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Updated April 9, 2024

Only the FIFA World Cup and Summer Olympics can boast more fans than the ICC Cricket World Cup, cricket’s big daddy of them all. The tournament is more watched than even the Super Bowl, NBA Finals or Academy Awards and the 2019 World Cup averaged 2.6 billion viewers. ICC World Cup betting is just as popular even within North America.  We’ll break down everything about the Cricket World Cup betting sites:

Best Cricket World Cup Betting Sites



Bet365 should be your go-to when looking for plentiful betting markets stretched across any sport including an international behemoth like the ICC World Cup.


Bet365 will match your deposits up to $200 in bet credits; just read the terms and conditions to find out who to use it properly.

As far as sportsbooks go, Bet365 is a household name internationally thanks to its hard-to-beat combo of betting markets, customer service, and its betting interface. Beginners might take a while to get used to it, and the popups are never fun, but as far as value goes, Bet365 is a nice deal.

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No betting site is perfect and while Betway offers a competitive set of betting odds, they can lack some betting markets and the odds are not the most valuable


Betway more than makes up for this with its generous signup offer of up to $250 in initial deposits

Sure, Betway’s odds aren’t going to blow you away, but you’ll stay for different reasons: the in-game cashout option and the Loyalty Rewards program that gifts you free bets by betting. Betway also has one of the smoothest interfaces ever so it’s a hassle-free surfing process for the ICC World Cup betting.

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SportsInteraction (SIA)


SIA isn’t the best for its odds, but it’s consistently competitive and early enough to be one of the first books you’ll check out.


SIA will give up to $200 in betting cash if you deposit as much or more; they lack contests and promotions otherwise

Though they could be more generous with their contests or bonuses, SIA has earned a near-pristine reputation for a good reason. It’s easy to deposit or withdraw, customer service is great, and the extensive betting markets make this a go-to site for ICC World Cup betting.

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ICC World Cup betting picks: strategies change, principles don’t 

Betting strategies for the Cricket World Cup betting sites may change over time, especially with what edition is. There are rule changes, format changes, and the qualified teams become different. Relying on a set strategy can be successful for one year then fail the next.

However, betting principles are timeless. These are principles bettors should abide by regardless of whether it’s cricket or another sport. Keep these in mind.

Have a betting budget and abide by it. Create units, percentages of your bankroll, and use it when betting. Do not bet nonchalantly with arbitrary amounts. Determine the value of a bet with diligent research.

When doing research, be weary of your sources. There are countless cricket tipsters around with many who claim they are guaranteed winners. There is no such thing as a guaranteed bet. Sure, some bets are more than likely going to cash. But upsets still happen, even incredible ones.

Do primary research too, meaning, watch cricket and judge the players and teams for yourself. Reading about what an “expert” says is different from viewing the actual teams themselves.

Use every available resource to you and that includes sportsbooks. You can sign up for just one book, but signing up for multiple books lets you take advantage of their strengths. You can also shop different odds and pick the best ones.

Most importantly, have a goal and be focused on it. Betting is a long-term game. A few losses here or a hot streak there can vanish momentarily. Stay disciplined and go at it.

ICC World Cup betting preview: expectations versus odds

On the note of cricket betting being a long-term game, let’s look at the example of two friends: Rashad and Mario.

Both Rashad and Mario are big cricket fans. Eventually, the two started betting the games and cashed in $1,000 each.

But they both had a different game plan. Rashad didn’t have much of a strategy. He simply bet on different betting markets whimsically so long as he felt “they had good value.”

Mario was more methodical. He only bet percentages or units of his bankroll and only after doing intensive research. And he had a budget and didn’t go over spending more than 5% of his bankroll per event.

After a few weeks, Rashad more than doubled his deposit and was now up over $2,000. Meanwhile, Mario didn’t do so badly himself and was up $200.

After a few months, however, Rashad made a few horrible bets and lost all of his winnings. Slow and steady Mario was still winning and was now up $400.

After a full year, Rashad hit a cold streak and was down to just $100. Mario was up almost $1,000, nearly doubling his initial deposit.

Not every bettor, even if they are as patient as Mario, is going to win money over time. But having a gameplan and staying disciplined can at least ensure they won’t blow away their investment like Rashad did.

What can you bet on during the ICC World Cup?

You can bet on almost anything at Cricket World Cup betting sites. Depending on the stage of the tournament’s life cycle, the betting markets differ. 

Betting before the tournament begins is Futures betting. Betting before the matches is pre-match betting and is the most common form of betting. This is when you bet on which team wins, by how many runs, the total score, or which players score and how much etc. There are a multitude of betting markets for this. And betting during a match is live betting. 

Let’s cover these types of bets in more detail:

ICC World Cup Futures

Betting ahead of time before the tournament starts goes through Futures betting. This is when you predict an outcome of the next coming tournament. These Futures can also offer an extensive range of different types of bets. Here are some examples:

ICC World Cup Prop bets

Prop bets are side bets you make that deal if an outcome, outside of the match result, will happen or not happen. Think of this as the sportsbook betting version of “bet you this will (or will not) happen…”

Many types of prop bets are offered every tournament with many more being possible to request with your favourite Cricket World Cup betting sites.

Prop bets can be tricky types of bets. Some can be legitimately cricket-related and take place during the game while some can be arbitrary and not relevant to the game at all. There are usually two types of prop bets: one that can be gauged or estimated using previous data or knowledge of the game, and one that is completely random.

