Sports Interaction Horse Racing Betting

Updated April 9, 2024

Sports Interaction Horse Racing Betting

Sports Interaction (SIA) is arguably Canada’s most prominent sportsbook and it has delivered quality online wagering for nearly three decades. Sports Interaction horse racing has a great reputation as well. While there are still some more qualities left desired, SIA remains competitive in how it treats its offtrack bettors with solid odds, diverse racing markets, and a clean and simple interface.

Let’s look at the must-know Sports Interaction horse racing topics like: 

Sports Interaction (SIA) Horse racing bonus: limited selection

Sports Interaction horse racing is one of Canada’s most prominent sportsbooks because of its reliability and longevity. As a racebook, it leaves a bit more to be desired and it starts with their lack of promotions.

SIA has no racebook-exclusive bonuses. They don’t have a Risk-Free betting bonus or even a rebate bonus that many other books offer. Instead, players will rely on their signup bonus and Refer a Friend bonus (available in Canada only).

The signup bonus is decent and offers 100% up to $125 of the initial deposit. This is open only to new customers and those with a second account or are re-depositing will not avail of this bonus.

This bonus is subject to a ten times rollover, double what other books offer and only bets made within the sportsbook (which the racebook is a part of) will qualify.

A nice asset from SIA is their Refer a Friend bonus. They are a bit more liberal with your rewards here as they do not state an exact amount on the site. You can invite as many friends as you want. Acquire your unique referral link and when your friends register with that link, you will be given a bonus deposit.

How to claim the bonus?

Claiming the Sports Interaction horse racing bonus is easy peasy. Just create an account by selecting the “Sign Up” button on the upper right corner. Fill in all the necessary information and make a deposit of $125 to receive the signup bonus of $125 to your account, instantly.

SIA provides one of the easiest bonuses to attain. However, as it is subject to rollover of ten times, you may spend a bit more time wagering than most other books that only require a five times rollover.

But that shouldn’t be a problem as SIA offers plenty of horse racing odds all around the year.

How long until the SIA racing bonus hits your account?

Instantly. SIA bonuses are deposited into your account automatically. Log in to your account on the upper right-hand side.

A dropdown menu will display. But right beside your account should state your “Balance”. The deposit will be added to your account.

On the occasion you don’t get your bonus, contact customer service.

How does horse racing work at Sports Interaction (SIA)?

Owing to its sleek interface, SIA’s racebook is one of the simplest to navigate. Access the “Racebook” on the upper panel of the website. Once inside, you will find plenty of empty space making this less intimidating for new players.

Right in the middle is “Next Up”, which is the five most immediate horse races (race tracks) available. This will display with the remaining time left before the event starts.

On the left-hand bar are other races available. They will display by category with the country, the race type (Thoroughbred, Harness, Greyhound etc.). Races from across the world are available from the United States to South Africa to Australia.

Make a selection by selecting your race track of choice. Once you’ve selected, the table will open. The contestants are displayed chronologically with their respective colours. Sports Interaction horse racing even displays the runner/jockey, trainer, and weight of the horse.

On the right-hand side of the window you’ll see their money line odds.

You can start placing bets by entering the dollar amount of how much you want to bet on each horse at “Win”, “Place” or “Show”. And you can switch to other races and add all of these to your race card (your bet slip) on the right-hand side.

Horse racing odds at Sports Interaction (SIA)

Sports Interaction horse racing has a copious selection of odds. As for their prices, they are around the market price or “competitive” as it is known in the industry.

As far as opening betting odds, SIA isn’t the first to open usually. They are a bit slower than some of the more popular racebooks, but they more than make up for it with a hefty selection of props.

Consistent with its sportsbook, the racebook offers many props regardless of the race. These props like the Quinella, Trifecta, Pick 4 are available throughout and offer decent returns.

Making a horse racing bet at Sports Interaction (SIA)

Wagering at SIA is simple. Select your desired race either from the “Next Up” menu on the upper middle banner or from the left-hand menu. Once you have done so, the betting table will manifest in the middle.

You can make a straight bet immediately by typing in the dollar amount of your stake in the boxes of the runner of your choice.

Place a wager on either “Win” (finish first), “Place” (finish at least second), or “Show” (finish at least third). Once you have chosen, select “Add to Race Card”, which is displayed twice, once on the top part of the table and once in the bottom.

If you desire to parlay, you can select the “Pick 2” or “Pick 3” etc. listed in the top part of the table. These are the types of bets you can make outside of straight bets.

How to start betting on horses at Sports Interaction (SIA)?

You can start betting on races in SIA by making an account. You can make one either by selecting one of the SIA banners you come across. Usually these display the signup bonus.

Once you select, you will be taken to the sign up form. Enter all your required information like your email, name, username etc. Complete all of this, read the terms & conditions, and sign up. Make a deposit and get the signup bonus of up to $125.

When you’ve created an account and deposited cash, head to the racebook and bet to your heart’s content. 

Can you use the sportsbook account?

You can use a sportsbook account to access the racebook. In essence, when you sign up to Sports Interaction horse racing you are signing up for the sportsbook. You will be able to go between the racebook and the general SIA sports betting site. Horse races are also available from the sportsbook although the interface will be different.

How to sign up for horse racing promotions?

Since SIA’s promotions are mostly limited to signing up and referring a friend, you “sign up” for their promotions by doing such. You avail of the deposit bonus by depositing cash for the first time. And you get the referral bonus by emailing the referral link to a friend and having them register through it.

Do we like Horse racing at Sports Interaction (SIA)?

One of the most reputable sportsbooks

SIA wouldn’t be a staple in the sportsbook industry for nearly 30 years if it weren’t helped by its solid reputation. While SIA may not be the best with its odds or promotions, its dependability makes it an easy choice for offtrack betting, especially for newer bettors.

 Easy-to-attain max bonus despite lack of promotions

As great as SIA is, its lack of racebook-exclusive promotions leaves plenty to be desired. It doesn’t even have a rebate bonus that most racebooks carry. However, SIA also has one of the easiest signup bonuses to attain and they match 100%. Their Refer a Friend bonus is also one of the most flexible.

Nice clean interface makes betting a composed process

Your raising blood pressure should be from the excitement of winning bets, not fussing over the interface of a racebook. With SIA, there is no stressing involved. The display is easy on the eyes and you will find all the available markets with no problems. The orange and navy blue interface also gives it a unique identifiable look.

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