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Prepaid cards are accepted at many sportsbooks and often work out just fine for many bettors. The problem? A lot of them are disposable, which means you have to get a new card every time you run out of money on the first one. That’s not the case with ecoCard betting sites. This payment method basically combines the convenience of a debit card with the functionality of an e-wallet: It is reusable and can be linked up to your bank account, but it can be funded with a credit card and you can’t spend more than you put in your account, so it’s easier to manage your money.

We have all the information you need to successfully use ecoCards betting sites:

Best ecoCard Betting Sites

SportsBetting – The Best ecoCard betting site in US


There will be no additional charge from when you make deposits using your ecoCard.


Deposit transactions with your ecoCard are processed immediately at You’ll only be forced to wait a little longer when requesting withdrawals. offers the perfect balance for ecoCard users. They don’t charge any fees, their deposit minimums are super low, and you’ll have access to your money to use for bets instantly.

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BetOnline – Fastest ecoCard payments


Making deposits using an ecoCard is free at BetOnline.


Is it immediately a speed? Because that’s how long it takes for deposits using the ecoCard to hit your BetOnline account.

BetOnline isn’t just a draw for ecoCard users because of their tantalizing welcome bonus, or because they’re super quick with processing deposit transactions, or because deposits are free from other fees. They’re also attractive because they process their withdrawal requests with equal haste, so you don’t have to wait around to spend your winnings.

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Bovada – The best mobile betting site for ecoCard


Bovada charges a 5.9 percent processing fee on credit card transactions. Your ecoCard may be subject to the same. However, you can contact customer service to see if they’ll waive it because ecoCard is technically also an e-wallet or debit card.


From the moment you hit submit on your deposit transaction, your money should be available in your Bovada account and ready to use within a few seconds.

Though Bovada’s fees will turn off some sportsbook users, it’s important to remember you get what you pay for. And what you get at Bovada is, well, everything: top-shelf customer service, an incredible mobile site, ultra-fast deposits and transactions, great promotional bonuses and so much more.

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ecoCard – Stick with the Most Popular Sportsbooks

Pretty much every online gambling site will accept a similar, if identical, list of cards. But ecoCard doesn’t fall under that same category. They’re more of a niche card, which is to say, they aren’t owned by any of the major issuers, such as Visa or Mastercard.

This creates certain issues for ecoCard betting sites. The ecoCard can be more expensive for them to process than more popular ones or other forms of payment with larger parent companies. This won’t faze the bigger-name online gambing sites. They try to take everything. We recommend you stick with them, as they’re also probably more experienced with e-wallet transactions, which is also what ecoCard is at its core.

How to Apply for an ecoCard?

To apply for an ecoCard, you first need to set up an ecoPayz account. This is done by visiting their website and filling out a couple of registration steps. It’s no different than signing up for PayPal or Skrill.

Then, after that, you need to log in to your account, select the tab at the top that says “ecoCard” and hit “get card.” This will then bring you to the application process, which contrary to other cards, does not require you to go through a credit check or even hook it up to a specific bank account.

Granted, you will need to have one payment method registered with ecoPayz for this work. You do need to fund your account, after. But ecoPayz lets you load up your ecoCard with using another credit card, so if you don’t want to hook up a bank account to it, then you don’t have to.

Using ecoCard at Sportsbooks 

Making deposits at your ecoCard betting sites is no different from using other credit or debit cards. Just go to your gambling site’s payment section and punch in the information on your as you would if you were using a Visa or Mastercard.

Again: Just be sure that your sportsbook accepts ecoCard before you proceed. Otherwise, if you don’t and try to complete the transaction anyway, it will be rejected.

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EcoPayz Screenshots

List of all ecoCard Betting Sites

Among all the ecoCard betting sites, here are our favorites:

Fees Associated with ecoCard

As we’ve already mentioned, many sportsbooks won’t charge you a convenience fee when making deposits with your ecoCard, as they treat it just like any other credit card. But there can be various fees that will be assessed from ecoCard themselves. 

To be clear, they won’t charge you for every transaction. Most of their fees come from cash services, like if you withdraw money using your chosen pin at an ATM. Most of their processing fees, in fact, are actually free. This is still important to keep in mind AFTER your sportsbook withdrawal hits your account. If you try to access the money using an ATM and take it out, you’ll be charged 2 percent of the entire withdrawal. But if you register a bank account and transfer the money that way, you’ll avoid extra charges.

Betting Strategies for ecoCard

There really aren’t any official betting strategies to use ecoCard betting sites. Sportsbooks aren’t running bonuses for this payment method specifically.

However, if you plan to withdraw your money at an ATM, you should definitely account for that when looking at sign-up bonuses. A 2 percent charge may not sound like much, but it’s something if you’re talking about hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Rather than accepting free bets or $25 bonuses, look for sportsbooks running 50 percent or 100 percent deposit matches.

It’s also worth noting that high rollers shouldn’t be using an ecoCard. They place strict limits on each individual transaction. Your maxed out at $2,500 on both deposits and withdrawals, so unless you’re going to fund sportsbooks or cash out in multiple stages, higher-stakes gamblers are better off using another payment method.

Safe Betting – Two Security Benefits

Everyone who signs up for an ecoCard enjoys two primary security benefits. First, you’re centralizing all of your payment information. Rather than providing a bank account or credit card number to every sportsbook you register at, you can simply use your ecoCard, which will be hooked up to your primary information. Essentially, you’re controlling the flow of your financial information online, something that can be pretty hard to do without a third party such as ecoCard on your side.

Second, and most important, ecoCard specializes in online international transactions. This is phenomenal, since many people can have credit cards or banks reject sportsbook deposit requests due to their country’s regulations. You don’t have to worry about that when using an ecoCard.

Our Conclusions – Simple and Secure

Moderately Available

While ecoCard is processed like a regular credit or debit card, it’s not accepted in mass at sportsbooks. At the same time, you’re not dealing with the limited availability of, say, paper schecks.

Cheap Deposits and Withdrawals

ecoCard does not charge any money for processing purchases (or deposits), and you only have to pay a fee on withdrawals if you’re taking the money out from an ATM.

No Credit? No Problem

New customers don’t have to go through a credit check to obtain an ecoCard. You only need a valid payment method to fund your ecoPayz account. And that method doesn’t even need to be a bank account. It can be a credit card.

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