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The Super Bowl isn’t just the Mecca of the NFL, it is an American cultural insitution, a day celebrated with the same fervor and a similar level of anticipation and excitement as Christmas Day. Super Bowl commercials have grown to iconic status alongside the game itself, which let’s face it, often struggles to live up to the level of hype it annually receives. But the Super Bowl is more than just America’s favorite day of the year, an event that is watched by countless millions on television. It is also the most bet on sports event in the US. [+]

Since the Super Bowl originated in 1967, favorites have gone 33-16 straight up and 26-21-2 against the pointspread. Super Bowl XLIX was listed as pick’em, meaning there was no favorite and two other Super Bowls ended in a push, with sportsbooks nailing the exact final margin of the outcome.

The underdog has won seven of the last nine Super Bowls. The over/under has gone 25-24 in favor of the over. There was no over/under wagering offered on Super Bowl I.



Super Bowl Betting Lines Today

Ready to put cash down on the Super Bowl? Look below to see all the betting lines and bet types so you are in the know before putting your money down on the biggest game in sports. 

playoff - Matchday 4
Match day
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
Away Score Home Money Line
Sunday 03 February
FT Patriots 13 - 3 Los Angeles Rams -135 +115

Super Bowl Matchup Right Now

When you look at the Super Bowl matchup, is important to know the present and the past. Anyone who did their homework and knew their Super Bowl history would have been all over the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl 50. [+]

The game between the Carolina Panthers and Broncos pitted the NFL’s No. 1 offense (the Panthers) against the NFL’s No. 1 defense (the Broncos). To the educated bettor, it was no surprise at all that the Broncos would carry the day, because in all three previous Super Bowl matchups of this ilk, defense got the better of offense.

In Super Bowl XIII, the No. 1 defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the best offense of the Dallas Cowboys 35-31. It was the same story in Super Bowl XIX, as the top defense of the San Francisco 49ers throttled the No. 1 offense of the Miami Dolphins 38-16. And in Super Bowl XXV, the NFL’s No. 1 offensive team the Buffalo Bills dropped a 20-19 decision to the New York Giants when Scott Norwood’s game-ending field goal attempt infamously faded wide right.

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# team P W L + - %
1 Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams 16 13 3 527 384 0.813
2 New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints 16 13 3 504 353 0.813
3 Chicago Bears Chicago Bears 16 12 4 421 283 0.750
4 Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs 16 12 4 565 421 0.750
5 Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Chargers 16 12 4 428 329 0.750
6 Houston Texans Houston Texans 16 11 5 402 316 0.688
7 New England Patriots New England Patriots 16 11 5 436 325 0.688
8 Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens 16 10 6 389 287 0.625
9 Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys 16 10 6 339 324 0.625
10 Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts 16 10 6 433 344 0.625
11 Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks 16 10 6 428 347 0.625
12 Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers 16 9 6 428 360 0.594
13 Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles 16 9 7 367 348 0.563
14 Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans 16 9 7 310 303 0.563
15 Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings 16 8 7 360 341 0.531
16 Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns 16 7 8 359 392 0.469
17 Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons 16 7 9 414 423 0.438
18 Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers 16 7 9 376 382 0.438
19 Washington Redskins Washington Redskins 16 7 9 281 359 0.438
20 Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins 16 7 9 319 433 0.438
21 Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers 16 6 9 376 400 0.406
22 Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills 16 6 10 269 374 0.375
23 Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals 16 6 10 368 455 0.375
24 Denver Broncos Denver Broncos 16 6 10 329 349 0.375
25 Detroit Lions Detroit Lions 16 6 10 324 360 0.375
26 Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars 16 5 11 245 316 0.313
27 New York Giants New York Giants 16 5 11 369 412 0.313
28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 5 11 396 464 0.313
29 New York Jets New York Jets 16 4 12 333 441 0.250
30 Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders 16 4 12 290 467 0.250
31 San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers 16 4 12 342 435 0.250
32 Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals 16 3 13 225 425 0.188

How To Make Money On Super Bowl Betting

In 14 Super Bowl games, a favorite has been picked by a double-digit pointspread. On the surface, this might seem like a wise time to go with the underdog and lately, that’s proven to be where the smart money goes.

In this instance, four of the last five Super Bowls have seen the underdog deliver a payday. The Green Bay Packers were 14-point favorites over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI and won 35-21, resulting in a push. The last double-digit favorite to cover was the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XXIX, who gave the San Diego Chargers a Super Bowl-record 18.5 points and still won 49-26. 

The widest margin offered on a favorite that lost the Super Bowl remains the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. Favored by 18 points over the New York Jets, the Colts lost 16-7.

A high over number would seem to be a logical time for a better to play the under and historically in the Super Bowl, that strategy have proven to be an effective wagering gameplan. In Super Bowls in which the over is listed at 50 points or higher, the under is 6-3, going 4-0 in the last four Super Bowls with a 50-plus over/under number.

You’d also suppose that when the over/under is a low number, betting the over would be the wise way to go but that hasn’t been the case. In 15 Super Bowls, the over/under was listed below 40 points, but in those games the under holds an 8-7 advantage, though the over has been the winning best in seven of the last nine Super Bowls of this scenario.

In the world of football betting, Super Bowl XIII is known simply as Black Sunday. The Pittsburgh Steelers opened as 4.5 point favorites to defeat the Dallas Cowboys, which led to some serious early action on the Cowboys, dropping the pointspread to 3.5. When the Steelers defeated the Cowboys 35-31, those who’d played the Cowboys as 4.5 underdogs cashed their tickets, as did the later bettors who opted to go with the Steelers when they were just a 3/5 point pick. 

In reallity, the pointspread has rarely come into play on Super Bowl Sunday. There’s only been six Super Bowls in NFL history where the betting favorites won the game but failed to cover the spread, the last occasion coming in Super Bowl XLIII when the Steelers, a seven-point pick over the Cardinals, only managed a 27-23 victory over Arizona.

New England vs. Atlanta Best Bets

As you’re aware, favorites have struggled massively in recent Super Bowls. They have lost seven of the last nine Super Bowls and five in a row. But that trend is going to stop come Super Bowl Sunday. There’s something about this New England team. Whether it’s because Tom Brady sitll feels like he has something to prove in the aftermath of the Deflategate saga, or because the Patriots have probably never had a more well-rounded team, this team is destined for glory. 

They will be the first favorite to win since the Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. They probably won’t win by much, but Matt Ryan will have to play like Superman for the Falcons to upend the Patriots. New England will win by a field goal, which means that once again the favorite will not cover. 

Super Bowl LI odds

The bookmakers expect a lot of points in Super Bowl LI, as does the majority of the football-watching public. It is the highest over/under line ever in a Super Bowl game. Both teams are prolific offensively. Atlanta’s defense is playing their best football when it matters most, but are still sucsceptible to conceding yards, and points. 

New England’s defense is the stingiest in the league, giving up only 15.6 points per encounter. This is the only factor that could keep the game from going over the 59.5 point line. The Patriots, however, will only be able to slow the league’s best offense, not stop them completely. They’re just too good. 

Atlanta scored a league best 33.8 points per game in the regular season and haven’t slowed down at all in the playoffs. They’ve won six straight, scoring at least 20 points in every one of those games. Most scenarios point towards the over, which is quite staggering if you simply look at the astronomically high line.