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EZ Voucher, also known as PasteandPay, is an online payment service that allowed customers to make deposits and transfer money without also forging a long-term relationship with the service. EZ Voucher betting sites were a particularly excellent option in the sports-betting world, predominantly for gamblers who didn’t want to give out their bank account and credit card information and also weren’t sure whether they’d bet frequently enough to justify signing up for a full-blown e-wallet that allowed for recurring transactions.

That is, essentially, what EZ Voucher was: a one-time use e-wallet. You deposited money via PasteandPay.com and then would receive a number that you could then use like a credit card. Pretty much every sportsbook accepted it, because they couldn’t differentiate between it and an actual credit. After making your deposit or using all your funds across multiple deposits, though, that number expired. So, really, EZ Voucher was like a combination of a temporary e-wallet and gift card.

Though EZ Voucher is no longer in service, it’s important to understand how the payment method works, as it will help you seek out similar alternatives. Our thorough EZ Voucher betting sites breakdown below will cover all of the following:

EZ Voucher Betting Facts – How Did It Work?

Acquiring an EZ Voucher was pretty much the equivalent of buying an online gift card. Once you were on their site, you entered how much you wanted to put on your prepaid EZ Voucher, chose a payment method ,and then submitted the transaction for processing.

Once they approved the purchase, you would receive an email or confirmation that your EZ Voucher was active. In this, you’d also get a number, one that was often the length of a traditional credit or gift card. This is essentially your card; it is the number you punch in to complete every transaction you make thereafter.

From there, you could then visit your preferred EZ Voucher betting site and head over to the deposits section. Though many online bookies would list EZ Voucher or PasteandPay under specific payment categories, for others you would have to treat your confirmation number like a credit card and input the information that field.

The only time you would potentially run into problems is when a site didn’t have a specific EZ Voucher section and then wouldn’t accept your billing information (i.e. your place of residence) as a valid field. This could often happen with online gaming companies that didn’t accept any sort of prepaid cards. If your deposit attempt was rejected, you’d need to contact customer service, and they’d either tell you to seek out an alternative payment method or, in some cases, they’d make an exception and process the deposit for you over the phone.

After completing the transaction or spending all the funds you loaded on to your EZ Voucher, you’d then be done with that number. It was disposable. EZ Voucher wouldn’t process any more transactions, which safeguarded you against any potential fraud. However, this also meant that if you wanted to make another deposit at your current sportsbook or a separate one, you’d have to load up a whole new prepaid voucher.

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What Happened to EZ Voucher?

EZ Voucher shuddered their doors sometime in 2017. Though they initially had protocols set for customers who still had money loaded on cards, they’ve since closed the website domain entirely. They’re that far removed from the payment-method world.

As for why they decided to dissolve the company, they were up against too many more convenient competitors who were just as secure. Bitcoin is now an excellent option for payers who value convenience and privacy, and imost major sportsbooks accept it (though mid-major sites often don’t accept it). There’s also the presence of regular e-wallets to consider. Since EZ Voucher wasn’t really for recurring payments, it catered to a very specific set of clientele, particularly those who only had a one-time use for it. 

Furthermore, EZ Voucher fees were omnipresent and higher than most e-wallets. Whereas many online e-wallets won’t charge you for making deposits or sending money, there was always a fee with EZ Voucher transactions in which you were loading up the card. Not many people are comfortable paying even a flat fee just to move around their own money. The cost of doing business coupled with such a limited target customer base made it difficult for EZ Voucher to stay afloat.

Are Methods Similar to EZ Voucher Hard to Use at Sportsbooks?

Do not confuse EZ Voucher’s disappearance as proof that it was difficult to use. It wasn’t.

Many online EZ Voucher betting sites just had you input the information in a credit card field to make deposits. Others had a specific section for EZ Voucher members. As long as you had the number for your fully loaded EZ Voucher, your deposits could be made in seconds and be available in your sportsbook purse instantly.

That being said, if something went wrong when you tried to make a deposit, it could be difficult to clear up. Online gaming sites were never teeming with EZ Voucher information in their frequently asked questions section, so you’d have to get in contact with customer support at your sportsbook, which could take a while depending on whether they had live-chatting options available or not.

