Sports Betting in Hawaii

Sports Betting and Gambling in Hawaii

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Here you will find everything you need to understand and navigate sports betting in Hawaii. You will learn about the legal gambling age, gambling laws and the state and how to place bets online.


  • Reviews of Top Hawaii Betting Sites
  • Key Hawaii Gambling Information
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How to Spot a Great Hawaii Betting Site?

  • Available to legally bet in Hawaii.
  • Great bonuses, odds, and promotions
  • Sites are well designed and easy to navigate
  • Speedy payouts for gambling in Hawaii

Best Hawaii Betting Sites

Bovada and Sports Betting Hawaii

Bovada offers an extensive number of betting markets.

Site is designed well and includes how-to-videos to help bettors learn and improve.

Not the most generous bonuses, but still pretty solid.

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BetOnline Boosts for Bitcoin and Cryptos

BetOnline offers a great list of betting odds on the most popular sports and events. You can also check out historical odds in BetOnline’s odds archive.

BetOnline offers some great bonuses, especially for Bitcoin users. It is easy to use the bonus too, as BetOnline is often the first sportsbook to post odds.

Once you master their website, BetOnline is an awesome place to bet online.

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MyBookie Rewards its Members  

The team at MyBookie loves new and existing users. New users are eligible for a great welcome bonus, while existing users can sign up for MyBookie’s loyalty program.

Accepts Bitcoin and offers extra incentives for users using it.

MyBookie has a great selection of odds on North American sports and offers live betting.

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bitcoinbitcoincashcheckecheckslitecoinmastercardvisavisavanillawiretransfer and Sports Betting in Hawaii

Make your dollar go farther at, as they offer reduced juice on many sports betting markets.

Welcome bonuses and promotions available, including extra bucks for users betting on their mobile device.

For the bettor in the know, is one of the best sportsbooks out there.

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Hawaii Betting at XBet

XBet is one of the newer online sportsbooks legally available in Hawaii. Their newness allows them to approach the betting world with a technology first focus.

The technology shines through with XBet’s awesome live betting experience. They also accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Even if they do not offer the highest welcome bonus, XBet is still worth checking out.

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Gambling in Hawaii

Sports Betting and Gambling in Hawaii

No Gambling in Hawaii Whatsoever

Hawaii is one of two states without any legal in-state gambling. That includes casinos, race tracks, offtracks, sports betting, and a state lottery.

Proposed Legislation

Hawaii’s proposed legislation to legalize sports betting in January 2019.

Why is there no gambling?

The general consensus is Hawaiians believe legalized gambling will take away from the state’s family friendly atmosphere

Hawaii Betting Facts

Hawaii, along with Utah, are the only states without any forms of legalized gambling. Gambling in Hawaii has been illegal since the state was formed in 1959. In the early 1900s, horse racing existed, but by the end of the Second World War, the scene died out.

Sports betting laws are under consideration in the state, while there is no news on legalizing any other forms of betting/gambling in-state. The only way for Hawaiians to enjoy sports betting and gambling, outside of a long haul flight to another time zone, is through online betting websites.    

Reviewing Online Betting Sites for Hawaiians

The process we use for legal betting sites in Hawaii is comprehensive and unbiased. We look at many factors including bonuses, payouts, odds, and issues, to provide the citizens of Hawaii with the best betting sites.

The Methods we Use to Stay Consistent

For consistency and quality, we use a standardized process when reviewing online sportsbooks in Hawaii. Through the process, we can confidently provide bettors in Hawaii with the best legal online gambling sites.

The Best Places to “Lei” Your Bets

The people of Hawaii should only use the best. Here we have found the best online betting sites available in the state. Whether it is the best bonuses and promotion, biggest betting selection, accepts Bitcoin or has great live betting, we have found something for every sports bettor in Hawaii.  

Gambling in Hawaii FAQ

Is Gambling Legal in Hawaii?

Hawaii is one of two states with no legal gambling. That means no casinos, sports betting, horse races or lotteries.
The only way to bet in Hawaii is through an online betting website.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Hawaii?

Offline sports betting is currently illegal in Hawaii. Legislation to legalize sports through a newly established corporation is under consideration.

For now, the only way to bet on sports is through an online sports betting website.

What’s the Legal Gambling Age in Hawaii?

Since Hawaii does not have any legal gambling in the state, the legal age falls under federal law, meaning it is 18.

How to Bet on Sports in Hawaii?

With sports betting illegal across Hawaii and no easy way to drive to a state where it is legal, the only way to bet on sports is online through an online sportsbook.

Through our experience, we only recommend trusted and reliable online sports betting websites that are legally available in Hawaii. 

How Many Casinos Operate in Hawaii?

No casinos operate anywhere inside Hawaii.

The only way to enjoy casino games, slots and poker is through an online betting site.

What’s the Best Horse Racing Track in Hawaii?

There are no horse tracks in Hawaii. They also do not along for offtrack betting in the state.
If you wish to bet on horse racing, you can join an online racebook. The sites we recommend are all safe, reliable and legally available for people living in Hawaii.

What are the Best Sports Betting Sites in Hawaii?

The best sports betting sites for Hawaiians are the ones that are reliable, accessible and rewarding. The only betting sites we recommend are trustworthy with great payout speeds. They are easy to use and legally available. They are full of odds and offer the best bonuses. We would never recommend any less than the best for the people of Hawaii.

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