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MoneyGram is becoming an increasingly popular payment method among sports bettors who don’t want to tie their bank account or credit card information to an online gaming site or e-wallet. In essence, it is like an electronic money order, combining the best attributes of a wire transfer and money order transactions. Similar to both other payment methods, MoneyGram betting sites are everywhere, and the transaction process is easy to figure out.

All the hype around sportsbook is related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency debit card depositing, but MoneyGram remains one of the most popular deposit methodsmuch like other more traditional payment methods such as Western Union and various other forms of money transfers. Allow us to show you why.

Our guide to MoneyGram betting sites will cover everything below, plus more:

Best MoneyGram Betting Sites

Bovada- The Best MoneyGram betting site in US

Bovada will not charge any fees on your MoneyGram transactions. You’ll only be responsible for the cost of the MoneyGram itself.

Few sportsbooks are as adept at handling MoneyGrams as Bovada. They have extensive experience in the money order game, and MoneyGram transactions are infinitely easier. Your deposits and withdrawals will usually be available within three business days, if not much sooner.

As one of the most well-rounded betting sites in general, it makes sense that Bovada maximizes the MoneyGram experience. They are schooled in more payment methods than pretty much any other sportsbook, including the more difficult ones like money orders and Goldpay. For them, handling and processing MoneyGram’s on all platforms is no problem.

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BetOnline – Fastest MoneyGram payments

MoneyGram deposits at BetOnline will be processed without any additional cost to you. The only fee you’re responsible for is the one charged by MoneyGram to complete the transfer.

BetOnline processes MoneyGram transactions almost as quickly as e-wallet transactions—which is to say nearly immediately. Your deposits should be official in minutes, and withdrawals won’t take more than three business days.

If you’re looking to combine transaction speed with attractive promotional bonuses, you’ll find a sports-gambling home at BetOnline. They prioritize both, both for new and returning customers.

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Bookmaker – The lowest deposit fees for MoneyGram

Similar to other sportsbooks, MoneyGram deposits and withdrawals at Bookmaker will not cost you a thing. In certain instances, they’ve been known to cover the cost of making the MoneyGram itself.

Fast is Bookmaker’s default speed on MoneyGram transactions. Your deposits will be available almost instantly, and your withdrawals should take no more than a couple of days to complete.

MoneyGram can technically become a semi-expensive payment method depending on how much you’re betting. Their fees are proportionate to the transaction amount. That Bookmaker has been known to help erase those is a big deal—and incentive enough on its own to use them.

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Bodog – The best MoneyGram betting site in Canada

There will be no fees from Bodog when using MoneyGram. You’re only on the hook for the cost of the MoneyGram itself.

MoneyGrams are processed like e-wallets at Bodog. Deposits will take effect pretty much immediately, and you won’t have to wait more than 48 to 72 hours for your payouts to be completed.

Don’t overlook Bodog’s stellar customer service when measuring the MoneyGram betting experience. As we’ll get into, this payment method requires an extra step compared to credit cards and e-wallets. It’s great to know Bodog is among the sites willing to walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

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SportsBetting – The best for bonuses

Deposits made via MoneyGram at do not include any extra fees. You’ll have to pay to send the MoneyGram itself, but that’s it.

MoneyGram transactions at are completed posthaste. Their payouts in particular are uniquely fast. You’ll get your money quicker than you would from most other sportsbooks.

Fast transactions, minimal fees and huge deposit bonuses? Your only question about using MoneyGram at should be: So, where do I sign up?

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MoneyGram Betting Facts – How Does It Work?

Sending MoneyGrams is an easy process that can be accomplished in one of two ways.

In-person transactions remain the most popular. You go to your MoneyGram account, purchase your MoneyGram, input the recipient’s required information and then wait for your funds to reach them. Processing MoneyGrams online may be quicker, but this method offers you a layer of extra security we’ll discuss in a minute.

As already alluded to, though, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home to send a MoneyGram. They can be purchased online. All you need is a valid form of payment (credit card or bank account) and the recipient’s information. But while this MoneyGram method may be more convenient overall, it does not increase the speed at which your funds are received. That’s something to keep in mind.

