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Baseball may be the popular sport in North America, but Cricket keeps growing and remains one of the most influential sports internationally. It is big in several regions including Australasia, the United Kingdom, and the Indian subcontinent.

Cricket fans can watch and bet on cricket from anywhere: their computers or their mobile devices and they can find plenty of legitimate online sportsbooks.

What Makes an Cricket Betting Site Great

  • International and club cricket
  • Live-betting cricket odds
  • High lines

Best Cricket Betting Sites

Unique features and excellent cricket offers at Betway

As one of the newer books, Betway has found innovative ways to compete and this includes an in-game ticket cashout option that very few other books offer. This allows you flexibility in your betting strategy

Betway also offers the Betway Loyalty rewards program, which lets you accumulate betting points you can use for free bets at the site. This is a cool feature that rewards you for betting and gives the incentive to use the site more

In terms of cricket betting odds, the lines could be better with Betway but they are still competitive relative to the market. Betway also offers enough cricket markets to make your stay worthwhile. Betway may not be the most comprehensive in terms of cricket betting odds, but its combination of unique features make it an invaluable sportsbook. When choosing a group of sportsbooks, Betway will stand out and be memorable for you.

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Bet365 offers the best mobile app for cricket

Bet365 is a top selection thanks to a multitude of reasons but mainly for featuring one of the best mobile betting apps: it is easy-to-use, loads fast, and is highly customizable. This is key when looking into live betting or being “mobile” when betting

As far as cricket betting odds, Bet365 may be the best you can find. It offers one of the most diverse betting markets with customizable lines you can use to suit your style of play. Add their streamlined live betting platform and what more could you want?

The customer service at Bet365 is also rated as one of the best; this is perfect for beginners who may find online betting a bit daunting. Their team will assure you and help you through it. Bet365 is an ideal sportsbook for bettors of all types. Its depth can be a bit overwhelming for newer players, but once you settle in, you may just make Bet365 your best friend. Keep it locked in both your computer and mobile devices.

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SIA is the best for cricket bets in Canada

SIA carries the torch as Canada’s most dignified sportsbook thanks to its sleek interface, the ease of depositing, and the plenty of methods including interac e-transfer

Cricket betting odds are offered at SIA almost all-year round; they are one of the top books in Canada to offer a nice variety of odds and are usually competitive in their lines

The live betting platform at SIA is also among the best and with the different time zones of the sport – times in the UK, India, or Australia – this is a “clutch” characteristic

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Cricket betting facts

Cricket is a unique game, especially when compared to the major professional sports leagues in North America. While the object of the game is similar to baseball, to score runs when at bat, the structure is different.

There are a variety of cricket games and most of them get intense betting action. The sport has been around for over 500 years and while it remains relatively obscure in popular culture in North America, it is a popular sport for both spectators and bettors worldwide.

You can bet on cricket from any online sportsbook. Cricket betting odds are usually available whenever. Pick one of the top sportsbooks and look for their cricket section. You will find a wide selection. 

How to bet on cricket

You can bet on cricket whenever cricket betting odds are available and they usually are all-year-round. It just depends on what the betting odds are. This is true even for cricket betting in the USA, where the sport is a bit less popular.

When it is the offseason, you can still make cricket bets through futures bets. These are bets on an outcome set in a future date. These bets usually involve which team wins the championship, which players win awards, or whether a team will make the playoffs or how many games they will win.

Futures bets can hold plenty of value, but the house usually has more edge in these types of bets. And the unpredictability of the offseason can be too hard to gauge.

During the season when games are being played, you have a plethora of betting markets to wager on in cricket, especially at the cricket betting sites we recommend.

The single matches are the bread-and-butter of betting. These are available usually a day or two before the next match. In some cases, odds are opened weeks ahead, especially if it is a big event like a marquee matchup or an international event like the Cricket World Cup or the ICC World Test Championship.

It is best to bet single matches as early as possible, especially if picking favorites as their lines can get bet to a point they would lose their value. If siding with underdogs, you can wait as long as you feel the payout will get better.

Best Betting Strategies for Cricket

There are specific betting strategies for cricket, but before getting into this, you’ll need to learn about betting principles first. These principles will help you not just with cricket betting but overall.

You will need to do research. Follow different cricket tipsters and read and watch cricket betting tips. Follow the game of cricket and become familiar with everything: the rules, the players, and news.

Cricket betting in the USA offers some strategic advantages. You may be betting against people who are less experienced in this particular sport. Here a little bit of research can go a long way.

But also be aware of the public’s biases. In betting, it is common for bettors to be persuaded by the majority. If the public bets overwhelmingly on one team, it can be perceived this team is strong and will win. And then when the team loses, everyone realizes their flaws.

Look up different tips and breakdowns and formulate your own opinion. Be diligent.

Once you have your homework done, track and open several sportsbook accounts. You will not only be able to use multiple deposit bonuses but also be able to take advantage of the different odds and pick the best ones.

You also need to learn to manage your bankroll. Treat bets like they are investments and have a limit. You can do this by using a unit system: a percentage of your total bankroll. You wager units based on your confidence level and how much value the odds have.

Types of bets for cricket

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Cricket Betting Sites

All year long

There are a great variety of betting odds for cricket and they are available all-year round. During the offseason, you can bet on futures odds and take a shot at a team winning a title or a player winning an award. In the regular season, single match betting is the way to go and you will findg plenty of markets.

Clear scoring

You can find plenty of bonuses for cricket depending on the sportsbook. Some books will offer contests and promotions during cricket season. But most books offer a signup bonus, which will include free bets you can apply for cricket betting.

Best cricket sites

There is not a single best betting site for cricket but there are many you will want to pay attention to. These books usually offer the best cricket betting odds or have the most cricket betting markets. These also open odds earlier and have plenty of props. Most notably, the sites have bonuses.

What makes these sites the best for cricket?

On top of being great sportsbooks, these sites have excellent cricket markets.

Should I bet on my favorite cricket team?

Be careful about betting on your favorite cricket team. It is best to be logical when money is on the line.

Where is cricket most popular?

Cricket is most popular in the British commonwealth. Cricket is especially popular in India and Pakistan.

Can you bet live on cricket?

Yes, you can! Be sure to check out the times, as cricket is a global game.

What are the best cricket bets?

A good tip to making the best cricket bets is paying attention. Especially if you are betting against people in the US, where people may not understand all the league dynamics.