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On this page, bettors from North Dakota will find the information they need to navigate sports betting. They will learn about laws on sports betting, the minimum gambling age in the state, and the best places to bet online and offline.


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How to Spot a Great North Dakota Betting Site?

  • Available to legally bet in North Dakota.
  • Great bonuses, odds, and promotions
  • Lots of ways to load up your account
  • Fast and secure payouts

Best North Dakota Betting Sites

North Dakota Betting at Bovada

For bettors looking to wager on North American sports, Bovada is a prime destination.

Bovada has an attractive and attentive website. They also have how-to-videos, to help make you a better bettor.

While the welcome bonus at Bovada is considered average, it will still give you a nice little boost at one of the most popular sports betting sites in North Dakota.

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BetOnline Boosts Bitcoin Users

BetOnline is a great spot for bettors looking to jump into the action early, as they are often the first online sportsbook to post odds.

Bettors using Bitcoin to make their first deposit get extra juice on their welcome bonus.

BetOnline offers their bettors an odds archive, where they can conduct research before, they bet.

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Loyalty Rewards Program Available at MyBookie 

While everyone is eligible for MyBookie’s welcome bonus, bettors using Bitcoin, or another cryptocurrency can receive a bonus on their first five deposits.

MyBookie runs a loyalty rewards program, giving you rewards the more you bet on sports.

MyBookie offers odds on your favourite North American sports as well as live sports betting and odds on eSports.

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bitcoinbitcoincashcheckecheckslitecoinmastercardvisavisavanillawiretransfer is a Great Sportsbooks

North Dakota bettors will find just about every sport imaginable in’s sportsbook. They also offer odds on eSports and live sports betting. is a good spot to find reduced juice. offers some fun promotions on popular North American sports. They also offer some extra rewards for bettors betting on a mobile device.

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XBet Makes Live Betting Fun

XBet is a great site for live sports betting.

XBet offers a great selection of odds. You will find odds on the major North American sports including college football and basketball.

Despite being one of the newer sportsbooks available in North Dakota, XBet manages to offer just about everything bettors in North Dakota are looking for.

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Gambling in North Dakota

North Dakota Betting Sites

Sports Betting Fails in the Legislature

The 2023 bill to legalize sports betting in North Dakota failed in the state legislature.

Dakota Magic Casino and Hotel

Along with blackjack, slots, and craps, North Dakota’s biggest casino also offers golf, a hotel, and live entertainment.

 Not Much Action at the Track

North Dakota Horse Park, the biggest live horse racing track in the state, only runs races for one to three weekends in July.

North Dakota Betting Facts

The 2023 bill to legalize sports betting in North Dakota didn’t make it through the state legislature. Despite this, some great options are still available for those who enjoy sports betting.

While we wait for sports betting legislation to make progress, North Dakotans can turn to tribal casinos for their sports betting fix. Since December 2021, several tribal casinos have been authorized to offer sports betting on their reservation lands. Dakota Magic Casino and Hotel in Hankinson, 4 Bears Casino and Lodge in New Town, and Sky Dancer Casino & Resort in Belcourt are some of the venues where you can place your bets. Just remember, there are a few restrictions, like no betting on in-state college teams or individual college athletes.

North Dakota may not have the near-infinite range of casinos as in Las Vegas, but it does offer a decent variety of casino options. From full-service tribal casinos to smaller charitable venues, there are several options for you to check out. Remember that some casinos may have more limited offerings, like only a couple of table games or no poker or slots.

This leaves sports bettors in North Dakota with just one online option – sports betting sites. However, this should not be viewed as a bad thing in the least. The state does not explicitly prohibit betting online with offshore sportsbooks, meaning North Dakota bettors have access to sportsbooks offering odds on all their favourite sports. Along with great odds, the sites we recommend offer great welcome bonuses, live sports betting, fun promotions, and are accessible from home.

Charitable and Tribal Casino in North Dakota

North Dakota is home to 28 casinos either operating as a Native American operation or a Charitable operation. Most casinos in the state are small (with some operating with just two table games). The bigger options offer slots, table games, and poker.

