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Click2Pay Betting Sites

Click2Pay is basically a hybrid e-wallet and credit service. They act as an intermediary for online transactions, not unlike PayPal and Skrill, but they also offer you the opportunity to spend funds that aren’t yet in your account…for a fee. You can see why it might be an intriguing deposit method for sports bettors, even though not many online gaming sites accept it relative to other payments forms. Which places take it? And how do you use it? We’ve got all the answers right here.

This article is going to teach you everything you need to know about Click2Pay betting sites:

Best Click2Pay Betting Sites

MyBookie – The Best Click2Pay Betting Site in US


Deposits made using Click2Pay will not incur a fee from MyBookie. You’re only responsible for the surcharges assessed by Click2Pay themselves.


Extra fast is the speed at which Click2Pay deposits are processed at MyBookie. You’ll be placing wagers at the sportsbook in no time.

Bettors who are willing to potentially deal with customer service when they place a deposit will love MyBookie for their Click2Pay transactions. Deposits are swift, free on MyBookie’s end and eligible to whatever promotional bonuses are being handed out.

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BetNow – Fastest Click2Pay Payments


Click2Pay transactions will not be subject to a fee from BetNow. They will process both deposits and withdrawals without taking a cut. However, if you’re using a line of credit from Click2Pay when making deposits, you’ll be assessed a surcharge. Withdrawals will also be docked between 2 and 3 percent of the transaction.


By the time you finish blinking after inputting all your information, BetNow will have processed your Click2Pay deposit. As for withdrawals, they take a little longer, but they’re still often wrapped up within 24 to 36 hours.

E-wallets outside of Skrill, Neteller and PayPal can subject customers to lag times on their transactions. BetNow makes sure that isn’t the case with Click2Pay. Your deposits will be available instantly and eligible for bonuses, and their withdrawal requests are processed at light speed.

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WagerWeb – The Lowest Deposit Fees


Fees are not something you need to worry about from WagerWeb when it comes to Click2Pay transactions. They are pushed through free of charge. That said, you should still expect to incur a fee from Click2Pay on all withdrawal requests.


Click2Pay transactions could stand to be a little quicker at WagerWeb. Deposits are fine; they’re usually processed instantly. But where many places transfer your money within a day of payout requests, it takes a little longer than that here.

Stomaching the extra wait time on Click2Pay withdrawals shouldn’t be considered a big deal if you’re looking at WagerWeb. After all, they’re committed to getting your money in and out at the cheapest possible cost to you. With no hidden fees, they’re a viable option for the cash-attentive.

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Bodog – The Best in Canada


No fees will be charged from Bodog on Click2Pay transactions, be it a deposit or withdrawal. Click2Pay, on the other hand, may catch you at both ends. They take between 2 and 3 percent of all withdrawals, and for bettors outside Canada, they will levy a fee for making deposits at Bodog as well.


Transaction speed is not an issue at Bodog. Their deposits are instantaneous, and withdrawal requests should hit your Click2Pay account within 48 hours.

Bodog is an inclusive Click2Pay landing spot. They don’t isolate any one type of bettor. They don’t charge fees, their deposit minimums start at as low as $10, they process transactions quickly and they offer reload bonuses to existing customers to boot.

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Bovada – The Best for Mobile Betting


Whether you’re making deposits or withdrawals using Click2Pay, Bovada will not charge you a fee. The only surcharge you’re responsible for is the one assessed by Click2Pay, which usually only comes on the withdrawal end.


Bovada’s mobile interface makes it easy for gamblers to process Click2Pay transactions from scratch. You’ll go from typing in your information to placing your next best in mere minutes.

If you’ve read any of our other e-wallet reviews, Bovada’s inclusion under the mobile site umbrella comes as no surprise. They are the industry standard for processing e-wallet deposits and withdrawals on the go. Their UX design is second to none, and their servers are equipped to handle requests whether they’re coming in using data or over wifi.

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BetDSI – The Best Bonus for Click2Pay


Like most other sportsbooks, BetDSI does not charge a fee for processing Click2Pay deposits or withdrawals. Those surcharges come from the Click2Pay company alone.


BetDSI makes it a point to complete deposit transactions on the double. Their processing time on withdrawals is equally impressive. It shouldn’t take more than three days to get your cash.

Who wouldn’t want a 150 percent deposit bonus, up to $1,500? Exactly. It doesn’t take much thought to roll with BetDSI. A touch-and-go mobile site is their only downside. Transactions take a little while longer to process, and the UX design isn’t conducive to effortless site navigation.

