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Money Order Betting Sites

Money orders used to be a hallmark payment method in the sports-betting industry. They’re not so much anymore. Quicker deposit and withdrawal options are now available in ample supply, most notably thanks to the rise of e-wallets and credit card transactions. Money orders, meanwhile, continue to take a little longer. You often have the option of sending them electronically, but for the ones that must be physically sent to online gaming sites, it can take up to weeks for deposits to go through. It’s the same story when you’re waiting for payouts. And yet, it isn’t all bad. Far from it. Money orders still offer their fair share of upside. We’re about to show you why.

This money order betting sites guide will cover everything you need to know about this payment method, including:

Best Money Order Betting Sites

Bovada- The Best Money Order Betting Site in the US

Bovada will not charge any fees on your money order transactions. That being said, if it’s not an electronic money order, you will be responsible for the cost of a courier.

Get ready to see the same cons for every sports-betting site that takes money orders. The processing time takes a lot longer. It can be cut down if you send an electronic money, but if you’re sending a physical one, it could take up to 14 days—and sometimes more—for the funds to hit your account.

Anyone using a money order must be prepared to wait. That’s a given. Bovada makes the rest of the experience super pleasant. You’ll get a notification when the money has been loaded into your account, and they have excellent customer service, so you can get answers to any and all pertinent questions.

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BetOnline – Fastest Payments

Money order deposits at BetOnline will not run you anything extra. But you will be responsible for the fee charged by the money order company itself, and if you request a withdrawal by money order, BetOnline will dock you the cost of that as well.

Speed is not going to be your friend on money order deposits. However, BetOnline is adept at completing withdrawal transactions quicker than most.

If you’re going to stomach the extra time it takes to process and complete transactions by money order, you might as well be rewarded for it. BetOnline does just that by offering competitive deposit bonuses.

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Bookmaker – The Lowest Deposit Fees

Money order deposits at Bookmaker will not cost you a thing. Equally awesome, they have been known to waive the fees attached to money order withdrawals, too.

Relative to how long it takes many other sportsbooks to process money orders, Bookmaker is pretty quick. The length of time it takes them to run through deposits is largely out of their hand, but they’ll process payouts with the fastest means available.

Money order betting can get expensive when you factor in the cost of the money order itself and the withdrawal fees that are often attached to this payment method. Bookmaker is committed to limiting the additive costs for you, and thus, they get a strong endorsement from us.

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Bodog- The Best Money Order Betting Site in Canada

There will be no fees from Bodog when making a deposit with via money order. Like pretty much every other sportsbook, though, they will hit you with one for processing withdrawals.

Once more, you cannot expect to have your deposits completed instantly when making deposits via money order. Compared to the rest of the industry, however, Bodog is pretty dependable when it comes to ensuring your payouts go through quicker than your deposits.

It’s important to stick with established, reliable online gaming sites when using money orders, if only because of the extra steps and waiting incumbent of the transaction. Bodog provides exactly this, so you can make deposits and request payouts by money order without worrying about anything going wrong.

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SportsBetting – The Best for Bonuses

Deposits made via money order at will not be charged a fee. Withdrawals, on the other hand, will be subject to a percentage-based surcharge.

Money order deposits will again take some time at Similar to everyone else on our list, though, they are known for sending money order payouts by the quickest methods available.

If you’re going to wait around for money order deposits to go through, you might as well be handsomely compensated for your patience. And offers you the chance to capitalize on a deposit bonus worth up to $1,000. We call that a big-time victory.

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Money Order Betting Facts – How Does It Work?

Getting money orders isn’t that hard—but it does require making a trek to the store or bank. You need to find a place that will issue money orders. It shouldn’t be difficult to figure out. They’re all over the place. Chances are your local supermarket does it. A quick internet search should clear up any concerns you have.

When purchasing a money order, you’ll need certain information, mainly who it needs to be made out to and where it’s headed. You’ll be asked to confirm all that information before anything is made final. Once you decide how much is going on the money order, you’ll also be charged a fee by the issuer. These added costs vary by where you’re getting the money order from, as well as how much it’s for. You could be on the hook for only a couple of dollars or much more.

The type of money order you will similarly vary depending on the money order betting sites. Electronic money orders are all the rage now, but some online gaming sites still traffic in hard copies. If you have a hard copy, you’ll be responsible for sending it— by courier or regular mail—after obtaining it. That will add yet another cost to your process.

