EZvoucher Betting Sites

Betting Sites Accepting EZ Voucher

Have a look below to find out which sportsbooks accept the payment method. Once you know it’s accepted, pick the sportsbook that will suit your betting needs.No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

EZ Voucher is a prepaid payment system. Also known as “Paste and Pay,” this system can be used at the website  [-]www.pasteandpay.com, where vouchers can be immediately purchased in exchange for funds. There are no transaction fees and the online sportsbook accepting your voucher is also responsible for covering the transaction costs.

For this exact reason, users have opted for EZ Voucher over other payment systems.

EZ Vouchers come in handy, especially when credit or debit cards are declined or when your other online payment accounts (like PayPal) aren’t configured with certain outlets.

EZ Vouchers can be purchased worldwide at anytime. However, there are only a limited number of sportsbooks that accept EZ Voucher as a form of payment so make sure you check before trying to commit. 

How To Pay With EZ Voucher

After signing up and verifying your identity at PasteandPay.com website (either with a cominbation of your passport or social security number along with your mobile phone), you can start making transfers.

The next step is to register a credit or debit card you’ll make the transfers from. There are a variety of prepaid EZ Voucher options that you can select. You can also pick a custom amount. Once you make this selection and buy a voucher, you will be sent a unique PIN number.

One you have your PIN number, you’ll want to access the online sportsbook’s payment portal for either “EZ Voucher” or “Paste and Pay”.

After you have made your selection, input your voucher PIN number and enter the amount you would like to wager. Your account should show a deposit which you can start wagering with.

When depositing with your EZ Voucher account, online sportsbooks usually set minimum and maximum deposit amounts. Like another prepaid payment option, EZ Vouchers transfer the funds immediately, one of the payment method’s main perks.