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Instadebit assists in bank transfers for Canadian Bettors

InstaDebit Betting Sites

Finding reliable third party e-wallets can be difficult. Deposits can take too long to process. They might not be accepted everywhere. Things get weird when trying to process international transactions. It gets to be a headache in some instances. Instadebit seeks to remedy those issues by making it easy for users to load up their accounts and complete transactions online seamlessly and instantly. But does it pass the test for gamblers looking to bankroll their online sportsbooks? We’ve got the skinny on how effective it is, and which websites accept Instadebit as a valid form of payment.

Like any other sportsbook payment method, Instadebt has both upsides and downsides. We’re here to break down both sides of the fence.

What’s great about Instadebit betting

Best Instadebit Betting Sites

Bet365 – Fastest Instadebit payments


Deposit fees are not a thing at Bet365. You might be subject to certain withdrawal fees when using Instadebit or a bank wire, but they’re not especially large.


Completing Instadebit deposits at Bet365 is relatively fast. Ditto for withdrawals. If your funds aren’t available immediately or within the first day, it shouldn’t take longer than three days to fully process.

Limiting fees on both deposits and withdrawals is an art from. Bet365 juggles the two really well. What’s more, new users can enjoy a deposit bonus up to $100 when they open an account and use their Instadebit to bankroll their purse.


Sports Interaction – The Lowest Deposit Fees for Instadebit


You won’t be charged any fees for making deposits with Instadebit at Sports Interaction. Better yet, it basically works the same way on withdrawals. Depending on the amount, it might cost you $1.50 or slightly more, but withdrawals will never cost you more than 2 percent of your transfer and are often free.


Instadebit deposits at Sports Interaction process immediately. As long as your e-wallet is already funded, mere minutes separate you from being able to place wagers.

Sports Interaction is the place to be for Instadebit users who don’t like paying fees on either deposits or withdrawals. Your overhead is minimal to nonexistent, and you’re not giving up any quality in the overall sportsbook to get that bargain.


Betway – The Best Mobile Instadebit Betting Site


Customers are not presently charged a fee at Betway for making deposits with Instadebit. That being said, the terms of their withdrawals are ambiguous. Some e-wallet withdrawals have fees. Others don’t. Users should contact their customer service for more clarity.


Deposits made using Instadebit are available at Betway immediately, even when they’re made on their mobile site or app.

On-the-go sports gamblers will appreciate the simplicity of the Betway experience. They make Instadebit deposits a cinch, there are not deposit fees attached and as an added benefit, they customize promotional bonuses based on how much you’re depositing.

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Instadebit Betting Facts – Restrictions Apply

Instadebit thus far sounds like a stress-free payment method for sports bettors. And it can be. But you need to meet certain requirements before you can use it for sports betting.

First off, you need to be a Canadian resident, or have a valid address in Canada. Anyone trying to register from another country or territory will not be approved. They should look at other e-wallets that aren’t location-specific, such as PayPal or NETELLER.

Additionally, all Instadebit users need to be at least 18 years old. This shouldn’t be a big deal since you need to be that old to create an online betting account anyway. At the same time, if you’re thinking of scamming the system by lying about your age, this is important to note. Your transactions won’t be protected by Instadebit if you end up falsifying information on your account. Ensure you use debit cards in your name when making your first deposit at online betting sites.

Start Betting with Instadebit Now

If you meet all the requirements to open an Instadebit account, you’re already halfway there. Registering only takes a few minutes if you have your bank account information handy. Once you input that and confirm it’s all accurate, Instadebit can usually approve transactions in seconds. And once you’re done, you’re immediately able to move that money into your sportsbook account.

Now, in the event this is your first transaction with Instadebit, you’ll want to allow a little extra time for them to charge your bank account. On all subsequent transactions, though, you should have no issue accessing those funds instantly.