Here are some examples of prop bets:

ICC World Cup Over/Under

The Over/under or totals is a fixture in betting markets, not just the ICC World Cup or cricket. This is when you bet whether the total match aggregate (combined totals of both teams after a game is finalized) will go over (higher) the oddsmaker’s totals or under (lower).

Betting Strategies for ICC World Cup

Each of these respective types of bets require a different form of strategy and each is lined differently.

Futures betting, while it can payoff, tend to have the lowest payouts or edge for the players. This is because the lack of data or the unpredictability of an event that is far from happening pushes oddsmakers to set conservative lines. This means your payout won’t yield as much if you pick a team.

Betting the over/under is theoretically 50/50 as oddsmakers set it at an average based on their analytics. The key here is to bet the line you want as fast as you can. Some lines can get “steamed” (bet by the public to a point it loses value). When this happens, it might be better to bet the other result. Weigh out the odds and probability.

Lastly, there are a plethora of strategies to approach pre-match betting or live betting. We’ve covered most of these in the betting strategies section. Stick to the principles, stay disciplined, and have a betting budget.

How does the ICC World Cup betting work? Know these facts

The ICC World Cup takes place every four years just like most international sporting tournaments. The World Cup has endured plenty of rule changes, but as of 2019, the tournament now consists of two stages: a round-robin and knockout stage. Cricket World Cup betting sites have weathered all these changes. 

There are 10 participants to begin all in one group playing each other once. The top four teams, based on points (with Net Run Rate as the tiebreaker) will advance to a knockout stage semi-finals.

You will be able to bet on the ICC World Cup throughout any stage: before, during, and even after the tournament. Odds are released all year round and the market depends on what stage it is during the season.

Betting before the tournament or during the off years is Futures betting. Betting before a match is pre-match betting and the most popular with the most betting markets. And betting during the game is live betting. There is a limited window to bet here, usually during a stoppage in play. You will need a sportsbook with a handy mobile betting platform to take full advantage of this.

ICC World Cup Schedule: the next tournament

The next ICC World Cup tournament is scheduled for 2023 in India. This will be the first time India will host the tournament on its own as it co-hosted the tournament in 1987, 1996, and 2011.

The 2023 ICC World Cup will keep the same format from the 2019 World Cup so it will be between 10 teams in the round-robin and knockout stage. 

Outside of the host nation, India, teams qualify through the 2020-22 ICC Cricket World Super League tournament. The top seven teams qualify automatically while the other teams must play in the 2022 Cricket World Cup Qualifier to earn the last two spots for the tournament.

You don’t have to wait to open up your Cricket World cup betting sites account.

ICC World Cup Betting history: betting stats to remember

The first ICC World Cup was organized in England in 1975 and plenty of history has been made through the years. As the tournament continues to grow and evolve, more records will be made and even more will be broken.

Here’s a list of the most notable ICC World Cup records:


Most titles: Australia – 5 (1987, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2015)
Best win %: Australia – 74.73%
Most matches played: Australia – 94
Most matches won: Australia – 69
Most consecutive wins: Australia – 27

Greatest win margin (by runs): Australia over Afghanistan – 275 runs (2015)
Lowest win margin (by runs): England over New Zealand – boundary count (26-17) (2019)

Highest inning totals: Australia – 417-6 (50 overs) (2015)
Lowest inning totals: Canada – 36 (18.4 overs) (2003)

Highest match aggregate: Australia v Bangladesh – 714-13 (100 overs) (2019)
Lowest match aggregate: Sri Lanka v Canada – 73-11 (23.2 overs) (2003)

Highest run chase: Ireland over England – 329-7 (49.1 overs) (2011)

Players (batting):

Most career runs: Sachin Tendulkar (India) – 2,278 (1992-2011)
Highest individual score: Martin Guptil (New Zealand) – 237 runs (2015)
Highest average: Lance Klusener (South Africa) – 124.00 (1999-2003)
Most centuries: Rohit Sharma (India) – 6 (2015-2019), Sachin Tendulkar (India) – 6 (1992-2011)

Players (bowling): 

Most career wickets: Glenn McGrath (Australia) – 71 (1996-2007)
Best bowling figure: Glenn McGrath (Australia) – 7/15 (2003)
Best average: Mitchell Starc (Australia) – 14.81 (2015-2019)
Best economy rate: Andy Roberts (West Indies) – 3.24 (1975-1983)

Players (fielding):

Most dismissals (wicketkeeper): Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka) – 54
Most catches (fielder): Ricky Ponting (Australia) – 28

TLDR: ICC World Cup in a summary

Follow betting principles, adjust betting strategies

Principles, unlike strategies, are timeless. For cricket, the betting strategies change depending on the type of game or the format. Even the ICC World Cup changes its rules and formats leading to a shift in betting strategy. But betting principles such as maintaining a bankroll, having a goal, and doing thorough research, stay true no matter what.

Choose an ICC World Cup betting market – not everything 

There are countless betting markets available for the ICC World Cup. No matter how enthusiastic you are, you won’t be able to bet all of them. Find which markets you are most comfortable with and focus on that. You can pick from outright bets to prop bets to Futures and many more.

Double-dealing: sign up to more than one sportsbook

While the top sportsbooks are great, they are not perfect. That’s why you sign up for more than one sportsbook so you can avail of the different perks of each including the sign-up offer. You will also be able to shop around different betting markets and find the best betting odds.

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