Diners Club Sites

In the past, Bovada, Diamond Sportsbook, Bet Online, Just Bet, Wager Web, Sports Interaction, 5Dimes and many other bookmakers have proudly, and readily, accepted Diners Club deposits. A complete list of sites currently accepting them can be found below. 

The challenge for Diners Club card users nowadays is finding sportsbooks to take them. They have largely been phased out by more popular cards, such as those from the folks over at American Express, Discover, Mastcard and Visa.

There will probably be times when our above list is blank. That’s how scarce Diners Club information is. Even if it’s packed, there’s a chance some of the included sportsbooks will eventually nix Diners Club transactions from their ledgers.

Use this section as more of a research guide. If you see a Diners Club-approved site, double check the web page to see if the cards are still listed under accepted forms of payment. If it’s not there, a quick call or email to customer service reps should clear up any questions you might have.

Likewise, if your sportsbook of choice isn’t listed, you don’t necessarily need to switch. You should first contact your existing bookmaker and see if they’ll accept your card. Sometimes, they might, and it’s just not publicly known.

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

Yes, a Diners Club card is an actual thing. A lot of people haven’t heard of it, but it exists. Do a quick Internet search and you’ll quickly find out that this was one of the very first members-only-type cards around. 

You use your Diners Club plastic just like you would any other form of credit—even when going through sportsbooks sites. That means there usually isn’t any fees on your deposit. If there is, it won’t come from the Diners Club’s end. It’ll be because your sportsbook imposes a deposit charge on any kind of credit card transactions.

Those kinds of fees, however, are increasingly rare. That’s why credit cards have become such a popular form of sportsbook deposits. You don’t pay anything extra out of pocket at the time of the transaction, whereas you need to foot flat or percentage-based fees for MoneyGrams, money orders and wire transfers, among other certain payment methods.

Deposits made using your Diners Club card are typically instantaneous, so long as your account with both the sportsbook and credit company is in good standing. There is (usually) no waiting like you would for many of the above methods—particularly money orders and checks.

If your Diners Club card has some sort of awards sytem, your sportsbook deposit should also be eligible to earn you extra points. For instance, if you earn one reward point for every dollar spent on your Diners Club card, a $500 deposit will get you 500 additional points. Assuming you are going to make this sportsbook deposit anyway, this is a great way to cull some level of incentives from your transaction.

Contrary to book to book transfers and select check, Moneygram and money order methods, Diners Club cards don’t prohibit you from collecting incentives from the sportsbook itself.

Take a website that’s running a 100 percent first-time deposit match promotion. You can process a $100 deposit with that sportsbook using your Diners Club card, and you will still get the additional $100 from the bookmaker. 

In other words, if your sportsbook accepts Diners Club cards, there really is no downside to using yours.

How To Pay With Diners Club

Paying with your Diners Club card is beyond simple. It’s used like any other credit card.

Before making deposits, though, you’ll need to apply for a Diners Club account. The process is similar to that of any other credit company. Visit their website, fill out the prompted information fields and see if you are approved. If you are, presto! You’re ready to start making deposits at the sportsbook.

Simply go to a sportsbook you know is accepting Diners Club, then visit the deposit page. If this is your first time paying with the card, or if it’s not saved to your account, you will need to punch in the card number, expiration date, security code, holder’s name and billing address.

As always, it’s imperative all the information you type in matches that on your card and its online account. Even the slightest variations can result in a declined transaction, so definitely keep this in mind.

When all of that has been entered, you should receive an approval confirmation, both on the actual webpage and via email, from the sportsbook. Once you get these notices, the funds you deposited should be in your account and ready to use.

If they are not, exhibit some patience. These transactions can take a view minutes. Try refreshing your sportsbook page—after making sure you have any necessary confirmation numbers to use as proof of your transaction. If the funds still aren’t reflected in your account after all that, you’ll need to contact your sportsbook for further information.

The risk here is that the transaction could be declined no matter what. Sportsbook deposits made with Diners Club cards are sometimes rejected by the issuing bank because they’re classified as gambling purchases. On other occasions, it’s not a problem. 

Be wary of this potential hiccup. Just because a site accepts Diners Club cards doesn’t mean your deposit is a lock. Call the Diners Club helpline if you are having issues completing your transaction. They will be able to give you detailed answers, and possible solutions or explanations, if the issues begins on their end.

Withdrawals, for the record, cannot typically be done with your Diners Club card. This is not specific to them, but rather, it’s an issue with all credit cards. Most companies won’t allow money to be put back on the card unless the transaction is deemed a refund. So if you’re depositing with a Diner’s Club card, be prepared to use a bank account or check/money order method as a payout form.