Skrill Betting Sites

Skrill is a low-cost international money transfer service

Skrill Betting Sites

E-wallets are more popular than ever, especially among the sports-betting crowd. Betting sites that accept Skrill allow users to complete transactions, both deposits and withdrawals, without having to provide a bank account or credit card information to the organization they’re doing business. Skrill is among the most popular e-wallets today, joining Neteller and PayPal. Their product is prided upon smooth international transactions, and they’ve become one of the top payment methods among sportsbook users. As a trusted and reliable payment method within the industry, it’s rare you’ll see a top bookmaker not offering Skrill. If you’re gambling online, there’s a good chance Skrill might work for you, and we’ve got all the ins and outs of how to use it.

What’s great about betting sites that accept Skills?

Best Betting Sites that Accept Skrill

SportsBetting – The Best Skrill betting site in US


Using Skrill to make deposits at will not subject you to any extra fees. Equally important, they don’t charge any fees on withdrawals, either.


Skrill deposits at are faster than fast. You’re using what amounts to a pre-loaded bank account that specializes in processing electronic transactions. Your money will be available right away.

Imagine paying no fees on either deposits or withdrawals and having your cash available to bet or transfer almost instantly. Actually, never mind. You don’t have to. That’s the Skrill experience at

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BetOnline – Fastest Payments


There will be no fee from BetOnline for making deposits or withdrawals using Skrill.


As soon as your transaction is approved in your web browser or mobile device, you can consider your deposit complete. All the money you deposited will be available right away. BetOnline-to-Skrill transfers (i.e. withdrawals) can take a little longer, but are still finished quickly.

BetOnline makes it easy to use Skrill. From ultra-fast processing to allowing you to make deposits of as little as $10, they do everything in their power to make this a seamless payment method.

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BetNow – The Lowest Deposit Fees  


There won’t be any fees from BetNow when making deposits or withdrawals with Skrill. Better still, Skrill won’t be charging you a fee on any transaction you complete with BetNow. They offer fee-free services when you do business with select companies around the world, and BetNow falls into that category.


Deposits made using Skrill at BetNow will be available instantly. The same cannot be said of withdrawals. They tend to take between one and three business and could potentially take even longer.

If you can stomach a slightly delayed withdrawal process, you’ll have no qualms about using Skrill at BetNow. They save you money with their zero-fee setup, and new users will have the opportunity to capitalize on a 50 percent deposit bonus, up to $1,000

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GT Bets


Not only does GTBet complete Skrill deposits and withdrawals without charging a fee, but Skrill won’t hit you with a fee for depositing money into your GTBet account.


Skrill deposits at GTBet are a non-issue. The money will hit your account instantly. The same can almost be said for deposits. You’re looking at a one- to two-day waiting period, max.

Zero fees from both GTBet and Skrill on all deposits and withdrawals have caught our attention. On top of the 100 percent deposit bonus, you’ll be ideally positioned to make money on your sports-betting ventures compared to someone who uses another form of payment or online bookie and gets tied up in a bunch of surcharges.

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Bovada – The Best Mobile Betting Site for Skrill


Skrill transactions at Bovada typically won’t incur a fee from their end. That said, if international bettors need to complete currency exchanges as part of the transfer (i.e. they haven’t already turned euros into U.S. Dollars), then Bovada will implement a charge for doing so.


Skrill deposits and withdrawals at Bovada are processed in the blink of an eye. The former is obviously quicker, but Bovada does a nice job of ensuring most Skrill users receive withdrawals within 24 hours.

There is no better mobile betting site than Bovada when it comes to using all e-wallets. Skrill, PayPal, Neteller—all of them. Their user interface is makes it easy to punch in your information, you can save it for later to expedite future transactions and all deposits and withdrawals are processed at light speed.

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William Hill – The best bonus for Skrill


Making deposits and withdrawals at William Hill using Skrill will not require you to pay a fee. Any surcharges you incur will come from Skrill’s end.


Deposits made with Skrill at William Hill will go through right away. Withdrawals take a little bit longer, but they should still hit your Skrill account within a couple of days, if not the first 24 hours.

The upside to using Skrill at William Hill writes itself. Transactions are processed just as quickly as they are anywhere else, and why wouldn’t you want a 100 percent deposit bonus when you first sign up?


Skrill Betting Facts – A Unique Fee Structure

Anyone thinking about using Skrill as their primary sportsbook payment method needs to take stock of their fee structure. It is unique and varies by transaction type.

Betting sites that accept Skrill, for the most part, will not charge you a fee when making deposits and withdrawals using Skrill. That’s straightforward. But Skrill themselves will levy a charge for making deposits at certain sportsbooks. It really varies by the website and their location. 

