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Updated April 9, 2024

Once the regular season comes to an end, the NFL Playoffs really steal the show when it comes to sports during the winter months. If we learned anything from the last few years, it’s that some teams you might not have expected to make big moves can certainly do so. There will also be major favorites who will be expected to push for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. So, what are the best NFL Playoff betting strategies

We preview that and more in this piece:

Best NFL Playoffs Betting Sites


NFL fans have grown accustomed to checking out Bovada because of its fresh updates on its site, but also for its special bonuses. This includes welcome bonuses.

For NFL postseason action, you’ll have dozens and dozens of odds to look over throughout the entire thing. That includes game lines, prop bets and futures bets. With so many studs being featured in the playoffs, a popular futures best of course is to predict the Super Bowl winner before the postseason gets underway.

With Bovada’s organization and ability to get you odds in a quick fashion, we’d recommend going with them. They’ve been trusted for years and are always reliable when it comes to odds and picks.

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Get frontrow seats from BetOnline

BetOnline also does a great job of updating odds in a timely fashion. This is crucial for the football postseason, especially with different injury updates and player changes coming throughout the playoffs.

BetOnline has great welcome bonuses and special promotions throughout the campaign. It gets even better if you use cryptocurrency.

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Great NFL Playoff welcome bonus at BetDSI

Bet DSI has big welcome bonuses to make any NFL gambler happy. At 100%, or 150% with Bitcoin, you can make all the NFL playoff bets you want.

Bet DSI offers plenty of odds. However, if NFL prop bets are your go-to, you will find a better selection at other NFL betting sites.

With huge welcome bonuses, this is a top NFL betting site. Especially if you are using Bitcoin, and not stuck on NFL prop bets.

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As much fun as the 18 weeks of the NFL’s regular season are, things really get going during the playoffs. We see 14 teams in the postseason each year, which was changed back in 2020, with 7 teams from each conference advancing.

Whenever you are ready to make your NFL Playoffs bets, our countless sportsbooks here at Sports Betting Sites will be ready to provide you with the latest and best odds out there. Got a parlay in mind? SBS partners will have everything you need.

NFL Playoffs betting picks 

Though more teams have been added to the NFL Playoffs, the matchups will still feature the higher seeds going up against the lower ones. In addition, only one team from each conference will get a first-round bye, meaning there will be six games during the Wild-Card round. 

In years prior, two teams from each conference would get a bye. That’s no longer the case moving forward. 

For the No. 1 seed in both the AFC and NFC, this is a huge plus. They’ll be off during the Wild Card round, meaning all the other teams will have to do battle while they rest. For a No. 2 seed, this is a disadvantage as it means they’ll now have to play an additional game. 

With all this being said, a No. 1 seed would be a wise pick to win the Super Bowl. Not only did they finish with the best record/standing in their conference, but they also have one less game for their players to put their bodies through. 

In 2023, the Kansas City Chiefs were the No. 2 seed out of the AFC and had that first-round bye. They then went on to win the Super Bowl after taking down the No. 1 NFC seed San Francisco 49ers. Remember, though, a No. 1 seed isn’t guaranteed to make it to the big game. 

NFL playoff bets

NFL Playoffs Betting Preview

With the new NFL Playoffs format, it will always be wise to expect either a No. 1 or No. 2 seed to have a serious chance of playing for the Super Bowl. Yes, there could be some upsets, as we’ve seen over the years, but seeing a No. 6 or No. 7 seed string off a series of those upsets doesn’t seem unlikely. 

For example, a No. 7 seed would have to take down the No. 2 seed (in either conference) in the Wild Card round. After that, they’d have to then take down probably a No. 3 seed (if No. 3 didn’t lose in the first round). Those odds won’t be too high. 

With the No. 1 seed, say the Kansas City Chiefs earn that honor in the AFC for this postseason. Not only will they have a first-round bye, but Patrick Mahomes would have extra time to rest his rocket for an arm in preparation for the Divisional Round. 

The same can be said for the NFC, if the Packers or 49ers reach that No. 1 slot. It’s only going to be a major benefit for a team to have that time off. This is something you must consider before making any kind of postseason wager. 

What Can you Bet on During the NFL Playoffs? 

There’s really no limit to what you can bet on during the NFL postseason. For each round, you’ll have all kinds of bets and odds at your disposal. Whether it’s placing a wager on your favorite team or a hated rival, your options will be endless, especially with these kinds of options: 

Futures bets

This is a bet fans love, especially if they have high confidence in their team winning it all. A futures bet is when you are wagering on something to happen in advance. 

So for the NFL, a great futures bet to make is on who will win it all. If you think the Seattle Seahawks and their outstanding defense will take home the trophy, why not get a bet in?