There was also the matter of completing withdrawals. Unlike actual e-wallets, EZ Voucher was not a viable withdrawal method. Again, it was essentially a one-time loadable card. You couldn’t put new money on there. And though EZ Voucher had reloadable options, they didn’t make any that allowed for inbound transfers. That meant anyone who was using EZ Voucher had to use another payout option. And if they weren’t going to give their own bank account information to sportsbooks, that basically left to request checks by couriers, which could take weeks to receive.

Which Sites Accepted EZ Voucher?

While EZ Voucher is no longer a deposit method at any sportsbooks, it helps to know which were the most popular sites to take it. This way, if you decide to use a similar option, you’ll know which sportsbooks are a good place to start. Here are our five favorite EZ Voucher destinations:

EZ Voucher Screenshot Screenshotiphone

EZ Voucher Screenshot Screenshot

What Are Some Alternatives to EZ Voucher?

From the company that brings you ecoCard, there is ecoVoucher. This prepaid voucher is effectively the same idea as an EZ Voucher, only you receive an 18-digit pin number when your transaction is complete and the attached fees are much lower.

Unlike EZ Voucher, though, you won’t get away with using ecoVoucher in traditional credit card sections. You need to make sure you’re using it at sportsbooks that specifically take it. The good news is many online gaming sites take ecoCard, so they’re bound to take ecoVoucher. If they don’t have it listed under their official payment methods, you can call customer support to find out whether they accept it. And guess what? Chances are they do.

Oh, and better yet, ecoVoucher is set up so that you can do currency conversions without incurring a massive charge. This is to say, you can load up a card for use in the United States while paying in euros. The entire process is automatic and takes no time at all.

We also recommend Bitcoin for anyone who liked the security aspect of an EZ Voucher. Again: You won’t be able to use it as a payment method at all sportsbooks, but pretty much all of the biggest, most popular gambling sites will accept it.


  1. Here’s some more information on the ecoVoucher, which is in many ways like EZ Voucher.
  2. BetOnline is one of the many major sportsbooks that allows you to pay using Bitcoin.

Betting Strategies for E-Wallets Like EZ Voucher?

When making deposits using methods similar to EZ Voucher, such as ecoVoucher, you want to make sure you will still be eligible for promotional bonuses even though you’re using what amounts to a prepaid card. This seems silly, but many sportsbooks like to make sure customers have reusable payment forms set up before releasing deposit bonuses.

Unfortunately, you cannot always find this information on your own. You’ll most likely have to ask a customer service representative at your sportsbook. Luckily, it’s a simple question, so you can get an answer regardless of whether you’re contacting them by phone, email or live chat. Just make sure you confirm you’ll still get deposit bonuses while using an EZ Voucher-type payment—particularly on first-time transactions, as those can often be worth up to or more than 100 percent of your deposit.

Safe betting with EZ Voucher – Are Online Vouchers Secure?

By our estimation, online vouchers are extremely secure forms of payment. Not only are you preventing yourself from having to enter sensitive credit card or bank account information into a bunch of different sites, but you’re also using a third-party site that doesn’t demand you store that intel with them, either. 

Is that convenient? It depends. If you’re a repeat customer, it can be a little tedious setting up a new voucher or entering financial information from scratch each time you want to load your electronic. Still, if you’re a one-time user looking to make a single sportsbooks deposit or just hyper-aware of where you’re storing financial information, e-vouchers are a great option for you to consider.

Our EZ Voucher conclusions -The Temporary E-Wallet

Buh-Bye, EZ Voucher

EZ Voucher, which was part of PasteandPay is no longer up and running. If you still have funds on an EZ Voucher you already purchased, you should still be able to use them. But be aware that they shut down in 2017 and are a long time removed from the online payment method industry. Most sportsbooks will no longer accept remaining balances on old EZ Vouchers.

Alternatives to EZ Voucher

There are two great alternatives to EZ Vouchers. First, there’s ecoVoucher, which is similar in just about every way, only you get an 18-digit pin, will be able to use it at more sportsbooks, can reload your voucher and will not be subject to as many fees.

A Payment Method for the Ultra Concerned

Using e-vouchers like EZ Voucher or the actually up and running ecoVoucher is a great way to guarantee yourself the utmost protection against fraud. You do not have to store your information anywhere. That includes the e-voucher site itself. You’re essentially creating a single-use, electronic, prepaid card. So as long as you’re willing to re-enter your information each time you create an online voucher, you can ensure that you don’t have to input or save your bank account or credit card number to a bunch of different sites. To nutshell it: The most safety-conscious bettors will love e-vouchers. They’re the ultimate form of online security.

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