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Entropay Betting Sites

Let’s say you don’t have a credit card, or that you have one and don’t want to provide its information online and that you feel the same way about your bank account. If you fall into this subsection of people, it can be difficult to indulge in sports betting. You need a card or bank account to make it happen. Except, actually, you don’t. Entropay is the solution to the most security-conscious gamblers, as it generates a virtual credit card under the Visa umbrella that you can use wherever Visa is accepted. As for finding which sportsbooks accept it, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

What we like about Entropay betting sites

Best Entropay Betting Sites

Bodog – The best Diners Club betting site in Canada


Customers will not incur a fee from Bodog for using Entropay, which is pretty cool considering so few sportsbooks for Canadian users even accept Entropay in the first place.


Bogdog’s credit card transactions know only one gear: light speed. Entropay deposits get the same treatment, since it’s effectively a virtual credit card.

Bodog is a great landing spot for Entropay users looking for a hassle-free experience. Not only won’t they charge you a deposit fee, but where some sites can take a while to process virtual credit cards, they’re known for completing transactions quickly and on the first try.

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Unibet Mobile ScreenshotiPhone placeholder
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Unibet keeps these fees to a minimum and luckily allows you to use Entropay to withdraw as well.


Like other credit cards, Entropay will be lightning quick here at Unibet.

Unibet is truly excellent for Entropay bettors. Especially anyone into soccer bets!

Entropay Betting Facts – The Security Conscious’ Best Friend

The benefits of funding your online betting account with Entropay are almost innumerable. First and foremost, it allows you to use a credit card without actually using a credit card. Gambling sites are largely secure, but there are those who prefer not to enter any of that information online. Entropay acts as a virtual credit card; it’s like a prepaid card that you set up, so even if your information was stolen, you’re not at risk of losing too much money or your identity.

Equally important, Entropay safeguards people against rejected transactions. Depending on the territory or country you live in, there could be rules and regulations that prohibit you from bankrolling a sportsbook account. Entropay is a way around that. It acts as an international card that isn’t tied to any specific domain, so you don’t have to worry about your transactions getting rebuffed—so long as you have the necessary funds on your card.

Furthermore, because Entropay falls under the Visa umbrella, you’re not going to be locked out of too many sportsbooks. It’s not quite like using a regular Visa card, which is accepted just about everywhere, because it’s prepaid and certain sportsbooks use software that can differentiate between the two. But you’re also not using a rinky-dinky brand’s card, so you’ll have access to making deposits at plenty of sites.

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How Do You Set it Up?

Setting up an Entropay account is easy. We´ll take you through all the necessary steps below.

Applying for Entropay

Signing up for Entropay is easy. Just head over to their website, click “register” and follow all the necessary prompts. Provided you have all of the requisite information, your account—or virtual credit card—will be up and running in no time. 

Also, one benefit few people pay attention to is that there’s no limit to what you can put on your Entropay. They have a minimum transaction amount, but it’s pretty low. After that, you’re not indentured to any one number. If you want to carry a $5,000 balance, go ahead. If you want to carry a $25,000 balance, that’s fine, too. And so on.

Not everyone who enrolls with Entropay will be trafficking in such lucrative funds, but on the off chance you’re a high roller or hoping to reach that level one day, it’s good to know that you won’t be forced to navigate arbitrarily restrictive maximums.

List of all Entropay betting sites

Entropay is accepted by plenty of sportsbooks, and you’re free to shop around for your favorite ones. In the meantime, though, we’ve mapped out our favorite ones:

Your Guide to Making Deposits with Entropay

Making deposits with Entropay isn’t complicated. You will be treating your account like a regular credit card. Select that same option at your online bookie, enter the information and just like that, your account should be funded. 

Now, because you’re dealing with a prepaid card, the processing time may take a little longer than usual. But it’s not that long. As we mentioned with our individual sportsbook reviews, the processing time is closer to that of a regular credit card than not. In a matter of a few minutes, you should be able to place whatever wagers you please.

You can also save your Entropay information with your sportsbook, just as you would any other credit card. It will be on you to make sure you keep loading it up, but by saving it among your payment methods, you can bankroll future deposits in just a click or two.

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Deposit Bonuses Are Important

As is the case for everyone using credit cards to make sportsbook deposits, you absolutely want to prioritize the websites that offer the best bonuses. Online bookies will sometimes charge a fee to process credit card transactions, and you’ll be paying anywhere between $5 and $25 a month to carry a balance on Entropay. 

Seeking out the best deposit bonuses can help you make some of that back in free bets. We especially recommend targeting sportsbooks you haven’t yet used. Sites are more likely to offer 100 percent matching promotions to first-time depositors than they are returning customers.

Safe Betting – Your Livelihood, Protected

Deposit methods don’t get much securer than Entropay. Not only will you be protected by the firewall at your own sportsbook, but because you’re not actually inputting your own credit card or bank account information, you aren’t giving up anything that’s overly sensitive. This is an additional layer of unprotection unto itself.

Additionally, because Entropay is a prepaid card, you’re not in danger of accidentally overspending. There’s no limit to what you can put on it, but once you fund it, that’s the maximum amount you can deposit into your sportsbook. Between this and the daily deposit limits you can customize are your sportsbook, Entropay is one of the more responsible payment methods out there.

Our Conclusions – Something for Almost Everyone

Accepted by a great number of sportsbooks

Some of the bigger-time sportsbooks won’t accept Entropay, as they don’t want to deal with the hassle of confirming transactions for prepaid cards. That said, because Entropay is attached to the Visa name, there will be no shortage of sits willing to take it.

The Fees are a Little Pricey

At up to $25 per month, with expiration dates assigned to your deposits, Entropay is only for those who are willing to suck up the extra surcharge and stay on top of their balances.

The Impenetrable Payment Method

We’ve already talked about the security benefits of Entropay, but we can’t mention them enough. This deposit method allows you to sign up for sportsbooks and complete foreign transactions without ever having to enter some of your most sensitive information. That’s a huge win.

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