Sports Betting How-To


A game is just a game until you place a wager. Once you have some action, the excitement grows as each pass, free throw, and goal means just that much more. But betting on sports is much more than just throwing down a few bucks on a team and hoping for a win. Sports wagering has intricacies that can turn the novice gambler into a profitable bettor, and that’s precisely where the allure of becoming a professional. [+]

First of all you need to have the right website to place the wager.  Every online sportsbook is competing for your business and offer bonuses to entice you into wagering at their site.  Bonuses are usually in the form of sign up and reload bonuses where the sportsbooks gives you extra betting money.  The amount that you are given is typically a percentage of the amount you deposit into your account.

Since it is free to open a sportsbook account that can yield a bonus when you’re ready to make a deposit, it is always best to have accounts at various sites.  But this isn’t necessarily to obtain free money to bet with.  Having accounts at multiple online sportsbooks will create a marketplace where you can shop for the best line value for your wager.  You only have to place one wager to know how important a half point can be at the end of game.  Since sportsbooks adjust lines and odds according to their clients’ action, one site might have a more favorable line than another, which could be the difference between a winning and a losing bet.

Paramount to a bettor’s success is proper bankroll management.  The funds that are deposited into your online accounts should not be associated with any basic life necessities such as rent, mortgage and other bills.  Another bankroll management principle is betting the same unit of money on each game.  By betting the same unit on every game you decrease your risk of losing more money because of the juice that is applied to losing wagers.

Once you open your sportsbook account and practice bankroll management, not only will you enjoy the excitement of each play of the game, but also the profits from responsibly betting.


Sports Betting Information


What’s important to know is that the majority of the gambling public are long term losers.  But the small percentage of sports bettors that consistently turn a profit aren’t only successful because they place winning bets but because they understand the nuances of sports betting and what it takes to be successful in the long run. [+]

Successful sports bettors understand that betting is a marathon – not a sprint.  They follow basic strategies that maximizes the chance of profiting at the end of the day while minimizing risk.  Luckily for you, we’ve spoken to the experts and have listed every basic principle you need to know.  Following these principles will not only help you profit when betting on sports, but also decrease the losses you would experience without following these basic betting strategies.

Becoming familiar to these principles and strategies, you can expect to become a winning bettor as well. 


Bankroll Management


Bankroll management is the single most important principle of successful sports betting.  Though most people think that picking winning picks are most important, if you don’t manage your money properly you can still lose even by having a successful winning percentage. First you have to allocate a certain amount of funds to the season you are betting.  This is called your bankroll.  You bankroll is/should be money that if completely exhausted your standard of living will not change. For more details, click on the link above! [+]

You will want to split the bankroll up among all of your online sportsbook accounts so you are ready to place a wager and obtain the maximum bonuses.

Once you are ready to place your wagers, you need to determine how much you’ll be betting on each game.  Many gamblers place different size bets.  This is a losing strategy since juice is added to losing wagers and eats away at your bankroll.  You can minimize this risk by betting the same unit on each game.  The typical unit size is 5 percent of your total bankroll.  You can increase the size of your unit according to how aggressive or conservative your style is.


Online Sportsbook Bonuses

The online gambling industry is a highly competitive market and every online sportsbook is competing for your patronage by offering a bonus to attract your business.  The most common bonuses are the sign-up bonus and the reload bonus, and most of the time these bonus offers are tied to a deposit by you the player. What makes things interesting though, is the fact that a 1st deposit of $100 at one sportsbook could get you a $100 bonus, while that same deposit at another book could only yield a $10 bonus. Check out our bonus page for a full list of bonus offers currently available! 

Sports Betting Odds

The point-spread and odds for any sporting event generally varies a great deal from one betting site to another.  They are essentially an opinion designed to balance the money wagered by the sportsbook’s clients on each side of the possible outcomes.  Having equal amounts on every possible outcome guarantees a profit for the sportbook because of the juice that is applied to losing wagers.  Since the odds and pointspread can change from one site to another, you could find a better value for your bet at one sportsbooks over another! Compare sports odds here!

Sports Betting Picks

Sports betting picks services have been around since the beginning of sports wagering.  You can search for picks online and you will find thousands of websites offering free picks and/or paid picks packages.  Are these picks worth the price?  Do they add value to sports betting? Some people don’t have the time to do their own handicapping and rather play someone else’s picks.  If they win enough to cover their cost they are more than happy to pay for the service.  Other people use it in addition to their handicapping.  Learn more about sports betting picks on this page!

Sports Betting Reviews

With literally hundreds of sports betting sites on the ever expanding web, it’s no wonder bettors like you are trying to figure out which ones are actually worth it, and which ones are better off being avoided. Online sports betting is a cash-based industry and as such, it’s perfectly reasonable to want a clear and concise evaluation of the betting sites that are competing for your business. Luckily, that is exactly what we specialize in, and we’re confident that you will find our betting site reviews clear, concise and fully intuitive. Check them out here!

Sports Betting Arbitrage

Sports betting arbitrage is defined as taking advantage of the price differences on each side of a particular sporting event, on separate and different markets.  Though arbitrage often practiced in the commodities trading world, it has also crossed into the sports betting arena. The objective is to place wagers on every possible outcome of a sporting event to guarantee a win, usually by betting at different sportsbooks. Since the odds differ from betting site to betting site there are always such opportunities. Since most sports betting arbitrage trades net a 3% profit, it’s a hugely popular alternative to standard betting. 

Sports Betting Glossary

Sports betting has a language all to itself.  Knowing sports betting jargon is as important as finding a reputable sportsbook.  Without understanding the language of sports betting, one would be lost.  How else would you know that you want to place a parlay instead of a teaser? There are a plethora of words used in the sports betting world and some can mean the same thing like juice and vig, while others might be similar with a slight twist like teaser and sweetheart teaser. Polish up on your betting vocab!