MLB Standings Right Now

The current Major League Baseball standings are listed below and if wagering on baseball is the objective, then the continuous persual of these tables should become second nature.



How To Win At MLB Betting

With many games on tap every day and action everywhere you look, one effective method to bet on Major League Baseball is via a parlay, combining three or four games into one wager. Yes, counting on the results of that many games going your way is tougher than a straight single-game bet but on the flip side, the odds and payout for a successful parlay may prove worth the risk.

Another way to win at Major League Baseball betting is by playing the runline.;Generally listed at 1.5, you are wagering that a team won't just win, but will win by at least two runs. A plus number means that team would be the underdog and a minus total assigned to a team makes them the favorite.

Because you are basically assigning a pointspreaad to the game, this bet will pay off at greater odds, but it's advisable to remember than on average, some 30 per cent of Major League Baseball games are decided by one run.

      Prop bets are also popular ways to wager on Major League Baseball. Maybe you want to bet on how many strikeouts Clayton Kershaw will record, either on the season, or in a specific game, how many home runs Bryce Harper will clout during the campaign, or how many hits Miguel Cabrera will collect. You might want to wager in a futures bet on the winners of the Cy Young and MVP Awards. Or pick out a team - perhaps your personal favorite - and bet the over/under on how many games they will win during the season.