Bodog Horse Racing

Updated April 9, 2024

Bodog Horse Racing

As one of the premier Canadian sportsbooks, Bodog horse racing has remained a top dog in the online sportsbook industry for its ability to adapt to constant changes. This includes continuing to improve on its racebook, which is both easy-to-use and in-depth. Off-track betting is made easy here as players of all skill levels can find a plethora of horse racing betting options.

We look at the hot topics for Bodog horse racing betting including:

Bodog Horse racing bonus: for recreational bettors

Bodog horse racing occasionally offers a special bonus. But Bodog usually offers bonus programs for recreational bettors in the form of their 100% sports welcome bonus.

This bonus, which is the same one for the sportsbook, can be applied to horse racing. It usually takes them around 30 minutes to send your bonus.

To redeem your welcome bonus, you will need to follow some steps and understand how to qualify for it.

Firstly, the bonus is only redeemable on your first deposit. Once you make a deposit, you will need a five-times horse racing rollover to avail of the bonus. This means your total online betting action must meet the amount deposit, including the bonus.

You also cannot make a withdrawal before the bonus terms are met or all your bonus funds (as well as money earned from wagering) will be forfeited.

Redeem the bonus by selecting the silhouette icon to access your account. Select “Rewards” then either select “Claim to redeem the cash bonus or select “Deposit” for a deposit match bonus. Once you do this, the bonuses should instantly reflect on your account.

Special bonuses for horse racing are usually through bonus codes. You can redeem it by entering the code in the space provided at the bottom of the page and selecting “Redeem.” Keep an eye out for this.

How to claim the bonus?

To claim a Bodog horse racing bonus, you need to log in to your Bodog account first. Select the silhouette icon at the top of the page. From the menu, click “Rewards.”

All of your redeemable bonuses will be listed in this menu under the “Bonuses” tab.

To redeem a cash bonus, select the available bonus of your choice and select “Claim”.

Once you redeem this bonus, it should instantly reflect on your account balance at the top of the page.

To redeem a deposit match bonus, select the deposit bonus of your choosing and click “Deposit”. After you make the deposit, the total amount should reflect on your balance.

If claiming a bonus via a code (usually by email), redeem it by entering the code in the space provided at the bottom of the page. Select “Redeem.”

How long until the racing bonus hits your account?

Bodog horse racing bonuses should be instantly redeemable within 30 minutes if you follow the proper steps. When you deposit into your Bodog account, you are eligible to receive the bonus instantly.

Do note the five-times rollover required for horse racing after the initial deposit. This means your total online betting action must meet the amount deposited.

How does horse racing work at Bodog?

Bodog’s racebook has a nifty interface that provides plenty of information and remains neat and easy to navigate.

The first thing you may notice is the big display board in the middle. This will list which of the banner options you choose.

The banner on the upper part of your screen should display Next 5 Races (default), Virtual Racing, and whichever other races are available. To display all the available races, select “All Tracks” on the far right corner.

Once you have selected one of the options, the board will populate with the available odds. The horses, colour-coded with their respective numbers, are arranged numerically from lowest to highest number. The money line (odds) is displayed as “ML”.

Your betting slip will be on the right-hand side and will populate when you have selected a bet.

On the left-hand corner, “Trending Events” will display. This will display all the popular horse races regardless of what time of year it is. Sometimes they will have odds available. If not, simply select “Horses” on the top menu again to return to where you were previously. 

Horse racing odds at Bodog

Horse racing odds at Bodog are around the middle-of-the-pack. The odds are “competitive” as sportsbook terms would say. The betting selection is pretty diverse and many horse races of all sizes are covered with at least the basic markets.

The prop section in Bodog can also be expansive depending on the horse race. It is secondary to books that are focused on horse racing or come from markets where horse racing is more of a traditional sport.

Overall, horse racing odds at Bodog are more than sufficient and should appease off-track betting players of all kinds.

Making a horse racing bet at Bodog

To make a horse racing bet, select your desired horse race from the options on the upper banner. This should display the horse racing board.

Scroll through the available races and their respective horses. The horses are arranged by number. “ML” identifies “moneyline” or the odds for the horse and your potential payout.

You can bet how each horse will finish: “W” to win (finish first), “P” to place (finish second or win), or “S” to show (finish third, second, or win). To find more betting options, select the dropdown menu from the dark bar on the same row as the categories (the default is “Win / Place / Show”).

To make a parlay bet, you can select from the dropdown menu either “Daily Double”, “Pick 3” or “Pick 4”. Select a horse from their respective race.

After you select your choice/s, select “Add to Betslip” on the lower right-hand side. Your bets should populate on the bet slip to your right.

How to start betting on horses at Bodog?

Creating a Bodog horse racing account is easy peasy. Right when you enter the site you can find the “Horses” tab on the upper right corner. Select this section.

You will be taken to the horse racing section of Bodog.

Find the “Join” button in red right beside the “Horses” tab and select it. A form will pop up in the middle of your screen prompting you to enter your information.

Once you have this filled, you can choose options in which to deposit. We recommend using Bitcoin as Bodog is a bit more flexible with your bonus if you do so.

Can you use the sportsbook account?

Yes, you can use the sportsbook account to bet on ponies from Bodog. Note that the interface is a bit different when looking for horse races on the sports side. For a more in-depth experience, head to the main horse racing section of the site.

How to sign up for horse racing promotions?

You can sign up for horse racing promotions by registering an account with the Bodog racebook. You will get a signup bonus that is applicable for horse racing. Occasional promos will be offered every once in a while. Your best bet is to continually log-in to Bodog and wager and you may run into the bonuses.

Do we like Horse racing at Bodog?

Signup bonus and occasional promos help

Sometimes you need all the help you can get when it comes to betting ponies. Thankfully, simply by signing up you can get a deposit bonus with Bodog. And if you bet enough, you can avail of their rewards program and catch a special promo code for horse racing. Just keep playing and you will be rewarded.

Sleek user interface makes the racebook accessible

The racebook in Bodog is easy to use and perfect for recreational bettors. The book displays all the basic information you need and defaults to the five most available horse races. Trending topics also helps you stay in touch with what the betting public is into and any big events.

Competitive horse racing odds
Bodog’s racebook features plenty of betting options with solid odds. You can bet the basic “Win, Place, Show” immediately or do multiples like “Daily Double” by selecting the drop down menu. Props and other exotic bets will also be available when the right race comes along.

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