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Diners Club Betting Sites

The Diners Club International is among the most popular credit cards among sports gamblers. Founded in 1950, by the company responsible for the popular Discover card, they’re renowned for the ease with which they make international transactions possible. And although not every sportsbook accepts them, many bettors swear by it. We have all the reasons why, as well as the top Diners Club betting sites and all the ins and outs of using it.

Our breakdown of Diners Club betting sites includes:

Best Diners Club Betting Sites

BetOnline – The Best Betting Site in US that Accepts Diners Club


The folks at BetOnline charge a 6 percent processing fee on all credit card transactions. Combined with the 3 percent international fee you’ll get hit with from Diners Club itself, this may turn off some bettors.


You won’t have to wait long for your deposit to hit your BetOnline account. You’ll be ready to place wagers within minutes of inputting your information.

BetOnline’s competitive deposit bonus—they match rival promotions if you can present a better one—makes them a top-tier sportsbook for all methods of payment. We believe they offer enough upside to overlook their 6 percent credit card fee. You’ll have to decide if you agree.

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MyBookie – Fastest Diners Club payments


Users won’t be charged a fee when making deposits at MyBookie with their Diners Club card. However, they still have to pay the 3 percent fee they’ll be charged by the card issuer themselves.


Processing Diners Club transactions at MyBookie is beyond lightning quick. After all the necessary information is punched in, it’ll take seconds to hit your account.

The combination of speed and zero fees (from the sportsbook end) is a winner at MyBookie. And as if that’s not enough, they offer competitive bonuses for new users who make deposits with a credit card.

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SportsBetting – The lowest deposit fees for Diners Club 


You won’t be charged anything by SportsBetting.ag for using your Diners Club card—just the 3 percent processing fee the card issuer attaches to all transactions.


Don’t worry about having to wait for your funds to go through. With the Diners Club card, deposits are completed in no time.

SportsBetting.ag does a fantastic job of balancing the upside of making deposits with the Diners Club card. Their only downside is a lower threshold on their maximum. High rollers won’t enjoy the idea of being capped at $2,500.

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Bodog – The best Diners Club betting site in Canada


At Bodog, the only fees that will be attached to Diners Club transactions are the ones charged from Diners club themselves.


Fast is the only speed Bodog deposits know. Whether you’re using the Diners Club card, another credit card or another form of payment entirely, you’re in good hands.

Using the Diners Club card at Bodog should be an issue-free experience. Their promotional bonuses more than make up for the 3 percent fee Diners Club will charge you, and if you can get past having to make deposits over the phone, you’ll see no downside.

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Bovada – The best mobile betting site for Diners Club


While Bovada won’t charge you a fee on your first Diners Club deposit, they do ascribe a 5.9 percent fee to all subsequent credit card transactions.


Not only does Bovada ensure your funds will be available fast, but the mobile deposit experience is quick in its own thanks to a user-friendly interface.

Making deposits while on the go can be annoying. The page designs can be clunky, and they sometimes take longer to process. Diners Club users will be treated to no such delays at Bovada.

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BetNow – The best bonus for Diners Club


There won’t be any fees from BetNow attached to Diners Club deposits. Once more, though, you will be subjected to Diners Club’s own 3 percent fee.


Though BetNow is exceptionally quick at processing deposits for Visa, Mastercard and American Express holders, there have been complaints that Diners Club transactions take a while longer.

Other than waiting a tad longer for your money to hit your account, Diners Club transactions at BetNow are quite pleasant. And the small delay shouldn’t turn you off–not when they’re willing to match 50 percent of your first deposit, up to $1,000.

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Diners Club betting facts: The Fees Can Add Up

Truth be told, sportsbooks aren’t technically the issue when it comes to fees adding up with your Diners Club card. Many Dinders Club betting sites don’t charge extra on credit card transactions. If they do, they’re typically reasonable to miniscule. And even if a sportsbook charges a higher fee for processing your Diners Club card, most if not all customer service programs will waive said charge on deposits that are more than a few hundred dollars.

Still, you have to account for potential sportsbook fees. And then after that, you have to factor in the incumbent fees of the Diners Club card itself. Not only do they charge 3 percent on most non-domestic transactions, but there’s a $95 annual membership fee all cardholders must pay. They make up for this cost with competitive rewards programs, but the total cost involved of using your Diners Club card at sportsbooks is something absolutely considering before tabbing it as your primary deposit method.