The limited size of many casinos and the location of some of the bigger ones to people mean, for many bettors, going online is a better option. The sites we recommend on this page offer fun and rewarding casino experiences. They have great promotions, live tables and poker, and best of all you can use them anywhere you have the internet.

Some Offtrack but not much Live Racing in North Dakota

North Dakota legalized betting on horse racing in 1987, but the action has not sparked much racing in the state. Two tracks operate in North Dakota, but limited action happens at both. There are a few offtrack betting parlors in the state, where bettors can bet on bigger horse races from other places, such as the Kentucky Derby.

The limited options mean for most bettors it makes much more sense to go bet online. The sites we recommend on this page have racebooks, offering odds on races from all over the world. Plus, you can access them from anywhere in the state.

How We Find the Best Sports Betting Sites

We follow a strict and objective process to find the best betting sites for bettors in North Dakota. We analyze bonuses, time payouts, check for fees, and make sure they offer a quality selection of odds. Through doing this and more, we are able to provide a list of the best betting sites.

We Score Sites for Consistency

One way we keep our reviews consistent is by scoring the most important aspects of sports betting sites. Doing this allows us to remain unbiased and produce reliable reviews.

Bettors from North Dakota Will Love These Sites

We have done the research, scored the sites, and compared the options. Through all this, we are confident that the sites we list on this page are the best options to bet on sports in North Dakota.

Gambling in North Dakota FAQ

Is Gambling Legal in North Dakota?

Yes, certain types of gambling are legal in North Dakota. Bettors in North Dakota may bet at Tribal or charitable casinos, bet on horse racing, play the lottery, and use online sports betting sites.

Sports betting within the state is currently illegal. At the start of 2023, a bill was pushed forward to legalize and regulate sports betting, but it failed to advance in the state legislature. The next opportunity for a new bill to be considered will be in 2024.

Is Sports Betting Legal in North Dakota?

Offline betting is currently illegal in North Dakota. While various bills to legalize sports betting were proposed throughout the last few years, they were all ultimately voted against.

However, the state of North Dakota does not prohibit the use of online betting sites for sports betting.

What’s the Legal Gambling Age in North Dakota?

The legal gambling age in North Dakota is 18 for playing the lottery, bingo, charitable gaming (not at a casino) and betting on horse racing at the track. The minimum age for gambling at a casino or betting at an offtrack location is 21.

Some online sports betting sites may accept some users betting on sports at 18, as the state of North Dakota does not have a minimum age for sports betting. However, since the minimum age in the state is 21 for casino and offtrack betting, it is recommended to wait until you are 21 to use one of these sites.

How to Bet on Sports in North Dakota?

Betting in North Dakota is legal and available through online sports betting sites. These sites offer odds on the most popular sports in North Dakota, plus come with many other advantages such as – live sports betting, bonuses, and fun promotions.

How Many Casinos Operate in North Dakota?

There are 28 casinos that operate in North Dakota. However, some may view 28 as a reach as this does include casinos with only two table games, no poker, and no slots.

What is the Biggest Casino in North Dakota?

The biggest casino in North Dakota is Dakota Magic Casino and Hotel. The casino offers seven poker tables, 18 table games, and 1001 slots. It is attached to a two-story 84-room hotel.

What’s the address of Dakota Magic Casino and Hotel?

Dakota Magic Casino and Hotel is located at 16849 102 St SE, Hankinson, North Dakota 58041. The casino is right on the South Dakota border. It is also attached to the Dakota Winds Golf Course.

What’s the Best Horse Racing Track in North Dakota?

The best horse racing track in North Dakota is North Dakota Horse Park. The park runs races for three to nine days a year in July.

What’s the Address of North Dakota Horse Park?

North Dakota Horse Park is located at 5180 19th Ave N, Fargo, North Dakota 58102. The park is known for drawing up to 10,000 spectators on race days in July.

What are the Best Sports Betting Sites in North Dakota?

The best sports betting sites in North Dakota are the ones that combine accessibility with great odds, fast payouts, and awesome bonuses. After opening accounts and trying out so many, we are experts on the subject of sports betting sites and only list the best available options on this page.  

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