List of all Instadebit Betting Sites

Don’t feel like hunting around for sportsbooks that accept Instadebit? No sweat. Here are our top five:

Identifying Other Sportsbooks that Accept Instadebit

Maybe you’re not interested in one of our suggested sportsbooks. Or maybe you’re a fan of variety and want to branch out. Either is fine. Instadebit is accepted at the vast majority of gambling sites, making it perfect for online wagering.

Identifying other online bookies that take Instadebit is all about properly reading their approved deposit methods. If they accept account-to-account transfers, you’re in the clear. And if their deposit page doesn’t show that method, you’re not necessarily out of luck. Try contacting customer service to see whether it’s an approved form of payment, or even if they’ll make an exception should it not be on their list.

Spoiler alert, though: It will probably be on their list. Account-to-account/e-wallet transfers are among the most popular deposit methods among sports gamblers. You shouldn’t run into any accessibility issues unless you’re using a niche sportsbook that’s tiny and/or only services a few very specific territories.

How Do You Set Up Instadebit at Sportsbooks?

New users don’t need to worry about setting up Instadebit transactions at sportsbooks. It takes almost no time at all. Just head over to your online bookie’s deposit section, enter your account number and the contact information attached to it, and you’re basically done. Funds should be available in your sportsbook account immediately, and you should have the option of saving your Instadebit account for future deposits that will expedite the process even more.

Withdrawals, on the other hand, will take a little longer to process. You’ll want to give your sportsbook at least one to three days to complete it, though some will finish them off almost instantly. Equally paramount, pay attention to what type of withdrawals fees you may be on the hook for. Certain sportsbooks charge a flat rate of anywhere between $20 and $80, while others will charge a percentage. Obviously, the goal should be to find sites that don’t surcharge you at all—and they do exist.

Betting Strategies

Instadebit is perfect for bettors who are looking to maximize their bonus opportunities. Their minimum transaction is super low, at around $5, and they currently have no maximum. So, if you come across a sportsbook that’s offering a 100 percent deposit match bonus up to, say, $2,500, you don’t have to worry about Instadebit limiting you. It’s not a credit card or a bank account. It’s an e-wallet. Fewer restrictions are ingrained into their everyday use, even on foreign transactions.

Bet Safely with Instadebit - Become a Confidence machine

Sportsbooks ensure your Instadebit transactions are safe by requiring you to enter certain information on each deposit or withdrawal, even if you’ve saved this as a preferred payment method. On Instadebit’s end, like most other e-wallets, their security is airtight and less prone to phishing and fraudulent transactions. In fact, your bank account information is more vulnerable than your e-wallet vitals (which include your bank info as well). If you’re looking to essentially make direct transfers from your bank account without putting it at risk, then using an e-wallet like Instadebit is a great option.

Our Conclusions - Canadians Will Love It

Don’t Fret Fees

One of the many benefits to using e-wallets like Instadebit is that they don’t charge you any lucrative service fees. They might dock you $1.50 on certain purchases, but as of now, that’s pretty much it. Plus, Instadebit deposits usually don’t have a fee attached to them from the sportsbook’s end. Withdrawals can be a different story, but you can sometimes work out special deals with customer service if you believe those surcharges are too astronomical.

A Payment Method for All Types of Bettors

Are you a high roller? Low roller? Regular roller? Whatever. It doesn’t matter. Instadebit is for anyone (who can legally open an account). They don’t hamstring you with high minimums or low maximums. You can place deposits of all different value types, from $5 to $1,000 to $10,000 to even more than that. Let it be known, however, that single transactions valued over $10,000 usually need to be reported by banks. We recommend keeping deposits under that and processing separate transactions if you need to get above the $10,000 market.

Limited Availability

No, this does not mean that you won't find many Instadebit betting sites. On the contrary, you can process deposits and withdrawals using Instadebit at most places. The limitations come on the e-wallet’s end. As of now, Instadebit is only available to residents in Canada. This makes for a better customer support experience, since they’re not servicing as much clientele, but it’s definitely a bummer for those who live in other countries or territories.

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