Wire Transfer Betting Sites

  • Sites Accept High Rollers
  • Secure Process that accepts high volume
  • Safest and most efficient way to transfer funds

Top Sports Websites accepting Wires

Former top account funding methods, such as FirePay, are no longer available in North America. Today, popular high limit websites like Legends Sportsbook and Bookmaker offer their highest deposit limits through the use of wire transfer services. [+]

In many cases, there aren’t any limits whatsoever with these popular cash moving options. Even if bettors can’t access a transfer service – as a direct payment method, the purchase of gift cards or cashier checks can be facilitated through wire services and then used at high limit betting websites.


      Just as some online gambling sites are better than others, particularly when it comes to accepting high rollers, the same is true when it comes to account deposit and cash out options. Funding an online wagering account, especially in cases where bettors want to move a ton of money, requires a secure processor who is willing to accept the volume. [+]

      After examining the most popular online payment options, we have determined that a reputable wire transfer service is the best method available to high limit players.

      Top VIP Betting Sites Accepting Wire Transfers

      With so much uncertainly surrounding the online betting industry in North America, payments using credit cards can be difficult. That’s the primary reason why high rollers are turning to wire transfer services to fund their wagering accounts and collect their winnings.

      BankWire, BankDraft, and Person-To-Person transactions are the safest and most secure money moving methods when funding an online betting account.

      With wire transfer shops on nearly every street corner, not to mention easy online access, wagering accounts can be funded quickly and conveniently with money transfers via wire processors.

      Sportsbooks Offering High Limit Wire Transfer Services

      One instance where wire transfer services are particularly efficient comes into play when funding your online sportsbook account. Let’s say it’s the beginning of a new NFL season.

      If your normal routine is to deposit $50,000 prior to Week One, and you practice proper bankroll management, you’ll have well over $2,000 to wager per week. With wire transfer sportbook funding options; bettors simply make one deposit at the start of the season and one cash out request after the Super Bowl. Quick, safe, and convenient – wire transfer bankroll funding is available when you open a sportsbook betting account today!