BetOnline Horse Racing

Updated April 9, 2024

BetOnline Horse Racing 

BetOnline horse racing provides fanatics with an extensive racebook that is both easy to navigate and content-filled. What’s best about the book are the plethora of horse racing promotions they throw at bettors: both new and seasoned. These bonuses can apply for every day bettors, for first-time users, or for general sportsbook users making their foray into pony betting.

We’ll cover the what-to-know with the BetOnline horse racing book including:

BetOnline Horse racing bonus: horse rebates and risk-free betting

BetOnline horse racing features some of the best bonuses for bettors. To start, you get a daily rebate: 7% for online wagers and 4% for telephone wagers. Best of all, there is no limit to how much you may earn and there is no minimum volume of wagers.

There are a few bets that are excluded from this promotion, however. Bets must be more than $2.00 and cannot be in the matchup, fixed odds, or props categories. Tracks in categories D and E are also excluded.

Next, BetOnline features a $25 risk-free bet for first-time bettors. Make your first wager and if you lose, you will be reimbursed up to $25 by BetOnline. Some conditions apply. If you win your first bet, you will not be eligible for reimbursement. And if you bet under $25, your reimbursement will be up to equal the bet you made (e.g. you bet $15 and lost $15, you will be reimbursed $15).

On top of all these racebook bonuses, you can also avail of the first deposit bonus of up to $1,000 along with a refer-a-friend bonus of $100. You will be able to use some of the free bet cash you get for the racebook or horse race betting.

How to claim the bonus?

You can claim the horse rebate automatically. BetOnline horse racing applies this to any bet that qualifies.

To claim the $25 risk-free bet, email BetOnline at with your account number and ticket number of a single horse bet you want refunded within 24 hours of completion. Type “$25 Horse Free Play” as the subject line of the email.

To claim your signup bonus, if you qualify for it, BetOnline will reward you the free cash. Read the terms and conditions as free bets are subject to rollover contributions and have minimum rollover requirements.

Bonuses only gain cash value after all conditions, including rollover requirements, are met. 

How long until the racing bonus hits your account?

BetOnline horse racing bonuses will go into your account depending on what bonus it is. Rebate bonuses are applied within 24 hours if not automatically. Risk-free betting reimbursements will be rewarded to you within 48 hours from when your email is received. Sign-up offers are usually within 24 hours once you’ve met the criteria.

How does horse racing work at BetOnline?

BetOnline displays most of its races on the left-hand panel of the racebook. When you enter, you will see red bars with the flag of the country of the race plus the title of the type of race e.g. Thoroughbred, Harness etc.

These will display all the available races of that specific category. If you select the American Thoroughbred, for example, it will list all the available horse race locations plus the race number and how much time is left before the race begins.

This nifty setup provides all the important information in a minimal layout.

Select the race and it will display in the middle of your screen as a table. You will be able to select between the bet types e.g. “Straight”, “Exacta”, “Pick 3” etc. Straight is the default option and will show up first when you select a race.

You will also see the betting limits right below the racing selection. These limits range from $1 minimum to $5,000 maximum, for most races.

On the upper hand side you will see “Upcoming races”.

If your goal is to bet on horse racing action quickly, you will find this as your go-to section. 

Horse racing odds at BetOnline

BetOnline horse racing has competitive odds compared to the other major bookies. They have a wide selection of horse races and coupled with their several promotions, they are a go-to selection. They do not consistently have better odds than several of the top sportsbooks, but the odds are even enough that combined with the rebate can net you savings if you strategically choose what to bet.

The selection at BetOnline is extensive. They have markets on current horse races from different countries and types. Even the lesser known races will see odds with BetOnline. Find these selections on the left-hand panel of the racebook.

Making a horse racing bet at BetOnline

To make a single bet in horse racing, first, sign up for BetOnline and make an account. Once you’re in, select the horse race of your choice. They will be displayed in the left-hand panel.

Select the horse race and it will populate a menu in the middle. You will now see the horses, arranged by number with their respective colours, along with three boxes to the left: “Win”, “Place”, and “Show”.

Enter the amount you want to bet in US dollars e.g. 20 and select “Add to bet slip”.

This will then populate the right-hand panel with your bet.

To complete your bet, select “Submit all bets”.

Unfortunately, you cannot use parlays or if-bets with BetOnline horse racing but instead use “Pick 3” (pick the winner from three consecutive races) as an alternative.

How to start betting on horses at BetOnline?

Creating a racebook account at BetOnline is easy and can be done via many ways. First, register an account by filling in the form with your personal details.

You can access this form by selecting any BetOnline banner including the signup bonus banners.

Alternatively, you can head straight to the BetOnline site and select the “login” button on the upper right corner.

On the right side where it says “Don’t Have An Account Yet?”, select the “JOIN NOW” red button. You will be taken to the signup page. Fill in your information and select the “Create Account” button to proceed.

Can you use the sportsbook account?

Conversely, you can sign up with the sportsbook and use your account there to access BetOnline horse racing. The interface will be almost similar, but some betting markets are only accessible through the racebook. Also, not all bonuses from the sportsbook apply to the racebook although many do. 

How to sign up for horse racing promotions?

You can sign up for the horse racing promotions by signing up with BetOnline. You will avail of the signup bonus of up to $1,000 if you meet all the criteria. For the horse racing-specific bonuses, the daily rebate and the $25 risk-free betting, you can avail of these by playing.

Why do we like Horse racing at BetOnline?

Plenty of horse racing promotions
BetOnline horse racing has a nice selection of promotions, both exclusive to the racebook and the general bonuses applied throughout. The horse racing rebate is an incentive to try different kinds of bets while the $25 no-risk bonus is nice for new players. The sportsbook also offers one of the more generous first deposit bonuses. 

Extensive horse racing selection across the world
From the US to South Africa to Australia, BetOnline features horse races from across the globe. This extensive selection from different time zones allows even the most hardcore horse race bettors to continually bet on horse racing regardless of the season. The “upcoming races” tab also makes it easy to find the most immediate races.

Broad range of horse racing types displayed in nifty interface

A nice bit for BetOnline is how it categorizes the different horse races so bettors can find their specialty right away. If it’s Thoroughbred racing, it’s displayed. Harness racing? It is there. The country is also noted and the time remaining for the race plus the track is listed in each row.

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