an eCheck at Bovada, your transaction will be processed free of charge. Of course, with that said, they also tend to charge higher fees on eCheck withdrawals.


Your eCheck deposits will be processed almost immediately at Bovada. Ditto for your payout requests.

Any transaction method that involves filling out a length form and multiple steps of approval can be a pain when using a mobile device. Bovada makes the eCheck process headache free on their own mobile site. Their design is intuitive, which is to say, extremely user-friendly. They also have customer service reps who can walk you through the process via live chat. And while they charge higher fees on eCheck withdrawals, that’s only because they’re able to get your money to you with the utmost speed.

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BetPhoenix – The Best Bonus for eChecks


No fees are charged by BetPhoenix on eCheck deposits. They will charge some on withdrawals, but their fee there is also on the lower end.


Speed isn’t an issue for BetPhoenix. Your eCheck deposit will be completed almost immediately, and though they take slightly longer for process payouts, you should still have your eCheck requests pushed through within 72 hours.

Perhaps you’re thinking we chose BetPhoenix because a 175 percent bonus for first-time customers is so friggin’ huge. And, well, you’re not wrong. But some sites preclude new users from collecting these promotions when using specialty payment methods, such as checks and eChecks. BetPhoenix does not. Either check method is eligible to collect the 175 bonus on first-time deposits.

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eCheck Betting Facts – More Sportsbooks Accept Them Than You Think

Contrary to regular checks, you won’t have a difficult time finding gambling sites that accept eCheck deposits and process eCheck withdrawals. The sportsbooks that accept regular checks are still the ones best equipped to help you with the electronic version, but you’ll find that at least half, if not more, of the online bookies you stumble across are willing to accept and deliver payments in the form of an eCheck.

Here’s the thing: Not every site explicitly states they accept eChecks. When you go to the deposit or withdrawal page and try to select your preferred method, it may not be an option. But this isn’t because your sportsbook doesn’t take eChecks. It’s more of a deliberate oversight, because eChecks are rarer than most other payment forms, so site designers don’t want to waste valuable space on an option that doesn’t appeal to the vast majority of sports bettors.

Don’t interpret this as a shot at the eCheck method. It works. People just tend to prefer direct bank transfers, credit cards or e-wallets. They’re more direct, and they don’t take nearly as long to process, regardless of whether you’re making deposits or requesting withdrawals.

Now, in the event your sportsbook doesn’t have eChecks listed anywhere on their site, you can clear up whether they’ll accept them by contacting customer service. Oftentimes, you’ll find out that eChecks are a viable payment method. If they’re not, you can ask for your online gambling site to make an exception or simply use one of the many alternative methods at your disposal.

How Do They Work?

The eCheck process is a pretty simple deposit option across the USA. Whatever business you’re dealing with will usually seek to initiate and authorize your transaction with an online payment form or through a customer service representative over the phone. Upon receiving all the necessary information, the receiver will then try to process the transaction through a specific software designed to handle eChecks.

They’ll receive a confirmation that it was successful and confirm it, at which point everything’s basically done. However, it takes a little while for funds to be received or sent after this process is complete, so be prepared to wait a little while longer than you would if you’re using an e-wallet or credit card.

Be sure to only send your checking account number via secure channels. Emails are not recommended for sneidng the information necessary for using electronic checks at online sports betting sites.

Echeck Screenshotiphone

eCheck Screenshot

Using an eCheck at Online Sportsbooks 

While many sportsbooks will give you easy access to eCheck approval forms, a bunch will require you to contact customer service. Once you do, they’ll either send you a form that you can fill out and electronically submit back to them, or you’ll have to hop on the phone with a representative who will manually take you through the entire process. 

List of eCheck Sports Betting Sites

Plenty of betting sites take eCheck as a deposit method. Here are our five favorites:

Fees attached to eCheck Transactions

As noted in our specific sportsbook reviews above, your eCheck deposits should be processed free of charge, as they’re really no functionally different than a straight bank account transfer. However, because companies tend to pay a company to issue eChecks on their behalf, you will likely be responsible for a fee when withdrawing money. These surcharges vary by sportsbook and are usually a flat fee or a percentage of the entire transaction.

Betting Strategies for eChecks

Sports gamblers are best off using eChecks at sites renowned for their speed, or that also accept regular checks. Since eChecks take a little longer to approve than a third-party e-wallet or credit card payment, it’s important to find an online bookie that doesn’t dawdle when it comes to putting money in your account. Also, if they accept regular checks, they’ll have zero issue processing eChecks and probably have a service set up that will allow you to use this payment method without having to get on the phone and speaking with someone.

Safe betting- More Secure Than Wire Transfers and Paper Checks?

At this point, you might be wondering why people use eChecks instead of direct bank account transfers. After all, the latter is simpler. With eChecks, you have to fill out a form each time, which takes a lot longer than punching in an account and routing number.

Well, this is sort of the point. Companies do not hold onto your information when you pay with eChecks, since you’re technically paying from a unique source (i.e. a different check) each time. In essence, this allows bettors to refrain from having their information stored in a website. It may not always be necessary to be this cautious, but for the most risk-averse, there’s value in knowing their information isn’t readily available to the sportsbook they’re dealing with, even if they have a recurring relationship.

Our Conclusions -Easy to Use and Widely Available

Widely Available

Sports gambling sites may not always explicitly state it, but most do accept eChecks. If all else fails, give customer service a buzz. The best sportsbooks, like the ones we recommend, can walk you through the transaction process.

Easy to Use

Certain descriptions of how to use eChecks can be convoluted. Don’t worry about them. The entire process is really easy. It basically amounts to filling out a form, submitting it and waiting for approval to come down.

Be Prepared to Wait…Possibly

Unlike credit card or e-wallet payments, eChecks are not instantaneous. They also don’t take nearly as long to process as regular checks. Your wait time almost solely depends on your sportsbook. If they deal with eChecks all the time, it’s possible the transaction will be complete within a few hours. Other sites might make you wait anywhere from one to three business days before the final approval comes through.

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