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Moneygram Screenshot

Using MoneyGram at Sportsbooks

Transactions at MoneyGram betting sites require an extra customer service step. You cannot just visit the deposit section, punch in your information and then be done. You have to contact customer support, either by live chat, email or phone, and get directions for how to send them a MoneyGram. Once you have that information, you’re free to purchase a MoneyGram. Most sports betting sites accept MoneyGram as one of their deposit options.

Benefits of MoneyGram Betting

Why is MoneyGram gaining popularity among sports bettors? Because it doesn’t require a bank account or credit card to place wagers online. A simple way to top up your betting account and get quick access to online gambling.

Yes, if you want to send a MoneyGram without physically heading to a store, you will need a credit card or bank account. But you can also pay in cash when you purchase it in person. This allows you to send money to a sportsbook without putting your most sensitive financial information into any website—not just your online bookie, but also an e-wallet.

This is the same logic that applies to money order transactions, only MoneyGram transfers are much, much, much quicker. Which brings us to the other primary benefit: MoneyGram transactions get done fast. They’re not as instant as straight credit card payments, but they are similar to e-wallet deposits. Your funds should be available to bet the same day that you send them, provided your online sportsbook is open at the time you send your money.

List of all MoneyGram betting sites

Here are our five favorite MoneyGram betting sites:

Drawbacks of MoneyGram Betting

Just like every other payment method, MoneyGram isn’t perfect. First off, unless your only other alternative is money orders, the entire process can run a little slow. Deposits will take at least a couple of hours to process, and withdrawals will be available to pick up within three business days.

This isn’t a long time at all. Let’s make that clear. But if you’re willing to make deposits by credit card or e-wallet—and withdrawals by e-wallet—we’d recommend doing so. Those methods are often free, and their transaction windows are appreciably shorter.

Moneygram sportsbetting screenshot iphone

Moneygram Sportsbetting Screenshot

Betting Strategies for MoneyGram Gamblers

As usual, sussing out the best deposit bonuses is a must for MoneyGram bettors. Why wouldn’t you prioritize free money? Particularly when MoneyGram’s cost, well, money to send—fees that vary by the amount of your transaction. 

At the same time, we’re also big proponents of looking for MoneyGram betting sites that can minimize your overhead even further. Certain online bookies will reimburse for the cost of MoneyGrams. This little add-on isn’t always advertised, but you can contact customer support to ask about it. You’ll be surprised at how many sportsbooks are willing to accommodate your request.

Safe Betting – Security Done Right

MoneyGram’s are much safer compared to their direct counterpart, money orders. The latter is inherently a little riskier, because there’s a chance you’re dealing with paper copies that need to be sent by couriers, and there’s always a possibility those get lost or mis-delivered in transport. MoneyGram’s are purely electronic, so you don’t have to worry about that potential pitfall.

On top of that, as we already talked about, MoneyGrams allow you to traffic in cash betting if that’s your prerogative. As long as you’re willing to purchase and send them in person, you can be an active member of the online sports gambling community without ever having to input your bank account, credit card or e-wallet information.

Our conclusions – Great Alternative to Money Orders

Way Faster Than Money Orders

MoneyGrams can absolutely be for every type of bettor, but they’re especially useful for those already betting by money orders. MoneyGram transactions are processed electronically and, therefore, much faster and safer. Consider switching to MoneyGram if you’re using money orders to bankroll your sports-betting purse(s).

Higher Deposit Minimums

Although MoneyGrams are processed electronically, many sportsbooks still subject you to the same high deposit minimums attached to money orders. Most online gaming sites will require you to put down between $200 to $300 at bottom. If that’s too rich for your blood, you’ll want to poke around alternative payment methods that aren’t usually assigned such high minimums. Credit cards and e-wallets are the best when it comes to that department. You can usually make deposits—more quickly, mind you—for as little as $10 to $25.

Withdrawal Expiration Dates

Be mindful of when you requested a MoneyGram payout from your sportsbook. Believe it or not, they will expire. Most sportsbooks will only allow your MoneyGram information to remain live for around 10 days. After that, while you don’t lose that withdrawal, you will have to contact customer service to re-issue it. In doing so, you may also be subject to yet another convenience fee from MoneyGram themselves. 

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