JustBet Horse Racing

Updated April 9, 2024

JustBet Horse Racing

JustBet horse racing offers off-track betting rewards like few other sites do. Operated in Costa Rica, JustBet is open to the United States and Canada and offers extensive bonuses and promotions to get you started or restarted with off-track betting. Its clean interface and flexible rules – bet as low $1, no requirements for the racebook rebate – are perfect even for the casual fans.

Let’s go over the JustBet horse racing topics you’d most like to know about including: 

JustBet Horse racing bonus: loads of bonuses for everyone

JustBet has some of the most extensive bonuses available not just for racebook bettors but for everyone. This begins with their welcome bonus. You are eligible to get 15% cash bonus of up to $600. This has a five-time rollover. Additionally, you get up to 50% casino bonus if you fancy that.

For crypto users, your welcome bonus is more significant percentage-wise. You can get up to 100% cash bonus of up to $300 on your first deposit using bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Note that the rollover here is significantly higher at 30x.

Unlike most sportsbooks, JustBet also advertises its reload bonus. Depending on your level, you are eligible to get up to 20% cash back (Diamond members – up to $800) for depositing again. For crypto users, it’s up to 20% cash.

JustBet also offers a hefty Refer-A-Friend bonus of up to $500.

And for its racebook, you get up to 8% cash rebate daily, win or lose. This applies to exotic wagers a.k.a. prop bets. For straight bets (win, place or show), you get 3% rebate. You get 5% on exotic wagers and 2% on straight bets when you place them through the call center. There is no minimum number of bets you need to make, best of all.

How to claim the bonus?

You need to claim your JustBet horse racing deposit bonus through the cashier at the time of your deposit. These bonuses are considered optional and you can miss them if you don’t follow through per the terms and conditions. 

The racebook rebates are applied to your bets automatically. Give the racebook 24 hours although it shouldn’t take a full day for it to apply.

How long until the racing bonus hits your account?

Bonuses should automatically arrive after you follow through with the instructions. For the rebate, it is automatic. 

For your referral bonus, you will be paid when your friend uses your link to register. They send dou your $500 bonus after your friend makes a deposit. Allow up to 24 hours to get a referral bonus.

How does horse racing work at JustBet?

JustBet’s racebook is one of the cleanest and most organized you can find. When you enter the racebook, you will notice the “Upcoming” races right away displayed in the middle. And to the left-hand side you will find all the different horse tracks. Select the horse track of your choice and it will display all the available races.

Something neat about JustBet horse racing is how it displays information and useful tidbits about the different race tracks including the track level, the max bet profit, and other betting stats you can use as reference.

The horses will be displayed in a table and arranged by number with their respective colour. The odds will be displayed as a money line format. You have the option to bet on each horse with either “Win”, “Place” or “Show”. You can bet on a combination of the three.

Win is for the horse to finish first, place is for the horse to finish first or second, and show is for the horse to finish first, second, or third.

You can select the type of bet you want to make by selecting the tab. The straight bet is where it sets at default but if available, you can select more exotic wagers like the Trifecta or Pick 3 or Pick 4.

From the racebook, you can also select other sections of JustBet including the general sports section, the casino, and poker.

Directly below it is their selection of bonuses like “Refer a Friend” and “Promotions” along with other useful links. 

Horse racing odds at JustBet

JustBet may not offer as extensive a number of horse races to bet on as other racebooks, but their odds are on point. Their off-track betting odds usually have some of the prices.

You can bet up to $1,000 on betting odds for all straight bets and up to $200 on exotic wagers/props.

Props at JustBet are simple and pretty basic. You get the usual “Exacta” type of bets to go with the straight bets, but it’d take a big race like one of the Triple Crown races or the Breeders’ Cup for JustBet to pull out its nifty selection of props.

Making a horse racing bet at JustBet

Thanks to one of the simplest interfaces for any racebook, placing a wager with JustBet is simple. When you enter the racebook, you will see the table of available tracks to bet on.

Select the track of your choice. Once you’ve selected, the track will display the available horse races. Select one. Once you’ve done so, the horses will be displayed in a table with their respective number and colour.

You will see “Win”, “Place”, and “Show” with a small box. Type in how much you are going to bet in USD e.g. 10 in the respective box. Once you have, select the button and it will display it on your betting ticket.

How to start betting on horses at JustBet?

Betting on horses (or greyhounds) is easy at JustBet. Simply register an account. You can do this by heading straight to the website. On the upper part of the site is a red button, “Sign Up”. Select this button.

You will be taken to the signup page. Simply fill up your information, make your deposit and start playing.

Another method to sign up is to select one of the JustBet banners. These are usually the signup bonus banners they will have on betting websites or other sites. Select this banner and you will be directed to the signup page. Follow the same process as written above.

Can you use the sportsbook account?

Yes, similar to how you can use general sportsbook bonuses towards your off-track betting, you can sign up with the sportsbook and access the racebook. Do note however that the racebook has a slightly different interface, especially with how to start placing wagers. Otherwise, it’s almost the same thing.

How to sign up for horse racing promotions?

Signing up for JustBet horse racing promotions depends on which promotion you are gunning for. If it’s the welcome bonus, then you simply register a new account and make a deposit. You will get the bonus from the cashier. If it’s the referral bonus, email your friends the signup link and when they register and deposit cash with that link, you could win the $500 bonus. And for the rebate bonuses, they apply themselves automatically.

Do we like Horse racing at JustBet?

Plenty of bonuses for players of all types
JustBet’s strongest point is the availability of its bonuses. The signup bonus is specific and applies to many different players including crypto users. They also have a reload bonus that is just as good if not better. Adding their racebook rebate and generous Refer-A-Friend bonus and you have a book that loves to share with its players.

Neat interface makes betting and browsing easy
The simple white interface gives JustBet horse racing a hassle-free betting experience. Bettors will have an easy time perusing the odds and finding what they need. JustBet also seamlessly integrates promotions and other FAQ’s around the site without making it overwhelming. They display must-know content effectively while players bet.

Informative display for racetracks
JustBet’s racebook focuses on racetracks and it’s how the interface is structured. This makes it easy for bettors to find the races if they focus on the tracks, especially if they’re off-track betting on local courses. Racetracks also have plenty of information including useful betting tidbits. 

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