Sports Betting Bonuses

It was inevitable, with the onset of the internet, people would find a way to bet online.  During the past 20 years the sports betting industry has become a highly competitive market with thousands of sportsbooks to pick from. New books arrive every day, generating stiff competition that results in the great bonuses that we detail on this page. There are so many great offers, no surprise with so much player interest in getting rewards for signing up and depositing. [+]

The bonuses vary from sportsbook to sportsbooks, but are typically in the form of free money for you to use to wager on sporting events.  Other sportsbooks might also provide tournament and contests entries as well.  These bonuses provide an added advantage to the online sports bettor by increasing their bankroll for free.

Sports Betting Sign Up Bonus

Sign Up Bonuses, in this competitive market, are the most typical sports betting bonuses offered.  A sign-up bonus is offered to new customers that open and fund their account.  [+]

The size of the bonus varies but is typically a percentage of the initial deposit such as 10%, 20%, 40% or even more.


      Bonus Rollover

      Online sportsbooks seem extremely nice by giving you this free money.  But you can’t just take the money and run.  Sportsbooks give you this money to gambler at their site and they make sure you do just that.  Sportsbooks have set up requirements for the bonuses in the form of a rollover.

      A rollover is a betting requirement that must be fulfilled before withdrawing the bonus money.  The amount of the rollover depends on the size of the bonus and amount your deposit.  A rollover is typically a certain multiple of the total dollars you received as a bonus such as 10x.

      A rollover of 10x means that you must wager 10 times the bonus amount to fulfill the rollover requirement.  If you deposit $500 into an online sportsbook account and receive a 20% bonus, you will receive a free extra $100 in your account to wager.  If the rollover requirement is 10x, you will have to wager a total of 1,000 before requesting a withdraw. This rollover doesn’t sound as bad as it sounds.  It is a net wagering amount and both winning and losing wagers go towards the rollover requirement.

      It is important to review the rollover requirement for each sportsbook and bonus.  The rollover is usually higher for the more generous sign up bonuses.