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Using Money Orders at Sportsbooks

Before doing anything, you should first confirm that your online gambling site accepts money orders. They most likely will, and it isn’t hard to figure out if they do. Visiting their deposits method page and looking at all the pre-approved payment methods will let you know.

If money orders aren’t listed under preferred deposit methods, you’re not done yet. We suggest contacting your sportsbook’s customer service. They might still take them and just not prominently advertise it (though most major gambling sites do).

Assuming your sportsbook accepts money orders, you will need to contact customer service anyway. You need to know exactly who to make the money order out to, and where to send it. This process remains the same whether you’re sending an electronic money order or paper copy.

Upon sending money orders, your next stop is simple: wait. If you need to send your money order via courier, you’ll be waiting a few days to a couple of weeks for the funds to reach your account. If you sent an electronic payment, the process is much quicker, albeit still a bit slower than if you were using an e-wallet or credit card.


  1. You’ll find money orders listed under a sportsbook’s preferred payment method. is our example here (fifth from the bottom).

Benefits of Money Order Betting 

There is one crowning benefit to using money orders to fund your sportsbook accounts: They give you the ability to gamble with cash.

Using e-wallets requires a bank account or credit card. With money orders, since you’re purchasing them in person, you can use cash to get it issued and then send it to your sportsbook. This is great for people who may not have credit cards or bank accounts that let them complete international transactions, and it’s especially good for the security-conscious bettors (we’ll get to why in just a minute).


2. Here are some more benefits of using money orders to bankroll your sportsbook account.

List of all Money Order betting sites

Here are our five favorite money order betting sites:

Drawbacks of Money Order Betting

We’ve already touched on this but it bears mentioning again. And then again. And then again once more: Money order transactions are among the slowest in the sports-betting industry. 

If you’re sending hard copies to your bookie, you could be waiting up to 14 days for your deposit to take effect. Even if you’re submitting money orders electronically, the funds you sent could still take a couple of days to hit your sportsbook purse. These issues remain the same if you’re requesting withdrawals by money orders.

The fees attached to both money order deposits and payouts can also be significantly annoying. At most sportsbooks, you’ll be on the hook for paying the fee to process the actual money order on both withdrawals and deposits. These surcharges can vary, and while most end up being just a few dollars, the surcharges can get up there on more expensive transactions.

Finally, most money order betting sites require you to make a sizable deposit. Whereas many sites accept $10 or $25 bankrolls through e-wallets and credit cards, most online bookies require you to make a minimum deposit of between $250 and $300 (or more) when you’re using a money order. That makes this method less than ideal for casual or new-to-the-industry bettors who aren’t looking to make a demonstrative financial commitment.

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Betting Strategies for Money Orders

Bettors should always be seeking out the best deposit bonuses, no matter the payment method they’re using. But this holds doubly true for money order gamblers. The fees you’ll pay to process these transactions can sometimes be steep. At the very least, you’ll be responsible for paying them on both withdrawals and deposits. Our official stance is that it’s not worth using money orders unless you’re receiving a 50 percent or larger bonus on top of your investment.

Safe Betting – A Little Dicey

Electronic money orders are as safe and secure as e-wallets, bank transfers, credit cards, etc. Transactions that require you to actually mail in a money order are far more risky. It could get lost in transit by the courier, or something could go wrong when it reaches the physical site of your sportsbook.

Leaning on electronic money orders is, for this reason, always better. If you have to send a hard copy, make sure you’re 1) using a reputable sportsbook, such as any of the ones we list here and 2) also using a trusted courier service to get your money order where it needs to go. Your sportsbook will normally suggest one, which at least makes things a little easier.

On the flip side, however, money orders also make it so you can use online gambling sites without having to input bank account or credit card information over the internet. That can be extremely valuable to some bettors, and if you can guarantee your money order will be securely delivered, either electronically or in-person, it makes for one of the least vulnerable payment methods around.

Our Conclusions -Easy, But Not Efficient

Patience is a Virtue

Don’t expect money order transactions to be completed swiftly. Processing them can take anywhere between a couple of days to a couple of weeks. If immediacy is more your thing, look at an alternative payment method.

Fees, Fees, Fees

Getting money orders issued will cost you…something. It depends on how much you’re sending and where you’re getting your money order from, but you’ll be on the line for some additional overhead when making both deposits and withdrawals.

Secure, But Also Not Secure

So much can go wrong when you have to send in hard copies of your money order, but if you can guarantee it won’t get lost, you’ll have access to all the perks of sports betting without having to input sensitive information over the internet.

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