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Click2Pay Betting Sites facts – Stick with Major Sportsbooks

Though most sportsbooks accept e-wallets, Click2Pay is more of a niche version and not taken as widely as other services like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller. This isn’t just because it doesn’t have as large of a customer base. That’s part of it. But it also has to do with the credit line aspect. Sportsbooks don’t want to deal with transactions getting rejected or rescinded; it is easier for them to process major credit cards than smaller-time e-wallets.

Not that we’re trying to discourage you from using Click2Pay. It works for some people. And the fees you pay on potential credit lines are significantly cheaper than the rates you’ll get from the more mainstream issuers. Certain sports gamblers will see real value in using.

Still, if you’re going to make deposits and withdrawals with Click2Pay, we strongly endorse sticking with the largest, most popular Click2Pay betting sites. Not only are they ones most likely to accept it, but they’re also the sites that will make the process go as smoothly as possible because they’re so accustomed to processing a score of different payment methods.

Click to pay screenshot bovadaiphone

Click to Pay Screenshot Bovada

Setting Up Your Click2Pay

Enrolling in Click2Pay doesn’t take a ton of time. If you have a deposit method handy—such as a credit card or bank account—you can finish up your registration in minutes. You should also be immediately able to make deposits. These transactions specifically shouldn’t cost you anything. Click2Pay only charges you to receive money from a third party or process purchases (i.e. deposits). 

Something to keep in mind: It may take a little while for your first deposit to hit your Click2Pay account. That’s pretty normal for a new customer. Future transactions should be much easier when your account is in longer standing and the deposit method you’ve supplied has already been approved at least once before.

Using Click2Pay at Sportsbooks

It doesn’t take any special effort on your part to use Click2Pay at sportsbooks—provided you’ve already confirmed that they accept it. If you haven’t done that initial legwork, be sure to scan your online bookie’s frequently asked questions sections or contact customer service to get your answer.

Assuming your sportsbook does take Click2Pay, you will head over to the deposit section, select e-wallet as your preferred payment method and enter all the necessary account information. You’ll essentially be done after that. 

This process is pretty much the same for withdrawing, though some sportsbooks will charge a few for the transfer when you’re taking out money. If they do, they’ll have you confirm the flat fee or percentage they’re taking.

Click 2 Buy betting sites

Here are our five favorite Click2Pay betting sites:

Check for Transaction Limits

Different payment methods have different transaction limits. In the case of e-wallets, most don’t hold you to a minimum amount. (Sportsbooks will do that for you.) But they do sometimes assign maximums, whether they’re daily, weekly, monthly or just by transaction.

Click2Pay doesn’t not have a blanket limit. It’s also not unlimited. Their maximums vary by account, often resting on credit scores or how much money you’re depositing in the first place. Make sure you’re aware of how much you can send. If you’re given a lower limit than you’d prefer, it’s best to contact their customer service or start thinking about another payment method.

Betting Strategies for E-Wallets Like Click and Buy

When using Click2Pay, it’s best practice to prioritize sportsbooks that 1) don’t charge you a few for e-wallet deposit or withdrawal transactions, and 2) offer competitive bonuses. Both are of equal importance, because you’re going to incur fees from Click2Pay’s end. They assess 2 to 3 percent charges when you’re receiving money, and they’ll take out the same amount for certain deposits, depending on where your sportsbook is located. 

Knowing you’ll be out a few bucks from the jump, you should look to regain that coin any way you can. Zero-fee sportsbooks that offer real bonuses are the best way to do that. And by real bonuses, we mean a minimum of 50 percent deposit matches. None of this free $25 or one free parlay bet stuff. That’s not enough when so many gaming sites offer more.

Safe Betting – Security Worth Paying For

While people will complain about the fees levied by Click2Pay, they exist for a reason. You’re not just paying to keep the company afloat; you’re footing the bill for extra security. That’s why e-wallets are so intriguing for many sports gamblers. They’re already getting top-shelf security from their online gaming sites, and third-party facilitators that collect fees are certain transactions provide yet another layer of security.

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Click To Pay Information Screenshot

Our Conclusions – Not For Everyone

Limited Availability

Click2Pay has never been a popular payment method in the sports-betting industry. You’ll have to search to find places that accept it. Be prepared to do that due diligence.

Unavoidable Fees

Some e-wallets have workarounds on fees. For instance, certain ones won’t charge you anything when you receive money that falls under a certain sum. Click2Pay has never worked like that. They collect fees on just about every transaction.

Secure Transactions

The upside to shelling out for surcharges on pretty much every transaction is that you’re getting first-rate security. This is a service you can use wherever it’s accepted without absolute confidence.

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