Bet On The Belmont Stakes Online

The Belmont Stakes is the third and final jewel of the Triple Crown, one of the most elusive and sought-after prizes in all of sports. The Belmont Stakes is held at Belmont Park in New York and the mile and a half contest is known as the “Test of Champions” because the grueling distance is the greatest test of a modern Thoroughbred’s stamina and heart.

Belmont Stakes Betting Online

The Belmont Stakes is held a mere five weeks after the Kentucky Derby and poses a unique set of challenges for even the most astute handicapper. To get the most out of your Belmont Stakes bets, a horseplayer needs figure out where they can find the most value and that is often through utilizing an online racebook. In addition to the convenience of being able to wager from a mobile device or computer, online racebooks offer bonuses, rebates and incentives that cannot be found anywhere else.

Some even offer fixed odds markets and future wagers on big races like the Belmont Stakes. 

Often, the best way to maximize your experience with an online racebook is to take advantage of sign-up bonuses and rebates. There are numerous options for online wagering action and it can be difficult to discern which is the best fit for you. Though Bovada has only been a part of the scene since 2011, they have quickly developed a reputation for being one of the most user-friendly, secure and reputable sites available. They are known for generous rebates and bonuses, top customer service and for offering a variety of different wagers on over 80 tracks.

With Bovada, you can lock in the best value on major races like the Belmont Stakes from Belmont Park through a fixed odds market and through future wagers. The fixed odds are available on the bigger races from major tracks and they are available weekly on Tuesdays around 2:00 p.m. EST  and they also offer a fixed odds market which is posted usually two days prior to the race around 3:30 p.m.

Once the track pools open, the action continues with track odds in the Racebook. Bovada also offers weekly rebates of up to 5% back in the Racebook which rewards players with cash back, win or lose.

How To Bet On The Belmont Stakes

Betting on the Belmont Stakes can be fun, exciting and, when done well, profitable. As the third leg of the Triple Crown, there are a lot of angles to consider and the Belmont Stakes can be an intriguing race to handicap. Here are some tips for betting on the Belmont Stakes.

Look for Fresh Faces

The grind of the Triple Crown can take a toll on even the most talented horse. Sometimes, after competing in both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, a horse is simply empty come the long Belmont Park stretch in the mile and a half Belmont Stakes.

One handicapping angle to consider is the look for a fresh face and find a horse that either ran in the Kentucky Derby and sat out the Preakness Stakes or a horse who is a totally new shooter in the Triple Crown.

The three races in the span of five weeks coupled with the varying distances is what makes sweeping the Triple Crown such a rare achievement.

Look for Speed

In a mile and a half race, it may seem counterproductive to look for a horse with speed in the thought that they may not be able to carry it the distance. However, the Belmont Stakes can really shake out to be a tactical race and a chess match between the jockeys. If a rider is brave enough to go to the front and set the pace and can do so with a relatively uncontested lead, they can put the field to sleep and have plenty of horse left in the stretch. Do not discount the frontrunners.

Consider Straight Bets 

The Belmont Stakes can sometimes attract the smallest field of the Triple Crown races and this could be a great opportunity to go all in and go for a big straight win, place or show wager. While the inflated prices in the Kentucky Derby can lend to huge exotics, the Belmont Stakes is the place to narrow down your selections, pick a winner and go all-in.