Wire Transfer Sites

Wire Transfer Sites
  • Quick deposits
  • Accepted by most major sportsbooks
  • Usually no fees

Betting Sites Accepting Bank Wire

You won't have to search high and low or near and far for a sportsbook that accepts bank wire transfers. Bet Online, Just Bet, Wager Web, Sports Interaction and Legends are just the tip of an extremely deep iceberg of transfer-friendly websites. More bookmakers can be found below. [+]

This list is incredibly accurate, so you can interpret it literally. Still, just in case a website has changed its payment policy, it's good to double check the sportsbook itself.

If, say, Bovada is listed above, confirm this status on their site or by contacting customer service. Conversely, if there is a sportsbook missing from the aforementioned list, don't take it to mean they won't accept transfers. They might. Check out their website or contact customer service for this type of inquiry, too. You'll get all the answers you need.

In fact, so many sportsbooks accept wire transfers, that it may actually be harder to find one that does not. That's good news for bettors who like to take advantage of registration promotions. You can create accounts across multiple sportsbooks for the first time, complete simple wire transfers and collect on whatever incentive different websites are offering at the time of your initial deposit.

      Banking wire transfers are one of the most popular forms of sportsbook deposits among the gambling community. They are simple, efficient and, for the most part, processed in a fair amount of time. [+]

      Best of all, they are accepted virtually everywhere. Sportsbooks traffic in easy payment methods. Like you, they want transactions to go through with the fewest possible headaches. Wire transfers are more reliable than credit cards, in that they are very rarely rejected, and more expedited than checks and money orders, which can, all told, take weeks to process and clear.

      Before we go any further, it's important to note that wire transfer deposits are not available to most United States customers. These transactions are classified under the gambling subhead and, therefore, declined by most banks.

      The definition of gambling is pretty murky at some host companies, so there is a chance a transfer will go through if your bank doesn't recognize the deposit as a betting transaction. But even so, if you're a United States customer, it's best to explore other forms of payment.

      For those in other countries who are eligible to push through these transfers, they are a great, inexpensive way to bankroll your sportsbetting ventures.

      Some banks will impose fees on wire transfers. Most sportsbooks won't. And better yet, some bookmakers will even cover your banking fees. Pinnacle Sports, for instance, says it will "credit your account with the funds plus any bank fees paid for deposits to your Pinnacle Sports customer account, upon receipt of your bank wire transfer" if they are equal to or greater than 800 euro. Something like this perhaps only applies to high-rollers, but it's a valuable incentive nonetheless.

      One potential hangup of wire transfers is the waiting period. Your bank can process transfers extremely quickly if the money is available in your account. But the time it takes for that money to reach your sportsbook varies. It depends largely on the day of the week and whether there is a holiday or weekend on the horizon.

      Many bookmakers will ballpark an approval window, so you won't be completely left in the dark. These aren't hard and fast deadlines; they are just meant to give you an idea of how long it will take before your funds are available for betting. If you think the waiting period is taking too long, and that something might be wrong, feel free to contact your bank and/or sportsbook for a detailed update on your transaction status.


      How To Pay With Bank Wire

      To complete bank wire transfers, you need only two things: a sportsbook account and bank account.

      At the bookmaker of your choosing, visit the deposit tab, then select wire transfer at the payment option. You will be prompted to enter all the necessary information, which will include your account number and bank routing code. (These routing codes can be found on personal checks or your bank's website. If you cannot find it, a quick call to the customer service reps at your host bank will take care of it.)

      You can submit your deposit after following all the prompts. If you have previously used this bank account to fund an investment with the the sportsbook in question, the funds may be available right away. If not, or depending on the sportsbook, it may take between five and seven days for the money to clear.

      As a rule of thumb, then, don't rely on wire transfers if you need them to be completed in time for an imminent wager. Plan ahead. Keep in mind that the waiting period, whatever it is, will refer to business days. So if you make a wire transfer on a Friday, it may not be cleared for seven business, or the following Tuesday—which is actually 11 days when you account for weekends.

      Once more, if you ever feel the transaction is taking too long, contact your sportsbook. They may be able to give you an official status update.

      Also, be prepared to pay fees on any withdrawal transfers. Sportsbooks with either charge a percentage or levy a flat fee for these transactions. These are typically non-negotiable. That said, many sportsbooks may run specials, where the fees are lightened. A select few bookmakers even allow one free wire transfer withdrawal per month—provided you have met any rollover requirement that may apply to your previous deposit.

      Be on the lookout for minimums and maximums placed on transactions as well. For example, many sportsbooks demand you deposit at least $10 before they are willing to process a wire transfer. Withdrawal minimums are usually much higher, around $50 to $100 or so. Likewise, you may only be able to deposit and withdraw up to a certain amount per month—say, $1,000 or so. If these stipulations are in place and you feel they will affect the way you conduct your sportsbetting, try finding an alternative form of making deposits or ask your oddsmaker for some special leeway.