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South Dakota bettors need to look no further than this page to find all the information they need to navigate sports betting in the state. They will learn about sports betting laws, the minimum gambling age, and the best places to bet on sports online and offline.


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How to Spot a Great South Dakota Betting Site?

  • Available to legally bet in South Dakota.
  • Great bonuses, odds, and promotions
  • Intuitive and attractive website
  • Many ways to make deposits and withdrawals

Best South Dakota Betting Sites

Bovada a Prime Place for Sports Betting  

Bovada’s sportsbook has plenty of markets on the most popular sports in South Dakota.

Bovada is an attractive and easily accessible website. They also offer how-to-videos to help you.

Even if their welcome bonus is standard, the overall betting experience at Bovada makes it the number one choice for many bettors.

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Boost your Welcome Bonus with Bitcoin at BetOnline

BetOnline is a great spot for Bitcoin bettors. They give you a boost on your welcome bonus when you make your first deposit with Bitcoin (or another accepted Cryptocurrency).

Almost always the first sportsbooks to post odds on upcoming games.

Offers an odds archive, a handy tool for any bettor.

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Loyalty Rewards at MyBookie

Cryptocurrency bettors should check out MyBookie. Bettors using Bitcoin or another accepted cryptocurrency are eligible to double their first five deposits at MyBookie.

MyBookie’s sportsbook has a big collection of odds on North American sports. Other markets are not as well represented but still available.

MyBookie offers a loyalty program, rewarding you with fun prizes the more you bet on sports.

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South Dakota Betting at is one of the biggest sportsbooks available in South Dakota. You can find odds on everything here.

They offer reduced juice on many sports and fun promotions.

If you can master using their website, which is a tad tricky to do, you will have a rewarding and deep betting experience at

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Live Betting Excels at XBet

XBet is a modernized sportsbook. They have crisp live sports betting, odds on eSports and they accept Bitcoin.

Offers a good collection of odds on North American sports.

Not the most generous welcome bonus, but still worth up to $300.

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Gambling in South Dakota

South Dakota Betting Sites

Heading to the Polls

Voters approved a ballot measure to legalize sports betting in November of 2020.

Royal River Casino & Hotel

The casino in Flandreau is the largest in the state with 386 gaming machines and 10 table games.

Horse Racing Returning in 2020

After no races in 2019, horse racing is expected to return in 2020 with a few Fall meets to watch.

South Dakota Betting Facts

South Dakota is let the voters decide in November to legalize sports betting. However, even now that they votes yes, the timeline for offline legalized sports betting in the state is still a lengthy and uncertain one.

For now, though, residents of South Dakota can bet on sports by using a sports betting site. There are many sites available to bettors in South Dakota – but we only list the best on this page.

The Casinos of South Dakota

South Dakota is home to 38 casinos spread throughout the state. Many are small operations, operating just a few dozen slot machines. They are certainly a far cry from the famous poker games and casinos that once called the state home (a long time ago, think the 1800s). You must be at 21 years of age to wager at any casino in the state.

People in South Dakota can also legally and easily join online betting sites. We have gone through and compared the options available in the state. So you will only find the best sports betting sites with casinos on this page.

Horse Racing Taking it Year by Year

Betting at horse racing tracks and offtrack betting (only available at Triple Crown Casino) is legal in the state at 18 years of age. The problem though for horse racing bettors in the state is the inconsistency of races. There were no races in 2019 (due to many reasons including weather), and while there is still interest, not many races are scheduled each year. There are a few decent races set for October but overall it’s hard to be a horse racing fan in the state.

The best option is to go online and bet on the horses through one of the sites we list on this page. There are far more races available for betting and you can access any one of the sites we recommend on this page anywhere in the state. No more need to drive to the one offtrack in South Dakota anymore.

Our Review Process for South Dakota

Our review process for the sports betting sites legally available in South Dakota wide-reaching and stringent. We analyze the most important aspects of betting sites – bonuses, promotions, fees, payout times, and odds – to make sure our list of sites on this page only includes the finest options available.

Scoring Sites to Ensure Excellence

We use a scoring system when we compare and review sites. This allows us to remain objective so bettors can trust our recommendations will meet their expectations.  

The Best Bet for South Dakota

The sites we list on this page are the only ones we believe are good enough for bettors in South Dakota. We have done the research, tested out the sites, and made sure they offer the odds and experience South Dakotans want out of a sports betting site.

Gambling in South Dakota FAQ

Is Gambling Legal in South Dakota?

There are certain forms of gambling legal in South Dakota. Gambling at casinos, betting on horse racing, the state lottery, social gambling, and charitable gambling are all legal. Residents in South Dakota can also enjoy online sports betting sites.

Is Sports Betting Legal in South Dakota?

As of summer, 2020 offline sports betting is illegal in South Dakota. It will go to vote in November 2020, but even if it passes, the state legislature will then have to agree on how to operate and regulate sports betting – meaning legal sports betting is still years away.

What’s the Legal Gambling Age in South Dakota?

The legal gambling age in South Dakota is 18 for all forms of gambling except for wagering at casinos. Sports betting does not have a legal age yet and some sports betting sites will accept South Dakota residents who are 18. Generally, though, it is best to wait until you are 21 before signing up.

How to Bet on Sports in South Dakota?

The only way to bet on sports in South Dakota is a sports betting website. The sites we list on this page have great odds on the most popular sports in the state and are accessible from anywhere you have internet.

How Many Casinos Operate in South Dakota?

There are 38 casinos in South Dakota. Excluding the casinos in Deadwood, all the casinos in the state are run by a Native American Tribe.

What is the Biggest Casino in South Dakota?

The biggest casino in South Dakota is the Royal River Casino & Hotel in Flandreau. The casino opened in 1989 and features 386 slot machines and 10 table games.

What’s the address of Royal River Casino & Hotel?

The Royal River Casino & Hotel is located at 607 S Veterans St, Flandreau, South Dakota 57028. The casino is just under an hour’s drive from Sioux Falls.

What’s the Best Horse Racing Track in South Dakota?

There are no permanent horse racing tracks in South Dakota. However, a few fairgrounds host meets in the Spring and Fall. The best spot is Brown County Fairgrounds

What’s the Address of Brown County Fairgrounds?

Brown County Fairgrounds is located at 400 24th Ave NW, Aberdeen, South Dakota 57401. The fair typically has a weekend of races in August. Sadly though, no races will take place in 2020.

What are the Best Sports Betting Sites in South Dakota?

The best sports betting sites in South Dakota are the ones that are easily accessible, super reliable, and offer a fun betting experience. We have opened accounts and tried out so many we are experts on ranking sports betting sites. We know what makes a site great and only list the best ones available in South Dakota.

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