Click2pay Betting Sites

Betting Sites Accepting Click2Pay

Below you will find the different online sportsbooks that accept Click2Pay. Make sure you pick the sports that suits our betting needs most. 

Using your Click2Pay account online is a fairly streamlined process if you have experience with other eWallet outlets. Even if you haven’t used an eWallet before, the system is a user-friendly as you will use your “e-funds” to send wagers through at a moment’s notice.

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

One of the older online payment systems, Click2Pay was founded as a company in 2003 in Munich, Germany. The organization is mainly based out of Germany (its new headquarters is in Berlin), but serves clients in various countries worldwide.

As an online “eWallet” or “e-wallet,” Click2Pay operates with electronic money you can transfer to different online sportsbooks. To utilize the Click2Pay system, you must first sign up through the main Click2Pay website where you’ll be prompted to link your bank or credit card number to the account. 

How To Pay With Click2Pay

When signing up for a Click2Pay account, the company will do its due dilligence to make sure your account is secure. This process takes place after you input your private information and connect your desired bank account.

In most cases, the company will draw a small amount from your account (as low as $7) to make sure the account is able to transfer funds. The transaction will then be refunded within a week. Additionally, the company will contact you by phone to verify your identity and confirm all the prior data you have entered. 

After all data has been verified, you will be provided with a Personal Account Number — a PAN number, for short — to combine with your issued ID code.

This is used anytime you send funds as the receiving party will only be able to see the the PAN and ID code while all other information is protected from viewing. This whole verification process usually only takes a couple of minutes to complete, but the Click2Pay company needs a handful of days to check information before you get the final green light.

In addition to your PAN and ID codes, you will also receive a “Star-Rating”, which basically represents the max amount of money you can wager at a given time. As you use Click2Pay more often, your rating will increase which allows higher transactions. 

As soon are you done registering for your Click2Pay account and are given the final thumbs up, you can start wagering. As your star-rating increases, the funds you can utilize will go up gradually over time. While the payment pages for each of the sites above will vary, the general process is similar to other online eWallets.

First, you will want to select either the Click2Pay logo or eWallet option. Enter both your PAN and ID-code into the requested fields and fill out how much you want to wager. 

Once you have entered all of the information in the designated fields, click confirm and your funds will be sent immediately. Barring any hiccups, the deposited amount will be added to your account immediately.