Even before the postseason starts, and before the regular season, you can get this futures bet in. You can also place a futures bet on who you think will advance to the Super Bowl from each conference, on who you think will be named the MVP of the Super Bowl and so much more. 

Prop bets

Prop bets are the most fun and intriguing bets you can lay down. During the NFL postseason, these are extra awesome. You can bet on how long the National Anthem will be, who will win the coin toss, how long the first commercial will last and other cool bets. 

Each year, the National Anthem is a popular bet. Fans time it themselves and take either the over or under on how long it will last. The coin toss is also big too as you essentially have a 50% chance. Will it be heads or tails? You’ll have to wait to find out. 


The over/under bets are most commonly used for the final score of a postseason game. If the over/under is set at 65 points for a showdown between the LA Rams and Minnesota Vikings, they’ll need to combine for more than 65 points for you to win you bet, with 65 being a push. 

In that case, if the Vikings were to take down the Rams in a high-scoring 38-31 affair, and you decide on the over, you’d win your bet because the total for the two teams is 69 points. You can also bet on the over/under by quarter or for a half. 

Strategies for NFL Playoff Bets

The key thing to take a look at will be the seeds for the team during the playoffs. As we said above, going with a No. 1 or No. 2 seed will make much more sense than picking a No. 6 or No. 7 seed. 

In addition, always monitor an injury situation. The last thing you’d want to do is place a bet on a team who has an injured quarterback, running back or playmaker on defense. That could majorly change a team’s odds in winning and advancing in the playoffs. 

How does the NFL Playoffs betting work

Each season, the top teams in the AFC and NFC will duke it out in their respective conferences until a champion on each side is crowned. Then, those two champs will meet in the biggest game of the year.

The norm used to be 12 teams in the postseason, but starting in 2020 that number jumped to 14. In the first round, two teams (the No. 1 seeds in each conference) will have a bye, while the other 12 teams will battle it out. Then, six teams will be eliminated, leaving four teams in each conference. 

After the Wild Card round comes the Divisional round. After that, you’ll have the conference championships and then the Super Bowl. The playoffs always start in January, with the Super Bowl coming in February. It’s an exciting time, with the best superstars on the planet doing everything they can to help their teams advance for a shot at the Lombardi Trophy. 

NFL Playoffs betting history 

You want to know how important a first-round bye is? From 2014-2019, a team with a first-round bye in the AFC and NFC has gone on to play in the Super Bowl. We weren’t kidding when we said how important it is to have that first week off in the NFL postseason. 

Also, being a No. 1 or No. 2 seed also increases your chances of advancing to the big game. A recent study shows that from 1990-2019, 51.7% of No. 1 seeds have gone on to play in the Super Bowl. 

Interestingly enough in that same timeframe, 27.6% of No. 2 seeds have also advanced. That shows how crucial it is to be one of those seeds. From 2010-2019, the Super Bowl champs were, in order by year, the Packers, Giants, Ravens, Seahawks, Patriots, Broncos, Patriots, Eagles, Patriots and Chiefs. 

Our take-aways

The top seeds will push for the Super Bowl 

While you might be hoping for stunning upsets in the NFL postseason, the fact of the matter is that the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds will have the best chance to advance to the Super Bowl. The data backs that up. It may not be fun to see the best teams always make it through, and sometimes a shocking result will come in, but that is usually the safest bet. 

When you’re preparing to make bets during the NFL postseason, keep this in mind, while also checking out the latest odds and injury updates for the teams you want to place wagers on. 

NFL football is always fun to bet on

The NFL season is always a lot of fun, with the playoffs taking things to a new level. This is why betting on games makes things even more entertaining. Imagine you take the over on a game and need a late touchdown to win it. With five seconds left on the clock, a Seahawks rusher hits the end zone for a TD. Not only did your favorite team win, but that score also won you your bet. It’d be a thrilling feeling. 

Always use our Sportsbooks partners

All of our recommended sportsbooks here at Sports Betting Sites offer great odds and promotions. This is especially true during the NFL postseason. Don’t forget about the welcome bonuses either. So, if this is your first time betting or you’re a veteran placing bets, be sure to check out our partners early and often during the NFL playoffs. You won’t be disappointed and will find reliable odds and numbers in only a few clicks.

NFL Betting FAQs

What is the best NFL Playoffs betting site?

We recommend a number of great options on this page, where you will find the latest odds and great specials.

Is NFL Playoffs betting profitable?

Yes, you can definitely make a nice shiny buck off of betting on the NFL playoffs.

When can I bet on the NFL Playoffs?

You can bet on the NFL Playoffs all year-round, but the options really multiply in December and January.

What’s a good NFL Playoffs strategy?

There are lots of options here, but one thing to keep in mind is to be careful about betting on your favorite team. Bet with your head!

Are there special NFL Playoffs betting opportunities?

Yes, the best NFL playoffs betting sites will have fun betting props.

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