Ukash Betting Sites

Betting Sites Accepting Ukash

As is the case with the other payment page outlets, the table below will help you find the different wagering outlets associated with Ukash.No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

Ukash is a now defunct electronic money system that allowed users to exchange funds for a secured code. The system was centered around the secure code that was then used to make payments online, load payment cards and e-wallets. These codes were made by participating retail locations or ATMs across the globe. 

After Ukash was acquired by the Skrill Group in April of 2014, all of the existing Ukash online voucher software was merged with the “paysafecard” system that was bought by Skrill a year earlier.

Any Ukash vouchers still in existence expired after October 31st of 2015, but can still be exchanged into paysafecards. The process of using a paysafecard is simple and does not require a bank account or credit card.

The system uses what is called a “my paysafecard”. It is your personal payment account and lets you pay online by simply entering your username and password. All of your PIN codes are in one place, providing a clear overview with “complete spending control”, according to the paysafecard website. 

How To Pay With Ukash

When the payment process was primarily used through Ukash, users were given a 19-digit code representing their prepaid money. Akin to change in an offline purchase, you would be provided with a new 19-digit code if the amount on the code was higher than the transaction of the new amount. The payment process for a paysafecard is similar to the now-defunct Ukash. 

You need to find the nearest location that accepts official paysafecard payments (this can be found on their official website). In order to pay, you will need your 16-digit account number to enter at checkout. The amount you paid will then be deducted from your paysafecard balance, like it would be for a normal debit card. This PIN code can be used multiple times when making payments online as long as the outlet accepts this payment. 

When making payments with either your old Ukash or paysafecard accounts, be aware of online frauds and scams. According to a company statement back in 2012, “The best way for consumers to avoid becoming victims of fraud is to guard Ukash codes like cash. Each Ukash code is unique and like cash and must be kept safe. Never email or give the code to anyone else over the telephone.”

Don’t send your information online, even  refraining from sending personal info to those you trust.