WebMoney Betting Sites

WebMoney Betting Sites
  • Quickly processed transactions
  • Accepted around the world
  • Similar to PayPal

Betting Sites Accepting WebMoney

Keeping in theme with its user friendliness, WebMoney is accepted at sportsbooks everywhere. This includes established betting powerhouses like Bet Online, Bookmaker and Wager Web, among many other sites. Our full list can be found below. [+]

If the sportsbook you are using or trying to join isn't listed, don't fret. Before you move on to the next option, check out the bookmaker's website to see if it might list WebMoney as a valid form of payment. If you still miss there, call up, email or live chat the customer service department to find out if WebMoney can be used.

Even if it's not officially listed, sportsbooks can be flexible. They might be willing to work with you or help you figure out an alternative means of making deposits.

This works both ways. Bet Online makes our list, but it's good check out their payments section to make sure WebMoney still makes the cut. Sportsbooks change things up all the time, and the most up to date information will always be found at the source.

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

WebMoney is a more popular form of making sportsbook deposits than you think. The company claims to have more than 30 million users and there are very few restrictions place on where it can be used—which is great news for bettors living in the United States. [+]

Parallel to other payment entities like itself, WebMoney accepts and lets you convert money into all sorts of different currencies. To say its worldly in its user friendliness would be an understatement.

The same can be said of its fundamental convenience. Not only are transactions processed immediately, but you don't need private bank information to fund your WebMoney account. This is great news for the sportsbettor who is hesitant to make their personal information available to third party sites. It's equally great for those who wish to play at multiple bookmakers.

Rather than enter your payment information at a variety of different sportsbooks, you'll have it stored with WebMoney, and you can ferry out your funds to a bunch of places from there. That's far more secure than going site by site and entering,your credit card number each and every time.

Using WebMoney is also exponentially quicker than relying on checks and money orders. Those methods, while effective in their own way, take extra time. You have to mail them in, wait for the sportsbook to take delivery, then wait for them to process and approve it. We're not just talking days. In some cases, it can be weeks. 

WebMoney's PayPayl-esque timeline is far more agreeable. So long as there is money in your account, the funds you deposit should be available for use right away, or close to it.


How To Pay With WebMoney

Depositing money into your sportsbook account with WebMoney is just like using PayPal's service.

You start by making an account with WebMoney. In addition to providing the standard personal information, you will want to set up a recurring deposit method. How will you be bankrolling your WebMoney account? By credit card? Bank account? Prepaid card? Money order? Some sites say they will even accept credit card reward points, depending on the company, as a form of payment. In other words, you have options. Lots of options. 

The approval process for depositing money into your WebMoney account varies by type. Credit cards are typically done in an instant. Bank account transfers and prepaid cards, plus any sort of mail-in payment, will take longer.

After you have money in your account, you are free to transfer it to any WebMoney-supporting website. These transactions are immediate, because you are dealing with money that has already been vouched for.

So when you go to make a deposit at the sportsbook you are registered with, select the WebMoney option, sign into your WebMoney account, choose your amount and poof! You're ready to submit. And once you submit, you should be able to starting betting within minutes, if not seconds.

Now, while sportsbooks don't usually charge a fee to process WebMoney transactions, you will still have to pony up some extra cash. WebMoney levies a 0.8 percent processing fee for all payments.

If you are depositing $200, you will need to pay them $1.60. It's a pretty negligible percentage, unless you are dealing in ridiculously large deposit amounts. And yet, even then, you probably won't ever feel the loss of that 0.8 percent. Most sportsbooks won't let you deposit or withdraw more than $20,000 at a time, and even that amount may be overly ambitious. But, for argument's sake, 0.8 percent of $20,000 is less than $200. If you are dealing in that kind of coin, you aren't going to feel the loss of that 0.8 percent.

Besides, certain sportsbooks, like Pinnacle, tend to reimburse you for the fee. So there is a chance you may not have to worry about it at all. Still, if the potential for a fee turns you off, making deposits with WebMoney is not for you.

On the other hand, WebMoney won't charge you a fee for making withdrawals. You can have the funds sent to your account without losing anything. The company redeems itself there.

The problem? You may be subject to a withdrawal fee from the sportsbooks. Some of them won't charge you for transferring money to a PayPal-like account or private bank, but many do. So, in turn, if your biggest pet peeve about sportsbook transactions is the potential for fees, it's a good idea to start looking at alternative deposit and withdrawal methods to WebMoney.