Proven Tactics to Having Fun with Sports Betting

By Austin Murphy

We are big advocates of fun! How could you not be? 

Our love for fun goes beyond the pure joy and excitement of betting. We also have created this beginners guide to sports betting and having fun. Our team wants to make sure you have the best betting experience possible.

It can be easy to take gambling a bit too seriously. Of course, it’s a good idea to check out and be familiar with betting terms or how to make smart bets. But fun should be central.

While the list is finite, we have compiled the best tactics to help guide you through having fun with sports betting.

Add In Creative Bets 

The most basic bets are moneylines. In these bets you just bet on who will win the match. Don’t get me wrong, these can be a lot of fun. 

However, they can run a little dry. It can quickly become monotonous making the same type of bet. 

So, spice it up! Try something new

Get into parlay or props, also known as proposition bets.

  • Parlays combine multiple bets into one. Take your time to make a solid action-reverse bet. This can create a whole new type of excitement. This excitement builds and builds to a beautiful climax. 
  • Props are bets on happenings during the match. It’s fun to bet on who will score the first or last goal, for example. 

Changing up the rhythm of betting is like everything else. Variety adds spice to life. Mixing in different bet types will keep you having more fun longer.

BetOnline is a great sportsbook for props. If you want to add creative, quirky bets, check them out! Of course, they also have a full selection of traditional sports odds.

Connect with your Friends

Connecting with friends is a great way to have more fun while sports betting. We can all have a good time by ourselves, but friends make it even better.

Friends are good for developing strategies together, or for a few laughs over good-hearted competition. Let’s look at a few ways to bring friends together to have fun while sports betting.

Bovada has a great Refer-a-Friend promotion. Plus their great website is welcoming to new bettors.

Hosting parties

We all look forward to the annual Super Bowl party. Our favorite chip and dip combination and the commercials are the typical high points.

Making a Super Bowl party a little more interesting with some betting is an easy way to spice things up. This will give friends more reason to get together, and will add stakes even for those whose favorite team does not make it to the championship game. 

You can host Super Bowl parties, but there is no reason to wait until February. You can host betting parties for the Kentucky Derby, or the World Series.

In fact, you can even use this to make regular-season sports betting even more fun. You can pick a game that seems particularly exciting for you to rope your friends into getting hyped up as well. 

Or you could pick a game that you feel more indifferent about. Organizing a betting and watching party will take this humdrum game and make it an exciting evening. 

Betting Pools

Pools are fun ways to bet with friends. They do not require being together to watch a game, and end up creating long-term fun.

  • Organize a sports betting pool among your friends, and you’ll have plenty to joke, talk, and strategize about for weeks. 
  • For example, the most popular sports betting pool is the March Madness bracket. Once everyone fills out their bracket, you have a long-running competition. 

They stay competitive the whole time because later games are worth more, so people who are behind can end up catching up and fast. 

They are easy to get started too. Just collect money from friends and print out brackets with points assigned to each match. Have your friends return their brackets and keep a copy for themselves. 

Plus this will give you plenty of opportunities to watch these NCAA basketball matches together.

Think beyond Sports

Sports are very exciting. Who could deny the adrenaline rush we feel when the underdog comes back to win the last minutes? 

Almost all online sportsbooks also have bets that go beyond sports. These can be a lot of fun too! 

They combine some of the other tactics into one. These bets will inevitably add variety to your sports betting routine.

It is also a great opportunity to bring people together. You can host an Oscar’s watching party. Or an elections result watching party. 

In addition to the usual excitement and cultural recommendations, adding an extra layer of betting makes the whole thing more fun.

The list of specialty bets will vary quite a bit between sportsbooks. Some of the most common ones are:

MyBookie is well known for their politics markets. This is a great place to bet on sports and more!

Conclusion: Why Focus on Fun

We probably do not have to try too hard to convince you that you should enjoy yourself. But this beginner’s guide to sports betting and fun is nonetheless very important.

Fun is a value unto itself. It’s something that we should take with us wherever we go and whatever we do. We do not need any other reason to have a good time.

We do, however, have those reasons too! Having fun at work can make us more productive. Making fun the center of your gambling also makes you a more responsible bettor.

Betting to pay rent is far from a full-proof plan. Even safe bets could swing the other way, sinking an entire parlay. Plus if that is your goal, and it does not start well, many people react by digging themselves a deeper hole.

But if you are betting among friends for fun, whether or not you complete that goal is totally up to you!  Even if you lose a bet, you can be grateful for the fun you had along the way, what you learned, or the laughs you shared with friends.

This means that you will be more able to gamble responsibly because you will have a feeling of satisfaction. Betting for fun is betting responsibly.

About the Author

Austin Murphy
Austin Murphy

Austin was born in a small town in Minnesota and grew up watching heated MLB matches. He has written for a variety of sports publications. They have been local, national, and international in scope.

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About the Author

Austin Murphy
Austin Murphy

Austin was born in a small town in Minnesota and grew up watching heated MLB matches. He has written for a variety of sports publications. They have been local, national, and international in scope.

Read Austin's Profile

Ask Austin about this guide: