NBA All Star Game Matchup Right Now

Find the current NBA All-Star Game matchup information. It has everything you need to know about the rosters. [+]

Prior to placing your bet, make sure to take stock of either team's personnel. There is no need to dig into the nitty gritty past matchup business, since all individual sparrings become completely pointless in exhibitions.

But there is absolutely value in comparing and contrasting the Eastern Conference and Western Conference participants. If one team is clearly better than the other, you'll feel more comfortable dabbling in moneylines and spreads.

For that matter, if you realize that one of the squads is noticeably younger than other, revisit the spreads. If the younger squad is at a heavier disadvantage, consider giving them a play.

Avoid moneyline gambles in those scenarios, as there's really no reason to pick an outright winner in such an unpredictable setting. But younger teams, as previously mentioned, are more likely to try. And that makes them more predictable overall.

Say the West's team is incredibly young and getting 10 or more points against the East. You'll want to take those points, as the West's youth should be able to bridge the gap separating them from more disinterested veterans on the East.


How To Win At NBA All-Star Betting

Invest in the over for NBA All-Star betting until further notice. Every year, the East and West are combining to score more and more points, without fail, the progression of which is twofold.

First off, the rise of social media has created unprecedented transparency. Highlights go viral seconds after completion. And while being on the wrong end of a dunk or crossover during a regular season game that counts toward the standings is one thing, allowing yourself to become Internet fodder during a friendly battle that has no bearing on your team's success is another.

Players nowadays are brands unto themselves. And they need to protect those brands any way they can. Getting posterized or crossed up may seem marginal, if wholly harmless, but these stars are so exposed already, the "No such thing as bad presss" thinking doesn't apply. They want to come across as fun and free and real, but they do not want to be the next cyring Michael Jordan meme. So they will let their opponents dunk and dribble their hearts out without playing much defense, hence the uptick in scoring.

After that, there is the evolution of the three-pointer to consider. Pretty much everyone shoots them these days. Stephen Curry has founded two consecutive MVP campaigns, one of them a unanimous selection, with his outside stroke. So not only are players giving up looks in volume, they're allowing these accomplished shooters to use up these open looks.

From there, it's just a matter of math. Three points are more than two points. Ergo the more threes both the East and West hit, the higher their combined score. And the higher their combined score, the more likely they are to eclipse the over.

Unless the NBA experiences a sudden and decisive dip in three-point volume and accurary, the over is where you want to be for every All-Star showcase.