On the bright side, Skrill will never charge you a fee for receiving money. That transaction is free. However, for you to actually transfer the money out of your Skrill account may require a fee. They charge 7.5 percent of the transaction when loading the money onto a Visa card; 1.45 percent when sending it to another e-wallet; and 1.75 percent when taking out money using a Skrill Mastercard debit card. They will also charge up to 3.99% when you have them do currency conversion transactions.

If you’re looking to avoid fees altogether, you’ll need to send money from your Skrill to another bank account. They don’t have a charge for loading up your account or defunding when using this method.

Signing Up with Skrill

Creating an account with Skrill takes less than a minute, assuming you have your bank account or credit card information handy. Once you open the account, you’re immediately ready to begin making purchases (i.e. sportsbook deposits) and withdrawals. And you can fund your Skrill account essentially however you see fit. They accept direct bank transfers and credit cards as deposit methods. The former is their most popular because Skrill doesn’t charge a fee on bank-to-Skrill transactions.

Identifying Sportsbooks that Accept Skrill

This is the easiest part about using Skrill, because it requires next to no effort. Why? Because Skrill is accepted just about everywhere. Only the smallest or most outmoded gambling sites don’t take e-wallets these days. So rather than focusing on how to find betting sites that accept Skrill, you need to instead look at which sportsbooks do the best job at processing Skrill transactions, period. 

Speaking of which…

Best Skrill Online Betting Sites

These five sportsbooks are our absolute favorite if you’re going to be using Skrill:

Using the Skrill Wallet to Fund Your Betting Account

Once you have signed up with Skrill and found online gambling site, you will need to make your first deposit. Make sure that your online payment fulfils the minimum deposit requirements at each sports betting site. Each online betting site will have a min deposit, though with Skrill it. is not very high.

New customers will have access to welcome bonuses. They will match your initial deposit with a 50-150% match. Many sportsbooks will give you more of a bonus for those wagering with Cryptocurrencies. Skrill now allows you to buy, sell, hold, and convert cryptocurrencies. Skrill is a great deposit option with a good level of authentication requirements that will ensure your safety but also keep your online payments and payouts fast.

Using Skrill at Online Sportsbooks

Nothing special needs to be done on your part to start using Skrill at your online sportsbook. Simply head over to the deposit section and select Skrill or e-wallet as your preferred payment method. From there, you’ll be prompted to enter all the necessary information. 

Betting Strategies for Skrill

Like any other payment method, Skrill is best used with site that offer the best deposit bonuses. While this is a low-fee form of processing transactions, you still want to maximize your financial benefits at every turn.

Fortunately, Skrill can help with that. They have partnerships with certain sportsbooks that will allow their users to capitalize on special bonuses, such at 100 percent deposit matches. To find these promotions, all you need to do is click the “Exclusive Offers” tab on Skrill’s website. You’ll then get to see all the perks of being a Skrill account holder.

Safe betting with Skrill - Bet Online Safely

E-wallet betting is among the safest kinds of transactions that you can make. For one, sportsbooks have top-notch security. They have to. Some are processing billions of dollars per year. They can’t get away with having rinky-dink restrictions.

It also helps that Skrill is effectively acting as a substitute for your bank account or credit card. You’ll never have to input that information for your sportsbook. Sure, you’re still providing it to Skrill, but they’re a more centralized transaction front. Input your bank or credit card information once, and you’re not prepared to do business with every sportsbook on the planet that accepts Skrill. This sure beats out typing in your bank account and credit card numbers across a bunch of different sites.

Also not to be overlooked: The nuisance-free aspect of Skrill. Because they’re an international payment method, you don’t have to worry about having your transactions declined from overseas sites. Certain banks and credit card issuers have laws and limitations related to where you can complete transactions. Skrill has the bandwidth to send money anywhere and receive it from anywhere as well.

Our Conclusions A Paradise of Simplification

Control Your Fees

Yes, Skrill sometimes charges fees when loading your account or when you send and receive money. But you have the ability to dictate how much you pay in those charges. They don’t levy a fee on every sportsbook deposit, and all bank-to-Skrill transactions are processed absolutely free. So, if you play your cards right, you can open a Skrill account, make a deposit, send that money to a sportsbook, eventually withdraw your winnings to Skrill and then transfer those winnings to another account without ever paying a cent in fee.

A Universal Payment Method

Players who sign up for multiple gambling accounts need a deposit and withdrawal method that will be accepted at as many places as possible. Skrill gets the job done here. They’re taken almost everywhere. In fact, would be harder to find a place that doesn’t take Skrill.

Simplify Your Life

Since Skrill is accepted just about anywhere online, including merchants and retails outside the sports-betting industry, opening an account stands to simplify your everyday life. It is one account that you can use anywhere. Gone are the days of switching up credits. And more importantly, gone are the days where you have to enter your personal bank or credit card information for every separate transaction.

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