Is there anything in sports as compelling as the chase for the Stanley Cup? It takes 16 wins to earn the right to hold Lord Stanley’s mug aloft but before that daunting journey can be accomplished, much sweat will be lost, lots of blood will be spilled, hearts will be broken and childhood dreams will come true. Every budding hockey star won the Stanley Cup countless times as a youngster on the pond, in the driveway, or on the road, always via a Game 7 overtime winner. [-]

In reality it’s only ended that way twice in the history of the Stanley Cup – Game 7 OT wins by the Detroit Red Wings in 1950 and 1954. But regardless of how the Stanley Cup is acquired, it tastes just as special, and it is always the thrill that every player imagined it would be.

The Stanley Cup is all about rituals. Every player on the winning team gets his name inscribed on the bowl of Lord Stanley’s mug, and everyone associated with the winning side gets to spend a day with the Cup and take it wherever their heart desires. The Cup has been to hospitals to brighten the day of ailing children. It’s visited the Kremlin. It’s had oats eaten out of its bowl by a Kentucky Derby winner.

It’s found itself in strip clubs. A player on a Cup-winning team will make memories with Stanley, but there’s one thing you’ll never get a player who hasn’t the Cup to do, and that’s touch the Cup.

They won’t do it, believing that the only way you are allowed to touch the Cup is by earning the right and anyone who touches it before completing the journey will never win the Cup. Go ahead, try to get an NHL player to touch the Cup before he’s won it. You’ve got a better chance of getting him to give you the keys to his Range Rover.

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Have a look below to see the current NHL playoff betting lines. You’ll be able to form a perfectly contrived betting strategy once aware of the current game odds. 

NHL Playoff Standings Right Now

You’ll find below the NHL playoff bracket. Each playoff series is an entity unto itself, filled with peaks and valleys affecting both teams involved. [-]

They say a Stanley Cup series goes to the team that is able to first impose its will on the other team and signs to look for include the first team that’s able to win a game in the other team’s building. Teams that win the special teams battle and get the superior goaltending will also win nine out of every 10 series.

How To Win At NHL Playoff Betting

The NHL playoffs offer more betting options than during the regular season. You can still make the usual hockey wagers – moneyline, puckline and total – but you can also wager on which team you think will win the series, and how many games it might take them to do so. 

Prop bets are a lot of fun in the playoffs, a more playful way to wager on the NHL postseason. And you don’t have to wait until the playoffs get underway to start placing wagers. Future wagers are a great way to make the season a little bit more exciting and it’s often a chance to take a roll of the dice a play a longshot to win the Stanley Cup.

You’ll want to avoid the more successful teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins and Chicago Blackhawks, who will always get plenty of action, as will traditionally popular teams like the Montreal Canadiens, Boston Bruins and New York Rangers. But don’t be afraid to take a flyer because with the parity in today’s NHL, you never know what might happen. As recently as 2012, the eighth-seeded Kings barely squeaked into the playoffs, but they went all the way and won the Stanley Cup.