How to Use Bonus Bets at Sportsbooks?

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We all love cashing in on the bonuses, but the steps to using them can be confusing. We have laid out how to use a variety of bonuses at online betting sites. 

How to Use Bonus Bets at Sportsbooks?

In this guide on how to use sportsbook bonuses, we lay out exactly how to use a number of important bonuses and promotions.

How to Use Welcome Bonuses at Online Sportsbooks?

Using the best online sports betting welcome bonuses is super important for getting the most out of your betting experience. It adds some excitement and gasoline just as you’re getting started. 

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BetOnline offers many bonuses for old and new players

And, if you use it correctly, can help keep you betting for longer. Here’s how to use them. 

Doing The Research

Each sports betting site will have different processes for claiming your welcome bonus. This is why we recommend researching these processes before you make your first deposit. This way you can know how to and which welcome bonus to use. 

  • The first thing to keep in mind when researching your favorite sportsbook’s welcome bonuses is that most have separate welcome bonuses for the casino and for the sportsbook. Sometimes poker’s welcome bonus is also separated out.
  • Some sportsbooks will require you to use a code. We have these in our review pages for you, ready to go. Others will simply have a drop-down menu from which you can choose the bonus of your choice.

Decide which of these you will be using this betting site. Casino welcome bonuses tend to be much larger, but also with higher rollover requirements. Just make sure you are choosing the best betting bonus for you.

Whatever their system, it is best to go into it prepared with all the information that you may need to make the best decision about the sports welcome bonus.

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Welcome Bonuses selection at BetDSI

How to Use Match Bonuses?

Match bonuses are some of the most common types of bonuses. You will find them at nearly every single online sports betting site. 

This is especially true for the welcome bonuses, as they are almost all matches. The best way to maximize on any match bonus is simple: deposit more. Because the sportsbook will match you dollar-for-dollar on your first deposit, you can get more by depositing more. 

Normally, there is also a limit to how much they will match. In other words,  if the maximum match is $150 they will give you $150 if you deposit $150 or $200. Always look into the maximum match before making your first deposit. 

You can also get match bonuses in the form of Reload Promotions. Here, you will sometimes get a 35% or a 25% match. While the percentage match is normally lower, you can claim it many more times. Not bad! 

How to Use Bitcoin Bonuses?

In order to use Bitcoin bonuses, you will need to do a few things before signing up. You will be glad you did this when you start raking in all that extra cash! 

Make sure to plug it in before you make your Bitcoin deposit. This will trigger all those extra funds to enter into your online sportsbook account.

Bovada offers different welcome promotions for their casino or sportsbook. You also get a boost if you use Bitcoin. Their refer-a-friend bonus also gets a Bitcoin boost.

Bovada Promotions
Bovada’s Bitcoin promotions offer bigger rewards than bonuses for classic deposit methods like credit cards.

How to use Poker Bonuses?

Using a poker bonus is as easy as can be! You will have no problem claiming the poker bonus of your choice.

The first step towards using a poker bonus is choosing one. This means looking at the sites where you already have a betting account to see if they have a poker bonus. If not, check out the poker section of our reviews to find great options.

Many sites have a specific bonus code for use in the poker room. If they do, you can often not use the sportsbook bonuses to play poker. You will need to specify which one you want when making your deposit. 

This is especially likely to be true for sites that have a poker app. Here the bonuses are even more likely to be specific, and therefore a little bit easier to use. It’s all in the app! 

Of course, there are some things that change from site to site. For example, many sites have poker tucked into the casino. In this case, you can use the casino welcome bonus to play even more poker.

How to Use Refer-a-Friend Bonuses?

It is important to know how to use refer-a-friend bonuses, because they are some of the most fun. What could be more fun than betting alongside, or even against, some of your buddies?

  1. You can likely skip the first step, which is finding a sports betting site that offers a refer-a-friend bonus, as this is such a common feature. You can skip right ahead to step two.
  2. In order to use this bonus, you will need to find your personal code. You can find it normally in your account area, or in the promotions page. Give this code to your friend.
  3. Then, when your friend signs up, they should use your code as an answer to “How did you hear about this sportsbook?” Sometimes there is already a specific box for pasting the code. This will be a key step in linking your two accounts.
  4. The final step is when your recommended friend makes their first deposit. You will then receive a percentage of that deposit. It will be automatically deposited in your account.
  5. Oh, I forgot the most important step. Make a friend!  

How to Use Racebook Bonuses?

Racebook bonuses are a little bit rarer, and that is important to keep in mind when thinking about how to use them. It means you want to use them a bit more strategically, as you can’t as easily open up an account at another racebook to claim it again.

So the first step is finding a betting site with a racebook bonus. If not a welcome bonus, many sites will have great racebook reload or rebate bonuses which you can use.

To use the racebook welcome bonuses, either select that bonus from the drop-down menu, or enter the racebook bonus code when you place your deposits. This will earmark the funds in your betting account for use in the racebook, with a nice bonus attached as well.

Another type of bonus you can use for the racebooks is the rebate bonus. Here, they give you back a percentage (typically 5-10%) of your racebook losses. This is normally done on a weekly basis, so to get this racebook bonus, you should have a net loss over a week, and sign in on the specified day, typically Tuesday or Wednesday.

How do the VIP Programs Work?

How to Use Bonus Bets at Sportsbooks?
VIP players get many benefits from weekly cash-back campaigns to personalised customer service.

The VIP programs work by allowing the most valuable bettors access to exclusive bonuses or sometimes even gadgets. 

How to Get In

These work differently at different sportsbooks, but there are two broad ways these can work. 

  • One way is to be invited.
  • Others function more openly, in the sense that anyone can join the VIP program, as long as they meet all the requirements on a regular basis. These are often betting minimums in the thousands.

Sportsbooks analyze who are their elite bettors and send them invitations specifically to join their VIP program. From there, they must fulfill all the requirements and can enjoy all the benefits. 

So if your sportsbook VIP program is invite-only, it might just be a question of waiting. If that is you, check the details at your sportsbook. Maybe they will send you an invite, or maybe you need to just sign up! 

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Enter a sports betting account. Enter your personal details.

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Deposit money. You need to choose a deposit method.

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Choose the bonus. This Typically happens in the deposit flow.

How to Use Bonus Bets at Sportsbooks?Mobile placeholer

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