Best NBA Betting Sites

If you’re a sports bettor—a casual gambler, religious wagerer or otherwise—and you’re not betting on the NBA, well, then you’re doing life wrong. Okay, fine. Maybe not life in general. But definitely sports betting. The NBA and the NFL are the two best North American sports on which to bet. That’s just a fact. The NBA especially is in its golden age. And not just because the Golden State Warriors are dominating the landscape (see what we did there?). [+]

There are a ton of superstars in the NBA right now, from Stephen Curry and LeBron James, to Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard, to Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook, to Paul George and James Harden, to—well, you get the point.

And aside from those high-profile names, you have a ton of polarizing teams. There is the Warriors, the continued regular season dominance of the San Antonio Spurs, the star stuffed Oklahoma City Thunder, the LeBron led Cleveland Cavaliers and the Big Three housing Los Angeles Clippers.

Intriguing still, there are a number of up and coming squads that could play spoiler or surprise contender in the years to come. Think along the lines of the Portland Trail Blazers, Boston Celtics, Utah Jazz, Denver Nuggets and Minnesota Timberwolves.

There is so much to bet on in the NBA right, it’s that sample. Offseason futures, the regular season, the playoffs, the NBA Finals—it’s all such delight. And so long as you pay attention to the league’s daily happenings, from the wins and losses to player injuries and offseason transactions, you’ll have an excellent foundation of knowledge around which you can craft winning bets just about all year long.

NBA Betting Lines Today

Take a look at the NBA’s dailly betting lines. This resource has everything you need to get off and gambling at the sportsbooks: moneylines, spreads, overs and unders. [+]

Sicne there isn’t typically a lot of time in between games during the NBA’s regular season—or the playoffs, for that matter—the lines won’t move much, if at all, leading up to tip off. The earlier you can bet, the better; the odds are always best right out of the gate.

But if you need to take your time because you’re monitoring injury or just can’t make a decision, fear not. The numbers won’t completely change on you.

Just make sure to check this page until you place your gamble as a precautionary measure. Most importantly, make sure you’re actually aware of start times, which you can also see here, so that you don’t miss a potential opportunity to lay down a winner!

playoff - Matchday 9
Match day
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
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  • 6
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  • 8
  • 9
Away Score Home Money Line
Wednesday 06 June
FT Warriors 110 - 102 Cleveland Cavaliers -141 +120
Friday 08 June
FT Warriors 108 - 85 Cleveland Cavaliers -167 +147

NBA Standings Right Now

Below is where you’ll find the NBA’s most current standings. Seeing where every team sits relative to the rest of its conference, as well as the rest of the league, is an invaluable too. [+]

You won’t regret studying this page frequently.

These standings are, admittedly, only so useful on individual game scales. Records can help you spot disparities in talent, so you that will aid in your moneyline betting. But spreads and overs or unders shouldn’t be explored based on standings alone.

Further research into team play styles (offensive or defensive specialist?), player matchups, injuries, etc. is needed to take that route.

This glance at the standings is most useful, though, when betting futures. You should still do other research, of course; there is never just one piece of information you should use to cultivate a bet. But this does a lot of the work for you.

If you see that, say, that the Warriors are running away with the Western Conference or posting the best record in the NBA, you’ll know to use them as strong Conference Finals and NBA Finals plays.

And then, if you notice that a team like the Brooklyn Nets is stuck in the doldrums, you’ll know to avoid their futures, be they divisional or on a more macro level, like you’ve never avoided anything else in your entire life. 



# team P W L + - %
EC - Atlantic Division
1 Toronto Raptors Toronto Raptors 82 59 23 9156 8518 0.720
2 Boston Celtics Boston Celtics 82 55 27 8529 8235 0.671
3 Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers 82 52 30 9004 8635 0.634
4 New York Knicks New York Knicks 82 29 53 8566 8858 0.354
5 Brooklyn Nets Brooklyn Nets 82 28 54 8741 9048 0.341
EC - Central Division
1 Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers 82 50 32 9091 9014 0.610
2 Indiana Pacers Indiana Pacers 82 48 34 8656 8543 0.585
3 Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks 82 44 38 8731 8756 0.537
4 Detroit Pistons Detroit Pistons 82 39 43 8509 8521 0.476
5 Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls 82 27 55 8440 9017 0.329
EC - Southeast Division
1 Miami Heat Miami Heat 82 44 38 8480 8441 0.537
2 Washington Wizards Washington Wizards 82 43 39 8742 8694 0.524
3 Charlotte Hornets Charlotte Hornets 82 36 46 8874 8853 0.439
4 Orlando Magic Orlando Magic 82 25 57 8479 8874 0.305
5 Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks 82 24 58 8475 8922 0.293
WC - Northwest Division
1 Portland Trailblazers Portland Trailblazers 82 49 33 8661 8448 0.598
2 Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder 82 48 34 8844 8564 0.585
3 Utah Jazz Utah Jazz 82 48 34 8540 8187 0.585
4 Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves 82 47 35 8980 8797 0.573
5 Denver Nuggets Denver Nuggets 82 46 36 9020 8899 0.561
WC - Pacific Division
1 Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors 82 58 24 9304 8814 0.707
2 L.A. Clippers L.A. Clippers 82 42 40 8937 8934 0.512
3 L.A. Lakers L.A. Lakers 82 35 47 8862 8989 0.427
4 Sacramento Kings Sacramento Kings 82 27 55 8104 8677 0.329
5 Phoenix Suns Phoenix Suns 82 21 61 8522 9290 0.256
WC - Southwest Division
1 Houston Rockets Houston Rockets 82 65 17 9213 8518 0.793
2 New Orleans Pelicans New Orleans Pelicans 82 48 34 9161 9054 0.585
3 San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs 82 47 35 8424 8187 0.573
4 Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks 82 24 58 8390 8639 0.293
5 Memphis Grizzlies Memphis Grizzlies 82 22 60 8145 8654 0.268

How To Win At NBA Betting

Futures NBA betting is pretty straightfoward. Over the offseason, you’ll want to invest in the known commodities—the established conference and championship contenders, like the Warriors and Cavaliers, provided they aren’t suffering from an inordinate amount of turnover. 

Championship and Western Conference futures, though, should be limited to a select few squads until futher notice. The Warrios are still poised the dominate the league over the long haul, and there’s no use in throwing money on super long shots, like the Memphis Grizzlies, just because the odds are good.

The gap between the Warriors and everyone else is that huge. You must roll with teams that have a chance at erasing it.

Every team outside Oakland, to that end, poses a risk. That’s how unbelievable the Warriors remain. There isn’t a clear team in the league right now—not Cleveland, not San Antonio, not Oklahoma City—that looks like it can best them over the course of a seven game set.

Investing in the Warriors is naturally always a good play. The returns won’t be substantial unless you bet a ton, but they are the surest thing the NBA has right now.

Beyond them, keep Western Conference futures to Oklahoma City and San Antonio. And maybe the Clippers. Wait to see what they do with their Big Three of Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan before making any rash decisions.

For the Eastern Conference, the Cavaliers are still king. And while they might face some intra-conference challenges, they are the only—read: only—Eastern Conference team that can even remotely stack up with the Warriors. Thank LeBron James.

Still, keep your eyes on the Boston Celtics, the Toronto Raptors and, as always, the Miami Heat. When healthy, they can give the Cavaliers trouble—especially the Celitcs. Consider taking flyers on their Eastern Conference futures, but only in small doses, because of how good the Cavaliers still are.

Finally, when making these futures bets, also make sure you’re taking into account offseason transactions, more specifically the draft and free agency. Rosters change a lot over the offseason, and you’ll need to have the most accurate information so that you concoct your futures bets accordingly.