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Updated April 9, 2024

Del Mar is a household name in horse racing and it has one of the best betting sites and on-track betting structures. But not everyone lives in San Diego and fortunately, Del Mar off-track betting sites are more than up to the task to serve horse racing fanatics from anywhere. Del Mar off track betting sites feature some of the biggest horse races and highlight them.

Let’s cover the main Del Mar off track betting sites topics including:

Best Del Mar off track betting sites



BetOnline stays competitive with its betting odds across horse Del Mar horse racing options (and others); they offer plenty of markets from across the globe


Few can beat the bonuses BetOnline offers, especially for new players. On top of their deposit bonus, Bet365 offers racebook rebates and a betting refund on first bets that lose

BetOnline is at the top of the Del Mar off track betting sites heap with its slew of bonuses. They may not have the most extensive horse racing markets, but they have solid lines and an interface that is simple and quick to learn. This is a must-have for new players.

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Name the line or the market and Bet365 will have it; they live up to their name and are an industry powerhouse for a reason and this includes their off-track betting


Up to $200 in bet credits for deposit bonus; Bet365 also offers the best guaranteed odds for new players (they will match any odds).

Bet365 does all the important things about off-track betting well from its amazing live live streaming and betting to its ever-helpful customer service. Both new and seasoned bettors can trust Bet365 with their money and stick to making the most of it when wagering ponies.

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Bovada is a bit late to the party when it comes to racebook odds but they have a solid selection with plenty enough markets to satisfy even the hardcore


Cryptocurrency users should refer to Bovada as they give even more bonuses for Bitcoin and crypto deposits; but outside of this, Bovada’s deposits are still generous

Bovada’s racebook has plenty of room to develop, but it is easy to use and its collection of bonuses make it a solid choice for anyone looking to get into horse racing betting. Bovada is always innovating so they are good to keep track of even if they aren’t your first option.

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Del Mar betting preview: from Bing Crosby to online sportsbooks 

Del Mar began as an idea pitched to the iconic Bing Crosby, a major horse racing fan, back in 1936 following the smash hit that was the San Anita Park in Arcadia. When Del Mar first opened, the American legend was at the gate himself to greet all the fans.

In the 1940s, Del Mar was popular nationally thanks to Crosby’s connections with his Hollywood friends. In 1946, the first Bing Crosby Stakes were held. Up until the 1980s, the track continued to grow in size and revenue.

In the 1990s, Del Mar underwent a renovation and ran the richest horse race with the Pacific Classic Stakes’ $1 million purse. 

Today, Del Mar is a staple in online sportsbooks and off-track betting and plays a pivotal role in the Breeders’ Classic. 

Although horse racing isn’t as hot as it used to be, Del Mar continues to thrive as not just a horse racing attraction but an overall tourist destination with its slew of events. 

Del Mar has managed to remain relevant through its forward marketing by catering to the millennials by marketing the Fairgrounds as more than a race track. Del Mar off track betting sites will always be a second home to horse racing junkies and bettors, but Del Mar is a major attraction all around.

What can you bet on during the Del Mar?

Del Mar features a variety of horse racing markets to bet on from the usual markets to their own set available in their website (and other formats):

Del Mar Basics

The bread and butter of betting on horses at Del Mar lies with the “Win”, “Place”, and “Show”: three bets you can make for your horse of choice. Betting on Win means you’re betting on the horse to finish first. Betting on Place means you’re betting on them to finish first or second. And betting on Show means you’re betting on them to finish in the top-three. 

Betting on a Win has the highest payout of the three although betting on Show may have have the best chances of the bet cashing in. Identify the risk level based on your confidence and choose the right bet.

Del Mar Live Wagering

Live wagering at Del Mar off track betting sites indicates the betting lines just before the horse race begins. You can normally place wagers on horse races the moment they open – even as early as months or years (see Futures). But live wagering is for the day only. 

As with many sports, horse racing changes a lot. Sometimes there are news breaks that could affect the race such as a horse’s previously undisclosed condition or a sudden change in weather. 

Thanks to mobile apps and data, you’ll be able to bet on Del Mar quickly and get the best lines before other players do. 

Del Mar Prop Bets & Futures

Prop bets or “exotic wagers” are special types of bets that go beyond the basic bets of Win, Place, and Show. Think of these bets as side bets. Some popular prop bets for Del Mar horse races include:

Futures bets are a special type of prop bet where you make bets on an event that is still far from happening or has not even been officially declared. These types of bets are usually reserved for the highest profile events like the Kentucky Derby or Breeders’ Cup or superstar horses like Triple Crown favourites.

Del Mar Handicapping Contest

Unique to Del Mar and to Del Mar off track betting sites is the handicapping contest. It’s a season-long contest where you compete against other players by correctly betting on winners. Place a wager on the designated Del Mar race: select a horse to win, place, or show. Your payout, depending on the betting odds you selected, will be the points you earn.

For example, you placed a wager of $100 for a horse to win and it paid at the odds of +750. Your payout will be $750 and this will be added to your score. Consequently, if your $100 bet lost, $100 will be deducted from your score.

The winner is whoever has the highest accumulated winnings after the event contest ends.

Del Mar schedule and events

Del Mar hosts over 300 events from grade 1 stakes to the illustrious San Diego County Fair. The Fairgrounds isn’t just a horse racing track but a Californian treasure and a national attraction. Here is a schedule of the major events:

Del Mar stakes racing overview

Del Mar hosts an extensive lineup of horse races from Grade 1 to ungraded stakes divided into two meets: summer (July to early September) and fall (November to early December): 

Grade 1 stakes

Grade 2 stakes

Del Mar also hosts grade 3 and ungraded stakes races plus a slew of other events on top of these.

Del Mar Betting history: putting California on the map

The Pacific Classic Stakes comprises a big chunk of the history around Del Mar. This race has held plenty of prestige in its history beginning in 1990 when Kentucky Derby runner-up and California Horse of the Year winner Best Pal won.

Another historic event took place in 2003 when Hall of Famer Julie Krone set the time record with Candy Ride and became the first female jockey to win a million-dollar race.

The Clement L. Hirsch Stakes has featured plenty of high-profile horses such as Zenyatta who would win this race three times and win the 2009 Breeders’ Cup Classic and the 2010 US Horse of the Year Award.

Living legend Bob Baffert has also left his mark on the major races at Del Mar with at least 34 victories from the grade 1 races including holding or sharing the record for most wins by a trainer at the Pacific Classic (five), Bing Crosby Stakes (four), Debutante Stakes (nine), and Del Mar Futurity (14).

In terms of Del Mar off track betting history, 2014 Handicapper of the year Jose Arias made a statement by qualifying and winning at the Surfside Race Place, one of the most prestigious sports bars located near the Fairgrounds, by totalling a check of $750,000. 

Del Mar off-track betting: an embarrassment of riches both on and off-track

Big races and events happen at Del Mar during two meets

 As one of the biggest tracks in California, Del Mar hosts a slew of important grade 1 stakes like the Pacific Classic and Bing Crosby. During the summer and fall meets, Del Mar’s tracks are brimming with horse racing action and other spectacular events such as the San Diego County Fair.

Del Mar off-track betting sites have great variety

There are plenty of off-track betting sites offering Del Mar odds from BetOnline to Bet365. These sites have their own perks and features lending to players having a great deal of choices. Players can take advantage of the bonuses by signing up for more than one book.

Great depth of Del Mar odds and a handicapping contest

For those looking for an extra challenge, or to try their hand in the lottery, Del Mar offers a handicapping contest available at their site. Not only will players get to win with individual wagers but the top wagerer at the end of the contest takes home an amazing prize.

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