BetVictor Sign Up Bonus

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Compared to other online sportsbooks, BetVictor isn't particularly laden with incentives. But first-time registers do have the ability to snag £25 in free bets once they sign up.


$250 Bonus 50% Sign Up Bonus - Up to $250
  1. 1 Create your account on Bovada => click here
  2. 2Deposit at least £25 into your account
  3. 3Place first bet of at least £25 to receive free £25 within 24 hours
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  • Free £25 after signing up
  • Favorable Football odds
  • Low betting minimums
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BetVictor Sign Up Bonus

Claiming your £25 bonus is easy. Just create an account with BetVictor, at which point you will be prompted to enter all the pertinent information, such as your name, phone number email and payment information.

Accounts can be opened online or over the phone. Creating them online is faster, but you can ask more questions over the phone, perhaps even discovering some surprise incentives you didn't know existed.

Whenever your account is active and able to accept incoming funds, make a deposit for at least £25. Once that money is in your account, place a bet for a minimum of £25. BetVictor will then throw another £25 into your account within 24 hours, regardless of whether you win or lose your inaugural wager.

You will have 30 days to use the free £25 from the time it's put into your BetVictor account. You do not need to invest it all in one bet. It can dispersed across different wagers, as long as each bet hits the site's minimum benchmark of £1.

In theory, then, you can turn this £25 into 25 free bets, which is never a bad thing. They can be broken up into even more wagers when going the parlay route; the minimum benchmark for each level of a multi-outcome bet is just £0.05.

Gamblers in the United States are unfortunately unable to take advantage of this offer. BetVictor predominantly caters to crowds in the United Kingdom, Europe and the Far East. 

When you do wager the initial £25, before receiving your free gift, you must make sure the odds on said bet are even or better, otherwise the promotion won't take effect. This deal, as with most online gambling programs, is for new users only and will not be applied to the accounts of existing BetVictor customers.

Along those same lines, bonuses and general privileges may be revoked if Betfair has reason to believe that one individual or household is opening numerous accounts under different aliases.

Best Football Odds Available

According to a review by, BetVictor's Football odds were vetted by an "independent" contractor and declared to rival the best betting options around.

No, this isn't technically an incentive, but it is still a massive plus. You can keep track of Football odds, across all markets, using BetVictor and know that they are highly unlikely to be more favorable anywhere else. 

The site also has a unique moneyback play on Football parlays. If you place a five-outcome bet and miss winning by just one wager, BetVictor will refund your stake as a £25 gamble.

This isn't a huge incentive for those who are betting £250, £500 or £1,000, but it's better than nothing—and super valuable to those who enjoy placing £25 on five-tier parlays, which essentially amounts to £5 per bet.


Best Horse Racing Odds, Guranteed

Some online sportsbooks will not allow you to capitaize on better horse racing odds should your wager be placed before they change. This deters certain bettors from laying down their wagers early, since they don't want to miss out on any last minute-shifts.

This isn't a problem with BetVictor. If you place a bet on the ponies and the odds change before the gate opens, but after your wager has been processed, your payout will be based off the best possible odds should you win.

As a further incentive, BetVictor offers live streaming of every horse race for which it accepts a bet. Better still, it will permit you re-watch any race you bet on that you miss. Talk about convenience!

Super Low Betting Minimums

Some betting websites require you to bet at least £5 or £10 on any single wager. But not BetVictor.

Gambles placed needn't be larger than £1. Multi-play bets have even lower minimums; you only have to hit £0.05 per outcome to push your wager through.

Now, the less you bet, the less you'll win. That's simple math. But this lack of restriction on how much you can bet allows you to take advantage of any deposit or general bonuses. 

Scenario: You take advantage BetVictor's £25 sign-up bonus. Rather than investing that money into one wager or even having to break it up into five £5 wagers, you can dilute it down to 25 bets of £1.

That flexibility isn't available anywhere, and it enables you to experiment with longer-than-long shot plays you wouldn't otherwise consider. And while your start-up investment will be low in these situations, the returns are typically lucrative on outcomes that are deemed unlikely—especially when you are combining multiple long-shot ventures into a single parlay.

Consider this low single-bet minimum another way in which BetVictor tries rewarding its users, both old and new alike.

BetVictor Deposit Bonus

Rollover terms will apply to BetVictor's first-time deposit bonus of £25. These conditions will not be availabe until you actually claim the £25 in incentives, which can happen only after you create an account, make your first deposit and place a one-time bet of £25 or more at even odds.

For reference, most sites have a minimum rollover of five times the intial reward. In this case, since your reward is £25, you would need to place £125 worth of gambles before that money can be withdrawn as your own.

To be sure, this isn't BetVictor's rollover protocol. It's just an example. Some sites have longer rollover rules (10 times, 20 times, 30 times, etc.). Others have a time cap, such as 30 days.

If you wish to avoid making a deposit before you figure out BetVictor's rollover terms, try talking with online or phone representatives. Agents for online gambling sites are wells of information, and they are usually super forthcoming with that information when prompted to answer questions related to the rules and regulations of bonus offerings.