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Dinners Club Screenshot

How to start Diners Club Betting?

If you’re thinking about getting a Diners Club card to use as your primary method of payment at sportsbooks, you’ll first want to make sure to find Diners Club betting sites.  Mastercard and Visa are the only cards basically universally accepted, so if you’re about having access to pretty much every sportsbook, you’re best off going with one of those. To see whether your preferred site accepts Diners Club, check out their frequently asked questions page or contact their customer service if you cannot find any information on their web page.

Applying for a Diners Club Card is Easy

Diners club makes it incredibly easy to sign up. It’s just like applying for any other credit card. You can do it online, and you’ll be approved in seconds. As for getting approval to use it at your sportsbook, that’s simply a matter of seeing whether the site accepts it. Remeber it is not a debit card. In the event they don’t, though, you can always contact customer service. Online sportsbooks have been known to make exceptions for certain deposit options.

List of all Diners Club Betting Sites

We’ve cut out some of the leg work for you. Here are the top Diners Club betting sites:

What’s the Best Way to Use Diners Club at Betting Sites?

For the quickest depositing using your Diners Club, we recommend talking with customer service directly. This assumes they have a phone number to call. You shouldn’t be giving out credit card information via email or a live-chat box. Charge cards are a bit too sensitive for that.

If your online bookie does have a customer service line, they can input your information for you and the funds will be approved a lot faster than if you were to enter it online. Sure, it takes more time in the aggregate because you may be put on hold. But it could also save you time, because a customer service rep will be able to confirm that funds have hit your account. 

Fair warning, though: Don’t expect sportsbooks to use Diners Club cards as a valid payout method. Most are unable to credit money back onto your card. You’ll have to use another one or, more preferably, request payment by check, bank wire or a third party e-wallet service.

However, do expect to be able to cash in on welcome bonuses. Typically whatever your banking method is, sportsbooks have bonus offers that are generic, and then sometimes for specific banking options as well. Online gambling sites offer the same perks no matter your financial institution, with the exception of offering more money to those wagering with Bitcoin.

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Dinner International Screenshot Bovada

Deposit Strategies for Diners

As we’ve gone over ad nauseam, you’re going to potential incur fees in three forms when using the Diners Club card. There’s the sportsbook fees for credit card transactions (these aren’t charged everywhere); the 3 percent fee Diners Club assesses for each deposit; and then the annual membership for the Diners Club card. That adds up. It should be your goal to offset some of the difference.

That’s why we strongly endorse you shopping around looking for the most lucrative sportsbook bonuses. They will help you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. And don’t just settle for any old promotion, like a free parlay bet or $25 credit. A website like BetNow will match 50 percent of your first deposit, up to $1,000. That’s the kind of incentive we’re talking about.

Deposits with Diners Club are Worry-Free

Sportsbook users don’t have to worry about safety when using the Diners Club card. They have fairly renowned security measures they’ve implemented since 2005, when they reinvested in the company format. More than that, online sportsbooks have really beefed up their own security. Where they were once at semi-substantial risk of phishing, they’re now airtight when it comes to your financial privacy.

This makes sense. Sports gambling is worth billions upon billions of dollars per year. Online bookies wouldn’t be up and running if they couldn’t, essentially, guarantee your informational safety. And while they can’t be responsible for your credit card company’s security, prospective Diners Club users can take solace in knowing the company falls under the Discover card umbrella.

Our Diners Club conclusions – A Complicated Deposit Method

Accepted in More Places Than You Think

Certain credit cards are hit or miss when it comes to deposit availability. Diners Club is not. They aren’t an accepted payment method in nearly as many places as generic Mastercard and Visa accounts, but you’ll find they’re more common forms of payment than American Express or the main Discover card.

You Have to Consider the Fees

Between Diners Club’s foreign fee on foreign transactions and annual membership, along with potential surcharges from sportsbooks, you need to be prepared to spend a little extra to use this card when it comes to online gmbling. Whether that’s worth it depends on your own Diners Club rewards and what type of bonuses you’re getting from your sportsbook.

High Rollers-Approved

Not every Diners Club holder will have an ultra-high limit. At the same time, whenever credit cards have an annual membership fee, they’re usually willing to offer their holders higher spending limits. This means, in many cases, that you don’t have to worry about Diners Club rejecting a transaction attempt because it’s too large. Really, you’re more so at the mercy of your sportsbook. They may have a much lower deposit maximum compared to the limit placed upon your Diner’s Club card.

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