EcoCard Betting Sites

While there are still relatively few online sportsbooks that are willing to accept EcoCard as a form of payment, since it can perform as a payment method in many countries and multiple forms of currency, EcoCard is growing rapidly in popularity and becoming widely accepted by more and more sportsbooks. [-]

Bovada, BetDSI, OnlineBetting, Interops, Bookmaker, William Hill, Bet365 888 Sport, SportingBet, BWin and are among the growing list of internet sportsbooks that accept EcoCard and even sites that are extremely limiting in the types of payment methods they will accept tend to take EcoCard.

In 2009, EcoCard entered into partnership with MasterCard, allowing you to use EcoCard as if it were a MasterCard, which is even more widely accepted as a payment option by online sportsbooks.

EcoCard’s customers are a loyal bunch and they are fervent about how easy the card is to load with money and the equal ease in which they are able to utilize those funds to reload their online sportsbook member accounts. Not only is your cash safe and protected under this format, it’s very similar to a bank account in the manner in which your are able to load more funds into your account.  

A widely-used and popular form of deposit method for online sportsbooks, as well as other forms or online wagering sites such as casinos and poker rooms, unlike other methods of payment like credit and debit cards, EcoCard does not require the inputting of any personal banking information in order to make transactions. 

The EcoCard enables a sports bettor to register a virtual MasterCard online and then load funds to that virtual MasterCard via electronic bank transfer.

This enchances the security process because you don’t have to supply personal information, which likely explains why EcoCard is rapidly growing as a form of payment for online sports bettors. The EcoCard performs as a middle man between a sports bettor’s bank account and their favorite betting site. you transfer money from your bank account and then on to the online sportsbook.

In business since 1999, EcoCard is available all across Europe. The EcoCard is basically an alternative e-commerce option available to sports bettors seeking to deposit money directly into their online sportsbook account. It operates in similar fashion to a debit card or bank card that can be used to pay merchants directly online. EcoCard customers can deposit cash locally and then used their EcoCard to make purchases anywhere in the world on the internet. 

How To Pay With Ecocard

The first thing you’ll need to do is open an EcoCard account, but the goods news is it’s quick and easy to do so, and it’s also free. The process is very similar to opening an account with Netflix or eBay. 

Once the account is open and operable, when you get to the cashier page of your online sportsbook, simply select EcoCard as your banking method of choice and then follow along to the prompts on the computer screen in front of you. The EcoCard account app is downloadable on all iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. 

EcoCard payments generally involve some sort of transaction fees, but rarely is the amount as significant as it often is with other forms of payment. You can also fund your EcoCard virtual MasterCard via a personal savings or checking account from a bank. This is done via electronic bank transfer and the drawback is that this transaction can take from 3-5 days to be processed. In terms of withdrawals, you can have EcoCard supply you with a hard copy version of the virtual MasterCard you create online, and then you can utilize that physical MasterCard to make withdrawals from bank machines and also to spend money on the card as you would with a prepaid debit card.